9 Ways to Tie a Silk Scarf

1-neck-knot8 Ways To Tie A Silk Scarf2-hair-knot8 Ways To Tie A Silk Scarf3-hair-turban8 Ways To Tie A Silk Scarf4-long-neck-tie9 Ways To Tie A Silk Scarf5-neck-bandana8 Ways To Tie A Silk Scarf6-wrist-tie8 Ways To Tie A Silk Scarf7-purse-tie8 Ways To Tie A Silk Scarf8-pony-tail-bow8 Ways To Tie A Silk Scarf8 Ways To Tie A Silk Scarf

Being in Milan put the silk scarf back on my radar in a BIG way, and now I can’t get enough of them! I uncovered the most beautiful designs on my trip that I added to my Curated Collection, but of course had to keep one or two for my own personal collection. And since then, I can’t help but tie them in every way to everything!

They’re quite versatile for being such a small piece of fabric. Definitely something to add to your wardrobe ASAP this fall/winter. Even if you pick-up a simple bandana to play around with at first.

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    Very chic and trendy!The style is perfect! 

    Phyllis Hench

    This is absolutely beautiful doll. Love everything!


    Absolutely love the way you style everything! 


    These are such great ideas! I love the long neck tie and bandana style!



    They all look beautiful and stylish.