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5 Ways To Wear Flared Leggings And Update Your Athleisure Game

Are you looking to update your athleisure game? Yes? Well then you are going to need to get yourself a pair of flared leggings. Say you purchase your new leggings and they fit perfectly…what now?

5 Ways To Wear Flared Leggings And Update Your Athleisure Game

They are not easy to style because of the unique cut and look. Where do you start? 

Well, that is what we aim to help you out with in this article. We are going to talk about five different ways that you can wear flared leggings as well as what flared legging products are the best of the best. With that said, let us dive right in!

Why You Should Go With Flared Leggings?

Slim fit leggings have been popular for so long, why should you change your ways to try out flared leggings? Well, this type of legging has become ridiculously popular over the last few years.

You can blame the Gen Z TikTok kids for that. But they may have a point. 

Flared leggings rose in popularity long ago, they were not really a form of athleisure at the time but they were a form of workwear which was often worn with tank tops and shrunken cardigans. But these leggings did fade from fashion for a while. 

That is until 2021 when they started to come into the spotlight again. They were given a bit of a makeover in comparison to the old school flared leggings. The designs you see now are made from higher quality fabrics and have a higher waist line. 

Currently they are popularly worn to yoga or other athleisure activities, and when people are going out on the town. When the right outfit is being worn with these leggings you can get a pretty cute look. 

What Are Some Good Flared Leggings Products?

Even if you are sold on the idea of buying yourself a pair of flared leggings, you may be stumped on where to get your leggings from.

You could go into a clothes store, but that does not always work out as you expect it. That leaves online shopping. Which is likely more hit and miss than we would like. But there are some good options and it is convenient. 

If you are a little on buying yourself some flared leggings, you may find that our list of products is going to be just what you have been looking for. 

Below are a few flared leggings that we thought would be a good fit for you:

Splits59 High Waste Flare Leggings

Splits59 Women's Raquel High Waist Supplex Flared Legging, 32”, Black, XS

These leggings come in a few different colors so you can get a pair that suit the outfit you have in mind. They are also made using nylon and spandex, which means that your leggings will fit snugly and really accentuate your shape.

The one downside is the high price, so make sure that you have the budget to get these particular flared leggings. 

Sunyaa Crossover Flare Leggings

SUNYAA Womens Flare Yoga Pants V Crossover Flared Leggings High Waisted Bootcut Casual Workout Bell Bottoms Dark Gray XL

These leggings are more reasonably priced in comparison to the ones above. They are made using a combination of nylon and pandex which makes them comfortable, elastic and machine washable.

This product is a great choice for those of you that need something stylish, reasonably priced and also has tummy control built in. 

Baleaf Bootleg Leggings

BALEAF 29' Bootcut Yoga Pants for Women High Waisted Stretch Bootleg Casual Lounge Pants with Pockets Black Medium

These leggings are made with eighty percent polyester and twenty percent spandex. They also come at an affordable price. But they do not come in a bunch of fun colors.

But the brand does have a variety of products which may be more suited to your tastes.                                                

These three flared leggings are all good choices, but there are a range of products on the internet which you may find more suited to your tastes.

So, feel free to go internet shopping to find the perfect pair of flared leggings. There is bound to be something that you will like!

What Is The Best Way To Style Flared Leggings? 

In this section we are going to take a closer look at five different ways that you can style flared leggings. Bear in mind that you can style this type of leggings any way you want These are just a few ideas to get your creative juices flowing. 

1. Flared Leggings With A Puffer Jacket And An Elevated Sweatshirt

With this outfit we recommend that you start off by getting your favorite sweatshirt. It does not matter what color or fit it is as long as you are happy and comfortable wearing it.

To bring this look together we recommend that you go with a slightly oversized sweatshirt as it will make the whole outfit a bit more comfortable, especially if you are wearing this outfit all day. 

You may need to pay special attention to the thickness of your elevated sweat shirt as the thickness of it can make it so that you wear it in only certain weather conditions.

So, a nice thin fabric would be perfect for warmer weather while something thicker would be suited to mild or cold weather. 

Of course, you will also need a good quality puffer jacket to wear. The brand, color and design is entirely up to you. But we recommend that you go with something that has a bit of a boxy fit and is a bit bigger.

The reason we recommend that you go with something that is a bit oversized for your puffer jacket is because this makes layering easier. 

