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What To Wear With Brown Pants: Best Ideas And Style Guide

You might be surprised to hear that brown has only started becoming fashionable in recent years.

Now it can be seen splashed on everything from blazers to shoes all the way to brown pants which have now become a must have for how well they can mix with any outfit.

What to Wear With Brown Pants

You may already have a pair of brown pants stashed in the wardrobe from years before or maybe you’re on the lookout for some now that they have leaped back into the current fashion trend.

Either way now is a great time to try them on and give off a mixture of smart versatility and practicality that can be worn formally, or even casually.

Knowing exactly how to mix brown pants with the rest of your wardrobe can be a little difficult to start however.

You don’t want to give off a tired or grumpy look, so it is important to find colors and styles that harmonize positively and make the brown color stand out as something more colorful and intriguing.

Luckily there is a huge variety of ideas and styles to choose from which can turn brown pants from seeming dull and drab to looking like an exuberant and crucial part of your outfit, so keep reading to find out about some of the most popular and well received styles that you can match with some brown pants.

1. White Top

What to Wear With Brown Pants

For something easy to slip on that will mix well with brown pants to make an outfit look casual and dressy, a classic white top is a go to.

This can be either a buttoned up shirt, t-shirt or even a vest, the white color will mix with the darker brown to create a perfect mix of being casual and not too serious, while still looking sophisticated.

The pants themselves can be either flared or skinnies, both will mesh well and look stylish and comfortable alongside a white top.

This is excellent when out about town shopping or for other casual activities such as visiting friends or family for a meal.

To finish off the look you can try adding some accessories that will compliment the colors such a printed scarf or brown tinted purse.

2. Green Sweater

While it may seem a bit too bright at first, different shades of green can actually blend very easily with brown pants regardless of whether they are lighter or a bit on the darker side.

Bright green sweaters for example are a great loose fit making them a charming outfit choice that is perfect for those sunnier days.

An olive green can also be a perfect option to mix in well with a darker shade of brown pants, and go great with either tighter or loose pants giving a free and effortless casual look.

3. Creamy Crop Top

Brown pants can be great for casual wear, however they can also be a striking fashion statement that will make jaws drop at a party or social gathering.

An outfit inspired from the rave scene of the 1970’s, try mixing some brown leather pants with a creamy or nude colored crop top.

This outfit is easy to put on and not too thick or warm ensuring that you can stay cool throughout the day.

This outfit creates a classy and beautiful look that is extremely warm and inviting, and is very easy to throw together, so always consider it if you want to have a classy and charming look for an outing or gathering.

4. Gray Blazer Or Top

The gray blazer alongside brown pants is the classic office look and is perfect if you’re looking for a way to style your brown pants for the workplace.

This works best with free flowing and casual or slightly tighter pants, though it is not recommended with leather brown.

You can fit a long flowing great blazer around the pants to give off a sophisticated and focused look that lets people know you are ready to get down to business.

You can jazz up the blazer a little bit with some cross patterns or light designs if you wish, and for the top or vest try to wear something not too bright or noticeable such as a dark brown or beige color in order to mix positively with the rest of the outfit.

For an office look that screams style while also not being too over the top or relaxed, the brown pants blazer combo is the perfect choice.

5. Black Sweaters

The black sweater is an easy to put together choice for something that can also work as a casual fit and is extremely easy to put together.

A plain black free fit sweatshirt or jumper will blend really well with some dark brown pants and can be worn to meetings without any of the colors being too distracting or over the top.

Black sweaters can be plain to not draw too much attention, or if you want something a bit more relaxed there are a huge variety of symbols, patterns and designs for black sweaters that can really bring out your personality through your clothes.

At the same time it can be perfect for meeting up with friends on the weekend as it can also work as a great relaxed and casual look, being a very versatile option that can have multiple uses ensuring you can cover a few bases with just one purchase.

6. Beige Top Or Jacket

A beige top is one of the most customisable options you can choose to mix with brown pants. You could opt for a beige vest, top, t shirt, sweatshirt or even jumper depending on the weather and where you intend to be going.

Luckily whichever option you choose, the beige color will always create a smooth and deep mix with brown pants that creates a beautiful and effortless look.

Because the colors are very complimentary, it means you can also choose some accessories to add as well such as a gold belt or burgundy purse, nearly all options will mix favorably with the smooth shades of the outfit.

