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Answers to a few questions I’m asked most often…


HOW TALL ARE YOU? A little under 5’2″


WHO TAKES YOUR PICTURES? I’ve worked with a few photographers {always created at the bottom of each post}, but most recently Ms. Luccia Lowenthal {who’s pretty awesome I must say} | whenever I travel my loving boyfriend, Mom or friends usually pitch in.

WHAT CAMERA DO YOU USE? When I use my camera – Canon Rebel T3i + 50mm lens. Luccia mixes it up!

WHERE DO YOU LIVE? South Florida | Miami area

WHERE ARE YOU FROM? I grew up in Colorado, went to High School in Tampa, FL + college in Talahassee, FL {go noles!}

WHEN + WHY DID YOU START A BLOG? I launched LICP in February 2012, honestly as a way meet likeminded women in my area. I had recently{ish} graduated, moved to a new city, and started a new job – all within a matter of months. A blog seemed like a great way to not only connect with others in the community, but also give me the ability to share my experiences, style + creativity with others in the hope to inspire a few along the way. Little did I know the doors it would open, and the opportunities that would come from it. I feel truly blessed each + every day, to have the opportunity to do something I love.

WHY IS YOUR SOCIAL HANDLE ‘@KristinClarkFSU’ So I created all of my social media accounts while in collage, and prior to launching my blog. Naturally, since I’ve always been a Nole {my Dad is an FSU alumni as well}, having ‘FSU’ in my name seemed to fit. Not to mention, my name is somewhat common {womb womp} so I had to get a little creative. Once I launched my blog I didn’t want the hassle of managing multiple accounts, so @KristinClarkFSU has stuck.

DO YOU HAVE ‘A JOB’? Yes, It’s called Living In Color Print, LLC. I’m also the Founder + President of boutique PR firm, REFINE | PR. I guess you could say, working with fashion brands is kind of my thing.

I JUST LAUNCHED MY BLOG – ANY ADVICE? If you haven’t already, check out my ‘Blogger to Blogger’ series! I’ve dedicated several posts to answering questions I’ve received, or things I asked when I was started out!

HOW DO I CONTACT YOU? I’d love to hear from you! Shoot me an email at Kristin {at} LivingInColorPrint {dot} com