2. Flared Leggings With A Puffer Vest And Sweatshirt

5 Ways To Wear Flared Leggings And Update Your Athleisure Game

You can wear flared leggings with just about anything you wear with jeans. For example in this styling choice you can wear a great loose fitted sweatshirt with a puffer vest. The style you go with can be whatever you prefer. 

If you want to enjoy wearing a comfy and luxurious sweatshirt with this outfit we recommend that you go for a structured cotton sweatshirt. You may also want to consider going with an oversized sweatshirt as this can give you a more relaxed and fun look. 

With a good and comfortable sweatshirt you can then finish your look off with a comfy puffer vest. You can go for a more fitted look with a smaller puffer vest or a larger one for a more relaxed and comfy look.

3. Flared Leggings With Sandals And A Silk Top

For those of you that need an elegant yet summery look, the combination of a nice silk top with sandals with your leggings will be perfect for you.

The reason we recommend that you go with a top made of silk is because it is a lightweight fabric which is comfortable and allows your skin to breathe. 

The style and color you go with is totally up to you so make sure to grab your favorite silk top out of the cupboard or purchase something new that you really love. Either way, silk tops are breathable, comfortable and they do not wrinkle easily. 

As for the sandals, you can choose any style or brand that you like. But a good choice for those of you that want comfortable shoes has to be Birkenstocks.

These shoes are super comfy and they just tie the whole look together. Best of all you can get these shoes in different colors so you can change up your sandals to match the top you are wearing. 

If you are not a fan of this brand of sandals, there are countless other options you can go with. Simply wearing one of your favorite pairs of sandals will work wonders with your outfit.

At the end of the day, it is up to you what spin you want to put on an outfit like this. We are merely offering guidance. 

4. Boot Cut Leggings With A Graphic Tee And A Utility Jacket

Once you get a pair of flared leggings you will not be able to stop wearing them! A nice casual style for flared leggings could include a nice graphic tee of your choice.

This kind of look can give you a cool retro vibe which is, once again, coming back into fashion. The tee you go with could be of any style that you like. But in our opinion, this look would work best with a long sleeved tee with a bit of length. 

To bring this look together you will want to add a utility jacket into the mix. You can wear this jacket over your tee or even over a sweater if it is a little colder.

But a utility jacket is a great way to add layers to your look and give you a nice relaxed vibe. 

As for your color pallet, you can go with any combination of colors you like. All that we recommend here is that the colors you choose are complimentary. But you can use clashing colors too if you want a look that is loud and stands out. 

5. Flared Leggings With A Cropped Jacket And White Tank Top

If you are looking forward to enjoying warm weather then you are going to need an outfit that is cool while still looking great. Something as simple as a white tank top along with a cropped jacket can really bring your whole look together.

The trouble with white tank tops is that a lot of them can be quite see-through. So make sure that the one you are going to wear with this outfit is not too sheer.

As for your cropped jacket, you can go with any color or style that you prefer. We particularly liked the combination of an olive green jacket with a white tank top and black flared leggings. But as we said before, the color choice is entirely up to you. 

Final Thoughts 

We hope that you have enjoyed reading this article and learning about how you can best wear new flared leggings.

This kind of yoga athleisure has become more popular in recent years which is just one reason why wearing them can really update your look. 

The great thing about this style of leggings is that you can wear them in so many different ways. The five we mentioned here are the tip of the iceberg.

So when you get yourself a pair, feel free to have fun with your own styles. You are bound to come up with something far more exciting than anything we could come up with. 

If you have found this article helpful or useful, make sure to check out our website. We have a variety of articles there which you are bound to find interesting and perhaps even inspirational. 

Frequently Asked Questions

In this section we are going to answer some of your most frequently asked questions about flared leggings and creating cute outfits with this article of clothing. 

What Is The Difference Between Yoga Pants And Flared Leggings?

Yoga pants were usually either black or gray and they would have a flared bottom. On top of that there would be a thick waistband which was rolled over. With flared leggings the styles vary a bit more.

They are designed with a range of waistbands and cuts while also offering a larger variety of flares on the bottom in comparison to yoga pants. 

Are Flare Pants In Style?

Flared pants were originally worn as a part of the US naval uniform. They became a popular part of fashion during the 1960s and 1970s. After that they did go out of fashion for a quite a few.

In 2021 and 2022 these leggings have slowly started to come into fashion yet again. 

Who Made Flared Leggings Popular Again?

The main culprit for bringing flared leggings back into fashion after the sixties and seventies were two young girls named Sonny and Cher.

But as a whole it was the Gen Z part of the population who brought this fantastic trend into the spotlight again, and who can blame them. 

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