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Ways To Wear An Orange Dress

Orange is one of the most notorious colors to try and pull off, so what can you do if you have a whole orange dress to wear?

Ways To Wear An Orange Dress

Check out these great ideas to help you wear that orange dress with confidence and style! 

1. Make The Dress Your Focal Point

Orange is a very bright, vibrant color that can immediately draw the eye. When wearing a dress that is completely orange, adding more colors on top can only make your outfit look too loud and busy.

So, let your orange dress be the focal point of your outfit, and keep everything else to a minimum. 

Try not to add any jewelry that could be distracting from your dress, such as beads or chunky jewelry. Sparkly diamonds are fine so long as they are small, like stud earrings.

As for your clutch and shoes, try and use nude colors that can blend in with your skin tone. This way, you won’t distract others from your dress or clash with it! 

So -wear plain jewelry and shoes, stick to nude colors for your accessories, and let your orange dress shine!  

2. Go Retro

Orange was a popular color in the 1960s and 70s, so a fun way to wear an orange dress is to turn it into a cool, retro outfit.

This idea works best with sweater dresses or A-line dresses that are pretty short and end around the mid-thigh, as those styles of dresses were the most popular back during those decades. 

Add some retro accessories like oversized sunglasses or knee-high boots to help sell the retro look. As for colors, white and black work great as they are neutral and blend with all colors, including orange.

Finally, wear your hair long and large to help complete the look! 

3. Bring In The Brown

Orange is a difficult color to pair up with other colors because it clashes with so many. However, there are a few colors orange works great with – and one of them is brown. 

Brown and orange are distinctive enough colors to be classed as separate colors entirely, but similar enough to flatter one another.

As a result, brown is a great color to pick when choosing what shoes, bags, sunglasses, and other accessories to wear with your orange dress.

Whether it’s a brown belt around your waist or some brown sunglasses shading your eyes, they are sure to work well with your orange dress. 

4. Bring In The Blue

Orange and blue are a great color combination as they sit opposite each other on the color wheel. This means that if you want to complement your orange dress with another color (other than neutrals) then your best option is blue. 

You should always think carefully about the shade of your orange dress when choosing what shade of blue to wear. Lighter oranges work better with baby blue, while deeper tones go better with navy or ultramarine. 

So, bring in the blue either through your shoes, a belt, or a cute little bag! 

5. Simple Jewelry 

Jewelry can be tricky to pair with an orange dress because it’s easy to go overboard with necklaces, bracelets, piercings, and rings.

This can make your outfit look way too busy and cluttered because the color of your dress acts as its own focal point. 

So, it’s important to keep things simple when it comes to your jewelry. Try to stick to two or three pieces of jewelry like a necklace, a piercing, and a ring or two. 

Stick with stud earrings, small drop earrings, or thin hoops. Necklaces should be short (like collar necklaces, or stacked) but they can be thin or slightly chunky, depending on how busy your dress is in terms of texture.

A simple orange dress will work great with some white beads – but if your dress is long, ruffled, and flowing, it’s best to stick with short gold chains. 

Gold is one of the best colors to complement an orange dress, so golden jewelry is a great choice to go with instead of silver or rose gold. 

6. Boho Orange Summer Style

The boho style is one of the most easily recognizable and iconic of all fashion trends. It’s characterized by bright colors, thin fabrics, loose clothing, tassels, straw hats, and more.

It’s casual but cute and perfect for summer fashion. 

Orange is a great color to wear if you are aiming for a classic boho look.

Wear your orange dress with some sandals, a straw hat, and tassel-styled jewelry like drop earrings or necklaces to complete the look. It’s perfect for venturing outdoors in the hot weather! 

Final Thoughts

So, those were some fun tips and tricks on how to wear an orange dress. 

Don’t let this vibrant color intimidate you – follow the advice above and wear that orange dress with the confidence and style it deserves!

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