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Slim Fit VS Skinny Fit Jeans: Which Is Best For You?

Invented in the 1800s, jeans still remain a popular staple piece of clothing.

Since their creation, they have undergone several changes and developments, with different styles taking the lead depending on the era.

Slim Fit V.S Skinny Fit Jeans Which Is Best For You

However, some certain styles have remained popular since they were introduced, such as skinny fit jeans, and slim fit jeans. 

This article is going to discuss the difference between the two styles, so you can decide which fit would suit you best. 

What Are Skinny Fit Jeans? 

Skinny-fit jeans, put simply, are the tightest fitting jeans you can get.

They have smaller leg openings resulting in a tight fit around the ankle, and they will normally have elastic fibers in the material, making them stretch in order to fit snugly around your body.

These jeans are body sculpting, and really highlight elements of your body shape. They make your legs look longer and more defined, as well as highlight any curves in the waist, or muscles in your legs.  

Many skinny jeans are made to be comfortable and stretchy, but there are some that can restrict movement, which is why some people may opt out of this style of jeans. 

What Are Slim Fit Jeans? 

Slim-fit jeans are slightly looser than skinny jeans. Rather than hugging all elements of your legs tightly, slim-fit jeans simply fit closely to your legs without clinging to them in a tight manner. 

They also have larger leg holes, resulting in a loose fit around the ankles. This is a flattering fit, as it shows off the natural silhouette of your body.

As they aren’t as tight, these jeans do offer a lot more space for movement. 

What Are The Differences Between Them? 

The main difference between these two styles of jeans is their fit. Skinny jeans, as their name suggests, hug the body very tightly, sculpting and accentuating the figure. 

Slim jeans, on the other hand, rest nicely against the body without pinching it tightly, and they are not overly baggy where they just hang.

They hold onto the outline and contours of the figure, without being wrapped around the legs as tight. 

Another difference is that most skinny jeans are made with elastic fibers in order for them to stretch around the legs, whereas most slim-fit jeans don’t. 

Best Skinny Jeans For Different Body Types 

Many are under the impression that only tall and slender figures can pull off skinny jeans.

This is far from the truth, as anyone can look beautiful in skinny jeans, from petite builds, to plus-size. There are, however, different styles of skinny jeans, and finding the one that suits you best is the key. 


Those who fall under the plus-size category would benefit from stretchy skinny jeans to accommodate their shape. Dark-colored jeans are also a good bet when it comes to skinnies, as they have a slimming effect. 

Skinny jeans that are high-waisted will also create a slimming effect around the waist, and if these are paired with a cute peplum shirt, you’ll have created yourself a very flattering outfit. 


Those who are taller, (over 5’7) should ensure their jeans have extended seams to make sure they aren’t too short.

These tall beauties can also get away with cropped jeans, or even rolling the bottoms up during the warmer months, showing off any pretty sandals. 


Skinny jeans look great on those with an hourglass figure, as they really accentuate the curves of your legs and waist. 

Pairing these jeans with a V-neck sweater will be very flattering for your bust while drawing attention to your face. 

Slim Fit V.S Skinny Fit Jeans Which Is Best For You (1)

Short Torso

Those with a shorter torso should steer away from high-waisted skinny jeans, as they can give the appearance of an even shorter midsection. 

Therefore, mid or low-rise skinny jeans can give the appearance of a longer torso, and the tight fit of the skinny jeans can make legs appear longer. 

Pairing these jeans with a longer shirt, one that reaches the hips will also give off the appearance of length. 

Athletic Body

Women with athletic bodies are usually wider in their shoulders and smaller in their hips and bosom, resulting in more of a rectangular shape. 

Skinny jeans are great for this body type as they show off any curves you have, it is just important to ensure they are 100% tight and not baggy. 

Shirts that have defined waists will also give you the appearance of curves, such as peplum tops. 


Pear-shaped women tend to have fuller hips and bosoms. High-waisted skinnies look gorgeous on these body types, as they really emphasize the waist while highlighting the contours of the legs. 

Pairing these skinnies with a loose, tucked-in blouse will also bring attention to that lovely waist. 

Slim-Fit Jeans And Body Type

When it comes to slim-fitted jeans, there appear to be fewer rules than there are for skinnies. As these jeans simply hold onto your body shape rather than hugging it tightly, they are flattering on all body types. 

However, those with smaller builds or athletic builds would benefit from finding some petite fitted slim jeans, because if they are too baggy, the shape of the leg can be lost. 

Mid-rise or high-rise slim-fit jeans are very flattering, as they hold onto the waist, accentuating its shape before following the shape of your legs more loosely.

This brings more attention to your waist, giving you an hourglass shape. 

Final Thoughts 

To conclude, both skinny and slim-fit jeans are very flattering. The main difference between them is how they fit on the body.

Skinny jeans hug all areas of the legs, whereas slim-fit jeans simply follow and hold onto the contours of your legs without pinching them.

Slim-fit jeans may also allow for more movement, whereas the tight nature of skinnies do not. 

All body types can pull off these styles of jeans, there are just different variations of each that would suit certain body types more than others, and we have covered that in this article.

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