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20 Ways To Style Your Bootcut Jeans

Bootcut jeans can be tricky to style. If you put them with the wrong items then you can end up looking frumpy and shapeless.

Ways To Style Your Bootcut Jeans
Bootcut jeans look best with a few tips and tricks

If you want some inspiration for the best way to style your bootcut jeans so that you look and feel amazing, you have come to the right place.

Check out these tips and tricks and recommendations to help you style your bootcut jeans. 

Tips And Tricks For Styling Your Bootcut Jeans 

Here are some tips and tricks that you can use to style your bootcut jeans: 

  • Rolled Up Jeans – There is a debate in the fashion world about whether you should roll jeans, but if you do it right then it can look great. Bootcut jeans have a great shape for rolling, so don’t be afraid to play around with the length. 
  • Color – You can choose from pale denim, washing out blue, or even black bootcut jeans. It depends on what kind of style you are trying to create. 
  • Belt – Bootcut jeans tend to be less figure-hugging than some other types of jeans. A great way to give your outfit more shape is to add a belt. This will draw attention to your waist. 
  • Fraying – Some bootcut jeans have a neat hem and others have a frayed edge. The frayed edge is more casual and the neat hem is more smart. 
  • Top – You can pair your bootcut jeans with a pretty blouse, an oversized sweater, a casual t-shirt or even a crop. This will change the feel of the outfit. 
  • Shoes – The best way to create a great outfit with your bootcut jeans is to pair them with the right shoes. There are lots of different options – keep reading for some recommendations. 

How To Style Your Bootcut Jeans

Bootcut jeans with heels
Bootcut jeans can look awesome with heels

Here are great ideas for outfits you can create with your bootcut jeans for effortless style and class. 

1. Cowboy Boots

You can pair your bootcut jeans with some classic cowboy boots for a casual but cool style. You can either wear a white peasant shirt to make it look more feminine or an oversized flannel shirt for a cute look. Chuck on a brown suede jacket for a perfect Fall outfit. 

2. Ankle Boots

These brown ankle boots would look amazing with washed out bootcut jeans or dark denim. Make sure you choose a brown belt to complement the boots.

You can pair this with an oversized turtleneck sweater or a blouse. Ankle boots look great with a longer jacket, so don’t be afraid to add a larger coat to this outfit on a cold day. 

3 . Heeled Sandals

Bootcut jeans look amazing with heeled sandals. You can choose a simple, minimalistic heeled sandal  like this or go for something more chunky like this.  Finish off this look with a messy up do, a pair of sunglasses and some hoop earrings.  

4. Black Bootcut Jeans

You can switch it up and wear some black bootcut jeans rather than blue denim. They would look great in a monochrome outfit with black boots and a white vest or crop top. 

Or you could add a pop of color with a button down shirt in pink or red. You could also go for an edgy look with a band t-shirt. 

5. Ripped Bootcut Jeans

These ripped bootcut jeans would look amazing with a casual oversized sweater like this one. You could also wear it with a classic V-neck white shirt for a more casual look.

Make sure you wear these jeans on a casual occasion as ripped denim is not ideal for smarter days. Ripped jeans look great with chunky boots  or elegant stiletto heels. 

6 -. Combat Boots

For an edgy outfit, pair your bootcut jeans with some combat boots and a cool top. You could go for something with an alternative graphic design like this one, a long sleeve crop top  for a punk style, or a corduroy shirt for an understated outfit.

The great thing about this style is that it looks great but is also comfortable to wear on days when you will be on your feet or doing lots of walking, like a shopping trip. 

7. Statement Boots

A fun and easy way to style your bootcut jeans is to wear a pair of statement boots. You could go for a pair of metallic ankle boots or a pair of cherry red Dr Marten boots.

The boots need to be the main focus of the outfit, so make sure you wear a plain top in black or white.  You can choose whatever boots suit your personal style. 

8 . Crop Top

Bootcut jeans are quite relaxed and casual, especially if they are not too tight-fitting. It is good to contrast this with a top that is more figure-hugging and revealing, like a halter neck crop top.

This will create an outfit with a 90’s feel that you can pair with some chunky black boots and a black belt. Stick to simple jewelry in gold or silver.  

9. Snakeskin

You can add some snakeskin textures to your outfit to create a sexy look. You could either go for a snakeskin blouse with some white or black boots, or a pair of snakeskin boots with a white or black blouse.   

10 . Winter Coat

You can use your bootcut jeans to create an amazing winter outfit. Choose a long coat like this one and accessorize the outfit with your choice of hat and scarf. Go for some black boots to finish off the outfit – something warm and cozy but still stylish.  

11. Stilettos

Bootcut jeans are designed to be worn with boots, but they still look great with stiletto heels. It’s a great way to make your outfit more feminine. You could go for classic black stilettos, or choose something with a bit more color like these red stilettos.   

12 . Leopard Print

If you want to stand out and pair your bootcut jeans with something a bit more wild, you can add some leopard print to your outfit.

A pair of leopard print block heels would look great, or a pair of chunky leopard print ankle boots. Alternatively you could pick a leopard print blouse instead.    

13. Loafers 

Pairing your bootcut jeans with loafers is a great way to create a smart look that is comfortable. A pair of classic black loafers would be ideal for a monochrome look.

Or you could choose something more bold like leopard print loafers, or these red loafers. You can wear this outfit with a button down shirt or on oversized sweater.    

14. Leather Jacket

If you want to look effortlessly cool then just add a leather jacket  to your outfit. Classic black looks best with washed out denim bootcut jeans, and a brown leather jacket looks best with darker denim.

For a softer look you could go for a suede jacket like this one.    

15. Sneakers

If you are aiming for a casual look then you can pair your bootcut jeans with a pair of white sneakers like these ones.

You can choose whatever top you want, as white sneakers go with everything. If you prefer a darker look then go for some black sneakers.   

16. UGG Boots

If you are running errands and you want to look effortlessly stylish then chuck on a pair of UGG boots with your bootcut jeans. This would look great with a floaty cardigan and a white vest top with lace details.  

17. Blazer

For instant presence and elegance, add a blazer to your bootcut jeans. You can go for a relaxed fit blazer like this one or something more bold like this pink blazer.

For smarter occasions then go for a houndstooth blazer. For an edgy look then you try a faux leather blazer.     

18. Ballet Pumps

Ballet pumps are a cute alternative to heels when you want to stick to flat shoes. These classic patent black ballet flats are ideal for pairing with bootcut jeans and a cute top.

These leopard print ballet shoes have a cool knitted texture which would be great paired with a sweater.   

19. Cardigan

A cardigan with bootcut jeans is a classic celebrity street style look. There are so many different options like this chunky knit cardigan that comes in lots of different colors.

A classic floaty cardigan is flattering on all body types and works well with lots of different types of shoes. This oversized cardigan would look brilliant with ankle boots.    

20. Kitten Heels

If you prefer low heels then a pair of kitten heels might be more suitable than stilettos. You could go for some pretty lavender kitten heels with a lightweight white blouse. These slingback kitten heels in black will go with lots of different outfits for a sophisticated style. 

Video: 20 Bonus Tips for Bootcut Jeans

Mix and match ideas from these 20 tips to rock bootcut jeans


These outfit ideas should help you find the best ways to style your bootcut jeans. Whether you want a casual outfit or something smarter you should be able to find something that you like.

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