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The Best Colors That Go With Green Clothes

It doesn’t matter what shade of green it is, the color green is very much in right now. Fashion lovers on the internet and on the catwalk are obsessed with the color.

There’s just something special about the carefree grassy hue that offers a refreshing and quirky touch to our daily ensembles.

The Best Colors That Go With Green Clothes

However, as eye-catching as green clothes can be, let’s be honest, donning the style can be pretty challenging. This is especially the case if you don’t know what colors go with green clothes.

Getting the color combination wrong can leave us looking mismatched. Therefore, if you want to make the most of your green clothes, there are certain colors you have to pair them with. 

In today’s article, we’re going to show you the very best colors that go with green clothes. If you need help styling your green clothes, make sure you keep reading!

Colors That Go Well With Green Clothes

Let’s get straight into things by taking a look at the best colors that go with green clothes. The colors on this list should be your first choice when styling a green outfit.

They all complement the color green beautifully, letting your green clothes stand out without looking mismatched or too in your face.

1. White

We’ll start off with one of the most basic color combinations you can go for. Matching any colorful piece of clothing with white is always going to be a winner.

The white will allow your green clothes to pop, becoming the focal point of your outfit. 

One of the greatest things about combining green clothes with white articles is that you can wear any shade of green well with the color. It doesn’t matter if you wear dark green hues or light hues, the combination will always work well.

Having said that, we personally love the combination of mint and white as this creates an incredibly pleasing aesthetic look.

2. Dark Brown Tones

If you prefer an earthy and natural color combination that will catch the attention of everyone you walk past, you could go with a combination of green and dark brown.

An outfit that comprises of green and dark brown pieces starts to step into the neon territory. 

The richer, darker shades of the brown articles will be a companion for your green clothes, helping them stand out nicely.

What we love most about this color combination is how the disparity between the colors allows the green to stand out, whilst also toning it down a little bit. 

3. Mustard Yellow

Mustard yellow is the perfect color to pair with your green clothes if you want a vibrant, saturated look that will brighten up your day.

Jewel tones are destined to be worn together, so it only makes sense to pair green articles with mustard yellow pieces of clothing.

Almost every tone of green can be complemented beautifully by mustard yellow pieces. Even teal and emerald green pieces benefit from being paired with other saturated tones like yellow mustard.

Aside from providing an outfit with more vibrance, mustard yellow tones make green colors look even more striking.

4. Pink

Another color that works well with green pieces is pink. Offering some color-blocking, mellow pink tones like cotton candy work well to offset dark forest greens.

The end result is a delectable outfit you’ll find yourself wanting to wear time and time again.

A great way to try this color combination out is by matching a pastel pink top with a green jacket. This style works just as well the other way around too. 

This color match doesn’t have to stop there either. You could easily add to the outfit with jewelry and a vibrant bag to balance the whole look out.

5. Black

Black is a hugely popular outfit color as it always offers elegance and a stylish chic look. It is also a fabulous color to match your green clothes.

Black and green go together well when you want to stand out and make a statement.

Helping you stand out from the crowd with a stunning look, black and green create a dramatic style. To create the most striking outfit, you’ll want to pair a dark green piece of clothing with a black piece.

On the other hand, opt for lighter green tones if you want to go with a more subtle style.

6. Gray

Another fine example of a neutral color that goes well with black is gray. Typically, gray tones work well with green pieces when we want to create a more sophisticated look.

Whether it be a gray work dress and a long green coat or vice-versa, this style will help you channel your inner professional.

If you want to create a subtle and sophisticated look, you should pair green clothes with light gray tones. Alternatively, you can create a more dramatic outfit by combining green articles with dark gray tones. 

This will help you create a look that stands out from the crowd.

7. Red

Those of you looking to create a bolder look should style your green pieces with bright red colors. Red and green go together wonderfully to create looks that are designed to stand out.

Wearing a red and green outfit is a surefire way to draw attention and turn heads.

Aside from helping you create a bolder look, red also helps you draw more attention to the piece you’re trying to highlight.

If you want to tone things down a bit, opt for a muted green piece instead. This will still leave you with a bold look but you won’t run the risk of overdoing it.

8. Orange 

The next color on this list is orange. Orange is a super vibrant color that will add more zing to your look. Orange is also an exciting festive color that works well during the winter.

Whilst you might think a combination of green and orange would be too much, the two combine brilliantly.

No matter what tone of green you wear, an orange piece will work well with your look. Combining orange and green pieces creates a playful and vibrant look that will show your personality off.

You can tone this look down by using muted tones of both colors but why would you want to? The whole idea of this color combination is to stand out.

9. Purple

Purple is visually the opposite of neutral green tones which makes the two colors work together harmoniously.

Creating a pleasing combination of colors, purple pieces add warmth to green outfits, giving you a more vibrant and head-turning look.

Whilst purple works well with most green tones, we particularly like the combination of emerald green and purple pieces. This combination creates a lovely style that looks and feels great to wear.

This is another excellent color combination if you want to create a sophisticated professional look.

10. Beige

Those of you that prefer a subtler appearance might want to consider combining your green pieces with beige garments.

Beige paired with green clothing creates a cozy look that offers a warm and welcoming atmosphere.

