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7 Exciting Ways To Style Platform Converse

While you could just wear regular Converse, there is something exciting about the platform Converse. Not only do they add at least an inch to your height, but they give that extra oomph to any outfit. 

7 Exciting Ways To Style Platform Converse

Converse have come a long way since 1908 when they were branded as the rubber shoe company.

These days you can find a plethora of styles, colors and designs that make them exciting footwear to put on in the morning. 

If you are wondering how to style platform Converse, then you have come to the right place. Here we shall take a look at 7 different ways to add Converse to your style. 

1. Socks And Cycle Shorts With Platform Converse

One thing you will notice about Converse is how versatile they are to wear, no matter the color.

However, the black platform converse works well in a sleek monochrome outfit. They can form a base for the rest of your look. 

This style takes on that cool and edgy style of the 1990s from a gen Z perspective. It includes exactly what you would expect: the throwback Converse with white socks poking out. The black cycling shorts that are super comfy to wear.

And then there is the cropped sweater that must have some kind of print on it to make sure it looks retro. However, a plain sweater will be fine too if you want to tone down the look a little. 

2. Office Wear With Platform Converse

This one might be surprising to you, but platform Converse can make a great addition to your office look.

If you are not expected to wear heels to work, and there are no strict rules on how smart you should be, then platform Converse can create a fresh ‘back at the office’ look.

Or if you are looking for some inspiration when it comes to dressing down on summer days at work, then you can wear something like the white platform Converse to make your usual clothes look less formal.

The above example includes a fitted black jumpsuit with a sleek bright coat that helps to keep the formal look.

But then it is the platform Converse that tones it down a notch, without it looking like you are just heading to the store. 

3. Leggings With Platform Converse

Leggings are having a moment, and it looks like they are here to stay. While teaming them up with sporty sneakers is fine, there are ways to wear leggings without it looking like you are meant to be going on a run.

Platform Converse is a great way to add some style to leggings, especially if you are opting for a black pair of pants. While the white Converse will be your best choice, you could also opt for something brighter if you want to add extra fun to your style.

Keep the rest of your outfit basic and chilled, but do add a gorgeous handbag to make sure people know that you have not just come from the gym.

Oh, the coffee? That’s optional!

4. Ripped Blue Jeans And Platform Converse

There is something on-trend about ripped jeans and white platform Converse. Once upon a time it was all about wearing sporty white sneakers with cute blue jeans with rips.

However, to stand out from the crowd of sporty sneakers, Converse is definitely a great option.

Not only do the Converse bring an extra stylish edge to the look, but they compliment ripped jeans very well.

You could relate it back to the 90s when the grunge bands were all wearing Converse and they had ripped jeans (which you could not buy).

To keep the feminine silhouette, tie your T shirt to make a crop and stick with pastel shades. You can add a cute hat too, as well as a neutral toned handbag.

5. Oversized Leather Jacket With Platform Converse

Speaking of the grunge look, the black platform Converse goes well with this kind of style down to the letter T. If you are not the kind of girl who likes to wear skinny jeans all the time, why not try the mom fit jeans?

While they still give you a complimentative figure, the jeans themselves do not hug you in every single place possible. It also means you can dress in a more casual and laid-back style.

Platform Converse suits this kind of look very well. While you will want to wear a fitted crop top underneath to add some femininity, you can then go to town with the oversized.

A cool leather jacket will work. Just remember to roll up those jeans!

6. Floral Mini Dress With Platform Converse

Adding sneakers with a cute dress is nothing new, but you might not have thought about adding platform Converse.

Naturally, these two team up very well together. In fact, the juxtaposition between the two styles gives your overall look an edge.

While not every style of dress will work well with Converse, a mini dress that is fitted often works very well. It adds an edginess to the cuteness, and this is why florals marry best with Converse. 

If you are planning to go to a rock show, add a leather biker jacket over the top for when the evening gets a little cooler.

7. Rockin’ Style With Platform Converse

If you want to go back to when Converse were seen as very edgy and cool, then you may want to team up dark colored platform Converse with black clothes – and this does not mean you have to listen to My Chemical Romance or Fall Out Boy all day.

This cute look includes wearing black skinny jeans with a cropped fitted T shirt (bonus points for it being a band shirt). You can even add some double denim by wearing a black denim jacket. 

One way to add your own unique style is by placing buttons and pins on the collar of the jacket. You can also opt for ripped skinny jeans too!

Final Thoughts

The great thing about platform Converse is that they can be worn with any style that you choose for that day. Whether you need something formal, or want to go ultra feminine or street – a platform Converse shoe will team up nicely. 

As you can see from the style options above, you may want to consider the color of the Converse. A lot of people opt for the basic colors – black and white – and this is all down to the fact these colors go with everything.

Unless you are only planning to wear the Converse with a particular style, then you may want to consider only buying a pair of Converse that is in a neutral color. 

White is a great color to go with when it comes to Converse because they embody a freshness that goes wonderfully with floral dresses and leather jackets. 

However black Converse can often look edgy and pretty darn cool. Or you could go with something bright or patterned. Fortunately, Converse are just so versatile that it really does not matter what you end up going with.

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