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What To Pack For Las Vegas

Las Vegas is one of the biggest destinations in the world let alone within the US, it is full of gambling, partying, casinos, strip clubs, the strip itself, but is also home to the Nevada desert.

There’s clearly a hot climate here if you are going during the popular times, so there is an obvious dress code, as well as some genuine things we really suggest you should bring.

What To Pack For Las Vegas?

Here’s our essential guide to what you should pack, at least clothes wise, for your stint of fear and loathing in Las Vegas!

We hope our guide makes your holiday that little bit more relaxing, than fear and loathing.

Bathing Suits

Obviously, you will probably be going swimming at some point as in Las Vegas it gets really hot, so this can be a great way to cool down.

Moreover, it’s a great thing to bring with you even if you aren’t planning on going swimming.

Most hotels on the strip will be equipped with their own swimming pools, and there are also loads of beaches too, so having a bathing suit on you means you can always go without having to pay for one from the hotel.

Casual Outfits

Yeah, you’re going to be on the strip, but it’s important to think about your down time too which can be your key to staying energized.

Those mornings when you are hungover, or just walking around at breakfast, you don’t want to be wearing last night’s clothes.

Bringing some light casual gear to walk around in during the sunny period can be helpful to have rather than wearing your fancy and potentially uncomfortable clobber.

Even when it’s cold you might just want something to lounge around your room in, even if it’s only one outfit.

Be clever and bring something that you can repurpose as a casual outfit, or the other ways around.

Smart Outfits

Of course, when in Vegas, you may be attending upscale dinners, a night at the club, a spontaneous date, or in the casino.

All these situations will likely require a smart outfit, this means shoes as well.

Female or man, you won’t be let into your casino in your tank top and gym shorts, and some of the high up casinos may require smart shoes as a dress code, as well as potentially a suit.

Although you can certainly find the casinos that allow you to gamble with those flops on.

Walking Shoes

Walking Shoes

On the point of shoes, you should certainly bring some smart shoes or dress shoes but you don’t want to walk around the strip with these on if only just to avoid smelly feet.

But in reality the Strip is a lot longer than you think, if you haven’t been there before.

So, having a good pair of shoes for walking on those chilled out mornings can really help your back later on when you are standing at that blackjack table for a while.

On that point also, the ladies may want to consider dress sandals for those less experienced with the heel.

Whether you’re standing in the casino for a long time, or walking around the strip, leave heels to the experts.

Shirts (Both Casual And Funky)

Of course, las vegas is the home of the hawaiian shirt, beyond hawaii this is probably where you will see them the most, so if you have some funky and psychedelic shirt designs then now is the time to get them out, you will ironically end up blending in.

Moreover, shirts can be pretty practical for men on holiday.

If you are lying by the pool it can easily be taken on and off as seen fit, or even wearing it open chested.

But if you want to go to a bar or get some grub you can easily button it back up and seem fairly smart, so long as you haven’t sweat through it already.

Sun Protection

Fashion can be functional, and this should remain fairly true for those in Las Vegas.

We’re talking about sun hats, sunglasses, a thin shawl for a woman’s shoulders, bringing more than just tank tops for men.

All these things will really help in the sun, even if it’s simply having some shades you could really find this helpful when the sun is bouncing off the pavement at 9AM.

A sunhat can be both practical for sun protection as well as stylish accessory.

Both shades and hats are common on the strip so get creative.

This is the sort of vacation you should branch out with the vacay accessories, go for the ice cream lilo, palm tree shades, you might as well because Vegas is built on novelty items, and we’re sure you will probably come back with some yourself.

The Right Bag

Not only is the Sunset Strip crawling with pickpockets, but walking around with a huge bag is just not the vibe when you are in the sun.

With the right bag you can find you can easily walk into any venue or area with all the basics you need.

The right bag could last you the whole vacation if it’s the right size, but bringing in a huge bag to get checked every time you go into a casino will just be wasting time on your vacation.

Final Thoughts

As you can see there are loads of stuff to consider packing.

To summarize the most important gear, we suggest making sure you have at least one smart outfit and one casual outfit, as well as something in between.

You want to be comfortable in the sun but stylish in the night.

Moreover, sungear can be really important especially for those who aren’t so used to the heat.

Having a comfy outfit for these moments will save your comfort greatly in those moments you catch some sunburn or get stuck on a stuffy tourist bus.

Consider where you will spend most of your time, as well as the weather of that particular season.

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