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Benji Frank Eyewear Giveaway // Living In Color PrintBenji Frank Giveaway // Living In Color PrintBenji Frank Giveaway // Living In Color Print

Most of you probably have no idea, I mean how could you, but I have terrible eyesight. I’m practically blind without my contacts or glasses {which I jokingly call my ‘eyeballs’ around the house}. From someone who’s had eye issues since I was about 3 years old, I was THRILLED to team up with Benji Frank to not only get some more stylish eyewear in MY life, but also give y’all the opportunity to win a pair for yourself! I had never previously ordered eyewear online, but their efficient ‘Try 5 Program’ made the process surprisingly easy. See below for deets – love it!

I hinted¬†last week¬†while sporting my own BFs, but I’m letting the cat out of the bag today – Benji Frank is giving one LICP reader their choice of prescription eyewear! Amazing right?! For anyone like me who buys eyewear once {or multiple times} a year, this giveaway is like a dream come true. You’re welcome to choose one pair off the bat or use their ‘Try 5 Program’ to pick your fave!

Benji Frank Try 5 Program
photo credit: Benji Frank
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79 thoughts on “Benji Frank Eyewear Giveaway

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  2. dhjax1

    I would really love to wonnthis for my husband. He would love a backupmpair of glazes, grant, ford Carter, Hoover and Washington are the five I wojld love to try for him. This is such a cool program and thanks so much for the chance to win!!
    DH_jax (at) yahoo (dot) com

  3. 1955nurse

    Kennedy, Monroe, Bucchanan Lincoln, Wilson! These look like great glasses, & I sure do need a new pr – thanks for the chance!

  4. Josephine D

    This seems like an awesome way to buy glasses online–my favorites are Adams, Ford, Carter, Lincoln, Buchanan.

  5. Jeanne Bates Tennant

    My five fave picks are 1. Madison (brown) 2. Polk (brown) 3. Hoover (blue tortoise) 4. Carter (Tortoise) and 5. Harrison (amber).

  6. Robyn Huffman

    this is awesome, I definitely need a new pair of glasses! The five I would like to try are Polk, Madison, Hoover, Buchanan and Harding :)

  7. Esther

    Truman, Eisenhower, Taylor, Lincoln, and Adams look great! Anything named after a president has to be good. Do they have kids’ sizes?

  8. Cassie Kaye

    I’m in love with the lincoln and grant frames! I always take forever to decide which frames I like in the store, so this is such a wonderful idea!

  9. Essence

    I would try the:
    Reagan in Brown
    Grant in Tortoise
    Johnson in Striped Tortoise
    Truman in Brown
    Washington in Striped Tortoise

    This is such a cool company, thank you for sharing!

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  11. Kamariah

    So so cute! I’d totally have to try the Hoover, Polk, Taylor, Adams and Grant! They’re all just so fabulous!

  12. Julie L.

    What a FABULOUS giveaway! Thank you, thank you! Though it’s hard to pick, my faves are the Lincoln, the Taylor, the Wilson, the Adams and the Reagan.

  13. Helen Alison

    This is such a great giveaway! I always struggle to find glasses on the high street that I think suit my style, the try 5 system seems like a really good idea to combat that stress :D x

  14. Julie

    This is amazing! I’m always on the hunt for chic eyewear because my eyes are too dry to wear my contacts every day. I would love to have more than one pair to switch up my look, but glasses are so expensive. Great giveaway :)

  15. Chelsea

    I would love a new set of “eyes!” Mine are terribly outdated, but I just haven’t had the funds lately to replace them.

  16. Nola G.

    Some sexy looking glasses! I would want to try Adams (Black/Purple), Buchanan (Blue Tortoise), Buchanan (light Tortoise), Eisenhower (Greystone) and Hayes (Black/Purple)

  17. Jadiye

    Eye glasses, definitely a fashion statement, I really need prescription glasses too! Winning this would be awesome!

  18. Rachel

    I love these glasses! Which works since I’m in desperate need of replacing by 6+ year old glasses– I don’t know what I was thinking when I got them in the first place because they’re hideous. I’d love to actually be able to wear my glasses outside the house, so I would like to try the Adams, Buchanan, Eisenhower, McKinley and Wilson.


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