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What Shoes Do You Wear With Leather Pants?

Leather pants are a pretty out there purchase sometimes, so if you have bought a pair you want to make sure that you are getting the most out of them, rather than making yourself look like a cheap sofa.

As if often common in the world of fashion, this is all a game of pairing both materials, colors, and silhouettes.

What Shoes Do You Wear With Leather Pants

Let’s explore some suggestions of the type of shoes that can really bring out your wild side with some leather pants!

Keep reading to find out.

Suede Shoes

A great option to consider is suede. Suede is essentially leather but inside out, they buff the inner skin of the cow to create the velvety texture we associate with suede.

So, naturally, suede and leather are a classic pairing. One particular look that can be classy is if your leather pants are a lighter color then a light colored suede ankle boot can look really classy in this way.

This can make your leather pants less biker and more sexy chic.

You could also go a bit wild with your colors, some suede boots in red can look a bit out there with leather pants but could be an eye-catching outfit.

Although, even with black on black the material of suede adds a lot of texture alongside the leather which is quite complementary.

For extra texture look for some ankle boots that have a different material on the heel, whether that is a wood style or a rope style look can really help layer an outfit well.

Sneakers, Sneakers, Sneakers

Leather pants, often when they are black, are hard to dress up too much, in terms of shoes.

But if you are going for a more casual take on the leather pants outfit, then sneakers are often a great choice that can be varied quite a lot.

Running shoes to hi top sneakers, or even something more casual like Converse or Vans, you can really get creative when it comes to the world of sneakers.

Black sneakers are actually really great to wear with black leather pants, they just bring something different to the outfit you won’t get from other shoes.

Chunky sneakers are also totally viable if your leather pants are the right fit.

Double Down On The Leather

Frankly, if you are already wearing leather there’s nothing stopping you matching it with more leather.

Seek out some ankle boots or other boots that can make your leather legs look continuous this ets rid of any material misnomers and can still be fairly practical.

Just don’t wear it on a hot day – you’ll only do it once.


Of course, there’s no better way to look like a girl boss than with some heels! You only have to pick up a copy of Cosmo or Vanity Fair to see the celebs rocking leather pants and heels for days, and there is a reason why.

Pointy toe heels can go really well with leather pants, it really just finishes off that hard look.

Moreover, something metallic wouldn’t go amiss with leather pants either, It has similar qualities to leather but a different material can really help bring the leather out.

On a similar note, animal skin heels can also be great, although double leather is potential no-no. A heel with animal skin such as snake print or crocodile print can really add that wild child vibe to your outfit.

Slip Ons

What Shoes Do You Wear With Leather Pants (1)

For an even more casual look, and sneakers just aren’t your style, some slip on shoes can bridge this gap between chic and casual looks in the same way the sneaker does.

We all know the classic Vans slip on, the checkered ones of the past are a total match made in heaven with leather pants, as is monochrome in general.


It sounds crazy to say, but a pair of cowboy boots could really bring this sort of outfit together. Cowboy boots are a winner in almost any occasion to be honest and a total stapel in the US.

Even a pair of cute tan boots that are similar to Timberlands, could look really fun with this outfit.

What to Avoid?

We reckon that sandals are defo a no no when it comes to leather pants, there’s something about the idea that just screams no at us – they come in very different fashion worlds.

Anything that comes above your knee could look a little strange, just having leathery thighs but nothing else, it would end up taking away more from the outfit and the pants themselves.

Final Thoughts

As you can see leather pants can be matched up with things pretty well. They are actually quite a versatile garment for women and you can be super casual with some sneakers or dress it up with heels.

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