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What Shoes Can I Wear With A Blue Dress?

Finding the right shoe color for certain dresses can be tricky, depending on the color of the dress. Blue may seem like a particularly difficult color to match shoes with, especially bright blues, as they are so bold and cool-hued.

What Shoes Can I Wear With A Blue Dress

However, you’ll be pleasantly surprised at how many colors match perfectly well with blue, and you are bound to already have several of these shoes lying around at home.

Of course, there are many shades of blue out there, so this article is going to give you some advice on the best shoes that go with light blue, navy blue, and bright blue dresses.

Bright Blue Dresses

What Shoes Can I Wear With A Blue Dress

When referring to bright blue dresses, we mean the royal and vibrant blues – the ones that catch your eye when you see someone wearing one as they walk past. Yes, those beautiful blues.

Below are some shoe colors that work wonderfully with bright blue dresses.

Black Shoes

While many think that black shoes can’t be matched with blue, this notion is seriously mistaken!

Black is as equally bold as blue, so this color combo will really make you stand out. Depending on the style of dress, you could opt for some sandal heels, stilettos, or some classic pumps.

While the obvious choice would be to pair the outfit with a black bag, you can change it up and add a silvery bag, or even a small white purse!

Nude Shoes

Nude-colored shoes can be paired with practically any color, including bright, royal blue.

The key to choosing nude shoes, is to find a shade that matches your skin tone the most. This will then give the illusion of longer legs!

To make your legs really stand out, you can choose a pair of strappy stilettos. When it comes to accessorizing, rose gold is particularly flattering along with a gold purse.

White Shoes

If you’d like a brighter look, you can’t go wrong with a pair of white shoes to match your vibrant blue dress.

However, white can sometimes dress down your blue dress, so if you’re attending a more formal occasion, it is best to stick with some strappy sandal heels or stilettos.

If you would like to match your outfit with a white purse, the smaller, the better, as something too large and white can take attention away from your outfit.

Gold Shoes

Gold shoes and a royal blue dress are perfect for tans and the summer. Gold colors are warm, which contrast nicely against the cool-hues of the blue.

If your dress has a slit on the side, pair it with some gold sandal heels to really show off those gorgeous legs.

You can also match this look with a gold purse.

Light Blue Dresses

Light Blue Dresses

Soft baby blues make for some gorgeous dresses, especially during the summer months. Here are all the shoe combinations that work perfectly well with baby blue dresses.

Silver Shoes

Silver shoes are a beautiful match for light blue dresses. The cool hues in both items pair wonderfully, and creates an effortless look that will definitely attract attention to your outfit.

If you would like to glam up a little more, you can pick some shimmery silver shoes, and the best part is that this is a color that will pair well with many other dress colors, so you’ll definitely be using them again.

You could also opt for a silvery metallic purse, or a white one.

Beige Shoes

Pairing a pastel blue dress with some beige shoes just screams elegance.

The slight warmth of the beige, contrasts well with the cool tones of the pastel blue dress, making these two items a great combination.

When it comes to accessories, anything that has a warm tone would look beautiful, such as gold and rose gold.

White Shoes

Another elegant choice would be some white shoes. The light tones of the baby blue dress along with the white shoes make for a lovely and soft ensemble.

The great thing about this combination is that you can play around with some other colors when it comes to bags and accessories. You could try a pastel pink purse, or some yellow or pale orange earrings.

Brown Shoes

Brown shoes are a wonderful option if you’re looking for something more casual. You can opt for tan, dark brown, caramel, whatever tone your heart desires.

Depending on the occasion, a chunky brown heel will add some flair to the outfit, but if you’d like a softer and lighter look, some little sandal heels would be perfect!

Coral Shoes

If you’d like to take your styling to a whole other level, then finding some colors that are unexpected will do the trick.

Coral is a color that pairs unexpectedly well with pale blue, and is a perfect option for the summer months, especially if you find yourself some strappy coral sandal heels.

Navy Blue Dresses

Navy Blue Dresses

Out of all the blues, navy may be the trickiest one when it comes to finding shoes that pair well with it.

However, we love a challenge, so below are some color combos that work perfectly with navy blue dresses.

Nude Shoes

If you’ve taken anything from this article, it’s that you need a pair of nude or beige shoes. These will go with any color you throw at them, including navy blue.

As mentioned earlier, they’ll also give off the appearance of longer legs, which is an added bonus!

Gold Shoes

Gold shoes have warm tones, which contrast nicely against the cool tones of navy. If you decide on a pair of shimmery gold heeled sandals, it’ll make your outfit a lot more fun!

Silver Shoes

Silver shoes, especially shimmery ones, give off the same fun and dazzling effect as gold ones, except the cool tones of the silver coordinate well with the cool tones of navy.

This is a perfect combination if you want something more formal, and selecting some statement silver jewelry pieces will also make your outfit stand out.

White Shoes

An option that is perfect for the summer months, as is the case with the previous shades of blue, is a lovely pair of white shoes.

These shoes will really liven up your outfit, as navy is such a dark color.

However, the same rule applies when it comes to your purse. The smaller, the better, as a large white purse can overwhelm the outfit.

Red Shoes

If you’re tired of playing it safe, then red is your friend!

A pair of red heels will work wonderfully well with a navy blue dress, giving the outfit an almost nautical feel.

You can play around with soft reds and deep reds, until you find the ones that complement the outfit the most. Once you find them, you’ll wonder why you were playing it safe for so long!

When it comes to finding a purse to match, opt for a gold or silver, but keep it on the small side.

Leopard Print

We know that plenty of you reading this are fans of leopard print shoes, and the good news is that these can also pair well with a navy blue dress.

However, these printed shoes will work best with a dress that is plane, rather than a lacey or patterned dress.

You also get the choice of choosing between a brown, beige, black, or white purse, as these are all colors that you’ll find within leopard prints!

Final Thoughts

While all styles and tastes are completely subjective, we hope this article has given you some inspiration on what color shoes go well with blue dresses.

You may find that some colors you never expected, end up pairing fantastically with your newly bought blue frock, the key is to try it on. Once you try it, you’ll feel whether the colors pair well together or not.

The main objective is that you feel comfortable and beautiful in whatever you wear!

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