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What To Wear In The Snow

One of the reasons why so many people dislike the winter season is because they have to bundle up and many feel like this constricts their ability to show off their style.

What To Wear In The Snow

However, this is not the case – you can still dress appropriately for cold weather and convey your personality through your outfits! 

Here are some cute snow outfits to check out for inspiration! 

1. Sunglasses

A lot of us wear sunglasses in the summer to protect our eyes from the high levels of UV.

However, it’s also important to wear sunglasses during the winter too as snow can reflect UV rays and put your eyes at risk of exposure, causing ‘snow blindness’. 

So, not only is it stylish to wear a cute pair of sunglasses in the snow, it’s actually very practical and protective! 

2. Teddy Bear Coats 

The teddy bear coat (or jacket) is a popular winter type of apparel because of how thick and cozy it is to wear.

Wearing one of these will help protect you from the cold during a snowy day, but also make you look super cute! 

3. Puffer Jackets

If your style is less cute and more edgy and cool, then you need to try out the puffer jacket look. 

Puffer jackets and long coats are popular choices with younger women. They go great with a pair of leggings and sneakers for a more casual winter look, plus they are thick and great at repelling heat. 

As for color, most people wear their puffer jackets in neutral tones like glossy black, beige, or gray – but why not try a dark jewel tone like emerald green or purple for something new? 

4. Knitted Scarves 

A great way to protect your neck and chest on snow days is to wear a scarf.

The current trend with scarves is for them to be oversized, super thick, and cuddly. As a result, knitted or crocheted scarves are super popular. 

These can come in any color that best suits your style, whether they are bright and colorful, or muted in softer neutral tones. Either way, these scarves are not only super stylish but practical and cozy for chilly days. 

5. Pops Of Color

A lot of people stick to neutrals when it comes to their winter outfit color palettes.

This includes beiges, browns, blacks, whites, and creams – but why not stand out with a pop of color? This will help you be more noticeable against a white snowy backdrop.

Add some bright red, pink, or green to your winter outfit to help give it a bit of vibrancy and personality! This can be done either through your hat, scarf, shoes, or accessories. 

6. Beanies

When it comes to winter hats, the beanie reigns supreme!

These hats are super stylish and chic and come in all types of materials and styles which means that it’s easy to find one that matches your preferences. Some even come with cute embellishes and pom-poms! 

Plus, they are super cozy and will help keep your head nice and toasty while you head out into the snow! 

7. Earmuffs

If hats and hoods are not your style, then why not try a pair of warm earmuffs? 

Ear muffs are a pretty alternative choice when it comes to winter wear but they’re great for protecting your ears against numbness and frostbite.

After all, it’s important you protect your ears during snow days, and if you insist on not wearing a hat – earmuffs are your next best stylish option! 

8. Fur Coats

Fur is always a controversial choice when it comes to fashion. 

Some people don’t like the thought of hurting animals for clothing but fur is one of the most gorgeous materials in terms of aesthetics, texture, and practicality.

On the other hand, there are vegan fur options out there – but these are not very environmentally friendly as they release a lot of microplastics in the water when washed. 

Ultimately, whether you choose vegan or real fur, fur coats and fur jackets are great clothing options for snow days.

They are soft and warm to wear, so they are super comfortable, plus they look amazing and bring some depth and dimension to your look. 

9. Fur Vests

Similar to fur coats and jackets are fur vests. These are more loose and easier to move around in but they also provide less protection from the cold.

As a result, this type of clothing is a stylish choice for days when there’s only a light fall of snow. 

Alternatively, you can wear them as an extra layer underneath a larger coat as they add warmth and a different type of texture to diversify your outfit. 

10. Snow Boots

Snow boots may seem like an obvious and uncreative idea for a snow outfit but they are just one of the best footwear options for snow days.

This is because they are literally built to withstand harsh snow conditions so you can get around with ease. They are protective, comfortable, and secure – plus, they look great! 

A lot of snow boots feature strapping laces and fluffy cuffs, plus they come in a range of colors from black to slate to mustard yellow – so you have plenty of style options open to you. 

Final Thoughts

So, those were some great clothing ideas for snow days. From hats to earmuffs to boots and jackets – there are a ton of style ideas to choose from! Take a look and remember – it’s important to stay warm!

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