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What Colors Go With Gray Clothes? 7 Stylish Options

If you think about the most versatile colors of a wardrobe, it’s usually black, white, and gray.

With this base set of colors, you really can’t go wrong, and you can turn a minimalist closet into a versatile collection just by adding some extra colors.

What Colors Go With Gray Clothes 7 Stylish Options

Today we will be focusing on gray clothes and some of the best colors that go with them. You can have a wide array of grays in different shapes across different items; from t-shirts, blazers, jeans, and sneakers.

For those that use gray as a means to keep their style simple, I understand the desire for simplicity. As there are many other things to stress over throughout the week.

But don’t be afraid to step out and try something new. We start with colors:

1. Black

No surprise that our first color is another option that many of us gravitate towards.

And it’s no wonder as black is such a forgiving color. It goes with basically everything, is naturally slimming, and looks pleasing to the eye, especially when combined with another neutral color like gray.

We recommend that you go with a lighter gray. A darker gray is going to create too much similarity, whilst a nice light gray will not be washed out by the black.

An easy combination is to give with a gray pair of slacks and a black jumper, paired with a nice pair of dress shoes.

2. White

Sticking with the neutral color theme, white is another timely classic that isn’t going anywhere soon.

All you need to do is think about how many people wear white in the office, on the streets, or in the comfort of their own homes.

Even a gym is a place for white clothing if you’re brave enough to not worry about sweat patches!

Similar to black, lighter grays work well with white, as it creates a light-colored outfit ideal for the warmer months.

For outfit ideas, you can’t really beat a white shirt and gray slacks. Add a lightweight jacket in black or navy blue and you’ve got a great outfit ideal for a trip to the mall.

Gray jackets also work well on white t-shirts and jeans.

3. Blue

If you’re talking about popular colors, then blue is probably the next best choice outside of the blacks, whites, and grays.

However, what gets complicated is that blue comes in many different shades; from baby blue to dark navy.

Gray pants with a navy sweater are a great choice. Or dark blue jeans with a gray t-shirt. You can see that simply alternating between top and bottom is the easiest way to make these colors work well with each other.

4. Red

If you want to try out a strong but classic vibe, you should look for gray and red. It gives off a sophisticated look without being too try-hard, as the neutral tone of the gray compliments the boldness of the red.

If you want to tone down the red, then choose a lighter shade that isn’t so eye-catching.

You can still wear a brighter red with your ties or shirt, just make sure there are other features on these items rather than just wearing a solid bright red shirt. You can choose a checkered pattern or a striped tie.

5. Yellow

Sticking with the loud color vibe, you can try out a yellow. This color gives off positivity and confidence like no other.

And they look amazing in the warmer months. However they don’t work well on everyone, and if you have a lighter or cooler skin tone be wary of choosing a bright yellow.

Choosing a yellow polo or t-shirt with a gray pair of jeans or slacks is a great statement. You can also use yellow accessories like a scarf and hat for the winter months, which work well with a gray jacket.

6. Purple 

With purple, different shades are going to work with different shades of gray. When you add the right purple, it will give so much more color to an outfit, just look at a gray peacoat and purple-colored scarf.

We recommend going with a lighter purple like pastel or faded color as this should go with most light grays.

Choosing a light purple shirt and gray suit pants can be a great option as a springtime outfit for the office. Or a purple t-shirt or polo with a gray pair of shorts for something much more casual, i.e. the beach or the park.

Not only that, purple is a popular wedding color as the neutrality of the great and the royal vibe of the purple can be a bold statement to make without stealing the thunder of the bride and groom!

7. Brown

Another combination is to match brown with gray. You often see it with footwear, and pairing brown shoes with gray suit pants is a common work staple that looks timeless.

But brown can work with gray in so many other ways. You can wear brown slacks with a gray shirt or gray overcoat. You can combine a brown coat with a gray undershirt.

8. Bonus Color One – Beige

Beige or khaki goes well with gray and is another one of those colors that seems to hell with every skin color and body type.

You’ll likely have seen many pairings of beige chinos with a gray polo or t-shirt, especially in the summer and spring. Also, beige jackets and gray jeans are a popular combination.

If you’re looking for a quick tip, then a brighter shade of beige will work well with gray, as it will keep the color scheme quite light but also add some color to the outfit.

What Colors Go With Gray Clothes 7 Stylish Options (1)

What About Gray And Gray?

If all else fails, why not match gray with gray? The good thing about gray, as we’ve already discovered, is that it comes in many different shades. So why not combine them to make an interesting outfit without looking silly?

Exploring the different shades of gray can be a fun experience, and combining these elements will still give you a fashionable look without you coming too far out of your comfort zone.

The only thing we would say is to try to avoid matching the same shades of gray all over and maybe go for a darker shade on the top, and lighter on the bottom, or vice versa.

Final Thoughts

Not only is gray an interesting color, but it’s also easily one of the best starter colors to help build out your closet.

And with so many different shades to choose from it can be a fun experience in pairing different shades with different colors.

And hopefully, the tips above have given you a starting point to build out your outfit repertoire!

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