This color combination can also be used to create a more earthy style. If you want a green and beige style to look more sophisticated, opt for a muted shade of green.

11. Different Shades Of Green

There’s absolutely nothing wrong with pairing your green pieces with each other.

Combining green pieces with each other is a great way to create a more unique look. It also gives you a great opportunity to experiment with your look.

By simply mixing different shades of green together you can see what you do and don’t like. Combining two completely different shades of green will create a more dramatic look, whilst similar tones will help you tone down your outfit.

For a striking look, we can recommend a combination of mint green and lime green.

12. Yellow

A combination of yellow and green tones is an easy way to create a more vibrant and cheerful look. Yellow and green pieces go together effortlessly. It doesn’t matter what tones you wear, they all look great.

This is a popular color combination with people that want to make a good first impression. What we love most about this combination is that you can tone it down or up.

If you want to stand out, go with bright tones, and if you want to be more subtle, go for muted tones instead.

Either way, you’ll look absolutely awesome.

13. Blue Washes Of Denim

Blue is a timeless hue that goes well with just about any color. In particular, it works wonders with green tones.

The combination of green and blue garments can be loud, subtle, sophisticated, and fun. No matter what your style, you can find a color pairing with blue and green that works for you.

We love a more laid-back vibe when combining green and blue clothes. If you like the sound of that too, you should go with a muted shade of green and denim washes.

Things To Remember When Choosing A Color To Pair With Your Green Clothes

Now you know more about the best colors to wear with green clothes, we’d like to share a few tips with you that will help you create the best look.

Below, we’ve listed some of the most important things to remember when choosing a color combination. 

  • It is important to think about the shade of green you’re going to wear. Darker tones are typically more formal, whilst lighter shades are seen as more casual. You should pick a color that complements the style you’re looking for.
  • When deciding what to wear, always think about which colors complement the shade of green you plan on wearing. Don’t limit yourself, consider all of the colors from our list.
  • You should also think about your style when combining green with other colors. If you love a fun and adventurous style, opt for a more exciting color like orange or yellow. If you prefer a more subtle appearance, choose toned-down colors like brown or gray instead.
  • Never be afraid to experiment. The very best way to create a look you love is by trying different combinations. That way, you can easily find the style you love.

What Can You Wear With Your Green Pants

One of the most popular pieces of green clothing is pants. Green pants add vibrance and pop to any outfit, but what should you wear with them? That’s what we’ll look at now. 

In the next part of this article, you’ll find some ideas to get you started!

A White Top Or T-shirt

One of the easiest ways to complete an outfit that features green pants is to wear a white top or t-shirt. Wearing either of these garments with your green pants will create a casual look that allows the green to stand out. 

Accessories like a necklace or scarf will give your look more pop, whilst you can wear a denim jacket to keep you warm. 

When it comes to shoes, sandals or sneakers will do just fine.

A Sweater Or Button-Down Shirt

If you’re keen to impress and dress things up, you could opt for a sweater or button-down shirt.

You could also wear your green pants as part of a more formal outfit if you want to create a more sophisticated or professional look.

A Black Blouse

If you have a formal occasion to attend, we recommend pairing your green pants with a black blouse. Pairing your green pants with a black blouse is an easy way to create a formal look without having to go overboard. 

The combination of dark greens and black also creates a sophisticated and classy look. You can accessorize this look with a pair of black heels and some chic jewelry.

You’ll find that this look also offers a more edgy and dramatic look that’s perfect for making a statement.

What Color Should Your Shoes Be When Wearing A Green Dress?

If you plan on wearing a green dress, you’re going to want to find the right pair of shoes to go with it. One of the most important things you have to think about is the color of your shoes. 

Generally speaking, most of the colors from our list are fine, but it all depends on what tones you’re wearing and where you’re going.

For example, a bright yellow pair of heels might not go so well with a dark green dress you’re wearing to a formal dinner.

To help you choose the right colors and the best pair of shoes, we’ve listed some useful things to remember below.

  • First of all, you have to think about the color of your dress. What shade of green is it? Once you know that, you can start thinking about what color your shoes should be. Typically, brighter greens go better with a bolder shoe, whilst subtle greens look best with a more neutral color of shoe.
  • You also need to think about the shape and silhouette of your dress. A structured dress looks good with a Mary Jane style of shoe, whilst a flowing maxi dress looks better when dressed up with heels.
  • Never forget your accessories. You can make a statement by pairing your green dress with a necklace, bag, or earrings that are the same color as your shoes.
  • Once again, don’t be afraid to experiment. You might discover a new style or combination you like by simply trying different shoes with different dresses. This is also a great way to work out what does and doesn’t work.

Final Thoughts

Green isn’t the easiest color to work with, but as we’ve shown you in this article, there are plenty of colors that work well with it.

No matter what shade of green you plan to wear, we’ve looked at a color that will complement your green pieces brilliantly.

Aside from showing you the best colors that go with green clothes, we’ve also told you a number of key things to remember when choosing a color to pair with your green clothes and looked at some outfit combinations you might like to try.

Now you have all this information at your fingertips, you should be able to effortlessly put together an outfit that matches green with one of the many colors that compliments it so well.

Now, start experimenting to see what looks you like most. 
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