This outfit is so customisable that you can even transform it into something very formal.

Simply try wearing a beige coloured blazer or trench coat over brown tight fitting pants to create a chic look that looks extremely smart and professional.

Whether you choose to wear a beige jacket or top, each will look extremely fashionable with the smoother and dark shades of brown.

7. Yellow Sweaters

Maybe you’re looking for a brighter and more eye-catching combo potentially for the warmer seasons.

If so, it’s hard to find a more eye-catching option than a yellow sweater along with either free flowing or leather brown pants.

The gentle and soft color of yellow can exchange seriousness for a more bright and joyous look, and works extremely well as a seasonal pick.

The brightness of yellow can exuberate a lot of friendliness and charm that mixes great with the smooth shades of brown.

Yellow sweaters are the best option in how comfy but also casual and free they look, being available in a wide variety of styles and designs to choose from.

You can even opt for a more mustard shade of yellow if you want something that is still eye-catching, but a bit on the darker side.

This is a perfect fun and friendly casual look that is easy to put together and works great for the warmer seasons of the year.

8. Pink Halter Crop Top

If you want an even brighter and more eye-catching choice and want to really make a fashion statement with some brown pants, a pink halter crop top is perfect for looking both casual but also extremely trendy.

Pink can meld with most other colors and this includes brown, the reason for choosing a crop top is because this does not give too much of a striking clash of colors, instead it’s enough to wear so you can look and feel comfortable while also having enough color to really pop out.

This fit goes especially well with loose fitting brown pants and some sandals or flip flops to give a relaxed and casual look that is another great option for the warmer months where you don’t want to take too long getting ready and want something bright and fun to wear.

9. Floral Print

This cute and charming look is taken straight out the 1980’s, and for good reason. The mixture of a colorful floral pattern with a creamy or lighter brown is a dazzling look that will have onlookers filled with jealousy.

The best option for this outfit is a floral shirt in some shade of red, this gives off a colorful Autumn feeling without being too bright or over the top.

Tucking in a red floral shirt with some long free brown pants, alongside some black shoes is an excellent choice to whip together a stunning look that you can wear anywhere at any time.

10. Printed Top Or Blouse

A printed top or blouse can give off a very fashionable and even artistic look that works great both for office hours and at your own leisure.

The pattern and print can be up to you, any one will combine well with the sophisticated richness of some brown pants that creates a funky look that fashion enthusiasts can only hope to replicate.

This look can be mixed with either leather, tight waisted or free flowing brown pants along with darker shoes and heels if you are thinking of trying out a lighter coloured blouse or top.

11. Denim Jacket Or Shirt

Whenever there is a chance to wear denim, most of us will take it, but it’s important to make sure it still looks suitable and feels good.

Luckily, denim mixes extremely well with most kinds of brown pants and can be worn in a variety of styles.

For example you can go with the classic denim jacket for a trendy but still comfy look, or for the warmer months where you want a bit more space and energy you can also try a sleeveless denim shirt.

Denim often goes best with lighter coloured shades of brown to allow both sets of colors to bounce off each other, and is an excellent option for essentially any casual occasion whether it’s visiting a coffee shop with a friend or simply just going to do some grocery shopping.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Shoes Go Best With Brown Pants?

Most colors of shoes will match just fine with brown pants, however the best options are: Black, brown and burgundy.

Each of these possess a darker shade that will be sure to mix positively with whichever shade of brown you decide to buy your pants in, so it can be a great idea to experiment with your favorite shoes in these colors to see what compliments your fit the most.

Of course never be afraid to try out other brighter coloured shoes if you wish, especially if they are ones you feel more comfortable and confident in.

These can still mix well with brown pants and is part of the fun of trying out new fits to see what you feel represents you the best.


Brown pants are becoming increasingly popular in recent years and this is for good reason.

They are incredibly versatile and can be worn for a variety of situations whether it’s a business meeting, a gathering with friends or just visiting a relative, they give off a sophisticated aura that is hard to replicate with other colors.

Now is a better time than ever to get your hands on some brown pants and mold them into your own personal style, and hopefully these suggestions have sparked ideas for how you can model your pants and what other clothes would go great with them to create the perfect fit ready for any occasion.

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