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What To Wear In 60 Degree Weather: For All Occasions

Be prepared for layering as 60 degrees is the ideal temperature for really dressing. Take the opportunity to try as many different styles and combinations as you want.

What To Wear In 60 Degree Weather: For All Occasions

This is a major shift from summer when a lot of people will be trying to wear as few clothes as possible. You do not need to cover up with a puffer coat quite yet so try to find a range of clothes to wear whatever the weather.

In this guide, we will look at what to wear in 60-degree weather for all occasions. That will include a typical outfit as well as the basics, the top layer, and some sailor stripes.

You can also look towards cashmere, denim as a default, and various occasions. That could be for going out, for rainfall, or going for a trail walk.

A Typical Outfit

You will want to stay warm as the temperature drops closer to fall so opt for a foundation layer closest to your body.

That can be a simple tee or a tank, ideally white, so the color does not burst through over whatever you wear on the top. 

Next up, consider your layers as you could opt for a lightweight sweater under a large jacket or a denim jacket.

Sweatshirts can also form part of the consideration as can windbreakers and trench coats depending on the incremental weather.

On the bottom half of your body, choose between long pants, capris, or leggings. Should you be feeling a short skirt, go with a pair of tights.

The Basics

Some wardrobe staples should include the basics. From a pinstripe button-down shirt to some straight leg jeans that you can put on and get away with.

These should be versatile and ever so comfortable. Top that off with a navy blazer and you have an outfit you can feel good in as well as dress up when you want to. 

That dressing up comes from accessories including your choice of footwear, a bag, or jewelry.

Dress it up or down, the choice is yours as you can sport some earrings, decide on some flamboyantly colored shoes, and a handbag or purse.

The Top Layer

While the basics are your go-to’s, your top layer is the one that will get the most exposure. Layers are your best friend as the temperature hits 60 degrees so make them count.

A simple white tee with a leopard print skirt. All are brought together with a classic leather jacket or a blazer.

Wearing Some Colors

Though the nights are drawing in, you should still want to be sporting some colors. This is particularly important to big up your mood by wearing the rainbow.

Neutral colors can wait until you get home but outside it should be pastels and something cheery. Try different shades of the same color or similar tones of different colors to create a worthwhile palette. 

A Crafty Cardigan

For a crafty element to your fall and spring outfits, opt for a crafty cardigan. This one garment should prove to be a primary layering piece, whether you go for a statement style or just a classic one.

Even if the temperature is at 60 degrees, you can scrunch up the sleeves for maximum exposure to your jewelry. 

You can also combine the cardigan with a denim jacket to enjoy as a formidable pair of layers for those cooler days.

When it gets a bit too warm, simply take off the cardigan and tie it around your waist or drape it over your shoulders. Just that simple trick can keep you looking stylish, and warm at the same time. 

Sailor Stripes

When it comes to color, make sure that you mix it up by going for two at the same time. Red and white works really well as does, navy and white, and red and black.

These sailor stripes could be in the form of a striped lightweight sweater or a tee.

Add some black jeans and a pair of Chelsea boots and you have an outfit that looks colorful yet still strikes a formidable effect.


Part of the change in the seasons is learning how to gradually transition your wardrobe and your outfits.

One essential for this process is a spun or lightweight cashmere sweater which is a decidedly luxurious garment. The crucial point to note is how it will keep you warm in 60-degree weather but not leave you hot and bothered. 

You can use such an oversized piece for an outer layer or a form-fitting one closer to your body underneath a jacket.

If you already have a cashmere sweater then you can opt for a preppy sweater vest that you can also wear under a jacket or over a button-down top.  

Denim As A Default

As the temperature drops then you should be finding yourself deciding on denim more often.

Your denim jacket should prove to be invaluable as it can keep you looking cool while protecting you from the elements. 

One of the main points to remember with a denim jacket is how versatile it is. They turn any type of outfit into something chic and understated. That could be a sweatsuit or a simple tee and jeans.

The jacket itself can also be changed up as you can opt for a classic design, one that’s oversized, embellished, or roll up those sleeves.

A Classic Blazer

A classic, structured blazer can also offer a lot of versatility. Enjoy wearing it out on the town or to the office as a transition piece that comes with several functions.

As the temperature drops down to 60 degrees, you can revel in the luxury and warmth of a blazer.

Find one with a velvet style as it should be suitable for cocktail parties and dressy do’s. That’s especially so when you combine the blazer with a dress, trousers, or a skirt.

If you want to stay comfortable without having to do excessive layering then you will be glad for a blazer that almost feels like a double-breasted coat. 


It may seem simple yet invest in a pair of jeans and you cannot go wrong. A pair of jeans were designed to be worn in 60-degree weather so you should find yourself reaching out for them time and time again.

Once you have found a type or brand that fits then stick to it as its versatility and durability will reward you year after year.

You can wear them with sneakers or boots, with a sweater, a turtleneck, or even go for double denim with a jacket.

An outfit like that is ideal for a walk in the park, errands, a party, or just lunch. Work out the layers you want to combine with your jeans yet in fall, you should opt for dark wash jeans.

Mini/Midi Skirts

While jeans are an essential part of any wardrobe, when the temperature hits 60 degrees you should opt for a skirt.

A mini or midi skirt worn the right way can be stunning in the fall or in the spring. For pure preppy vibes, look to combine a pleated mini skirt with some boots and a fitted sweater or with thermal tights when it gets cold.

A skirt can also take most of the plaudits while a fitted turtleneck sweater or a long-sleeve dark shirt finishes off the rest of the outfit. 

Look After Your Legs

The top half of your outfit will be the most important yet you should look after your legs too, especially as they can add style to your outfit in the evening.

For 60-degree weather, you should have several different pairs of tights lying in your drawers. That can range from matte black shade, semi-sheer or some more stylish efforts.

That could be in the form of monochrome print like plaid, diamonds, or pinstripes though try not to confuse the design with the rest of your outfit. 


While skirts and tights are important, you can really show some style with your accessories.

That could include a decadent cashmere scarf to keep you warm and also boost your outfit, especially in your favorite color.

Invest in a tote bag that can also act as another layer as well as offer a functional way of carrying all your items. With your cashmere scarf, you can also keep a denim jacket, cardigan or a pair of gloves.

For Going Out

As soon as you leave the house, you should feel comfortable in whatever you are wearing, especially if you are doing some errands.

Opt for something casual like a hooded denim jacket or a hoodie underneath a denim jacket. Finish the outfit off with black leggings and a pair of slip-ons or casual sneakers for that everyday comfort. 

For Rainfall

Of course, you should be prepared for rainfall as the temperature becomes increasingly mild.

Always have a trench coat in your wardrobe that you can pick up and go with, no matter what type of outfit you have on underneath.

This type of jacket should be highly flattering for your figure and suits pretty much every body style. You can always jazz it up with a pair of ankle-length jeans and some white mules. 

Trail Walking

Fall is a great time to explore the great outdoors so hit the trails and dress appropriately. Keep it simple with a black tank top then add a hoodie, some skinny jeans, and a belt bag.

Your footwear is also important so opt for hiking boots that come with some proper support. That way you do not have to worry about stones or mud underfoot.

Final Thoughts

Decide on your fall and spring weather strategy well in advance as the temperature drops to 60 degrees. That means enough layers to keep you warm and looking ever so stylish at the same time.

Try not to overthink your layers as your sense of style could get missed in the mix. Keep it simple, keep it functional, and make sure that you have plenty of options available.

That should include a range of cozy knits, top layers, and footwear. Accessories can make a big difference too so invest in some handbags and jewelry to make an impression.

Learn what works for you and then try various combinations to ensure it remains fresh. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Is 60 Degrees A Hot Enough Temperature To Wear Shorts?

It may not be ideal but a lot of people still decide to wear shorts in 60 degrees. They may not be as short as the ones worn during the summer months yet it is still possible to wear them.

Go for shorts that cover more, preferably over the knees, in a longer length and pair them with a tee as well as a sweater or sweatshirt.

To finish the outfit, decide on a pair of fresh sneakers or even closed-toe shoes over sandals as it is no longer summer.

Which Types Of Shoes Are Ideal For 60-Degree Weather?

With summer well and truly gone, you can forget about wearing sandals and flip-flops in 60 degrees. Keep the Uggs where they are until winter hits so opt for more seasonal footwear.

Good examples include Oxford, mules, loafers and Chelsea boots which are great for kicking up fallen leaves. Ballet flats, sneakers, and closed heels also work well.

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