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Red And Black Work Outfit Idea

From black cashmere sweaters paired with bold red pants to red palazzos and a chic black top, there are plenty of ways to combine red and black for a work outfit.

In this guide, we will look at the types of combinations you can create in a work outfit using both colors. You should stand out when you turn up to the office sporting red and black. 

Red And Black Work Outfit Idea

In this guide, we will detail some red and black work outfit ideas you can try. 

Cashmere Sweater

Bold is best and a black cashmere sweater can be paired with red cigarette pants for a trim and toned look. Add some ankle strap heels so you can strut to the office looking your very best.

If you prefer a looser feel than red cigarette pants, opt for red culottes which add a bit of swish to your work outfit.

Alternatively, combine the two colors in the one cashmere sweater though ensure that the stripes are not Krueger-esque.

Red Pants

A pair of bright red pants is a bold choice for the office yet with a button-down shirt you can tone it down.

This is a great choice if you want to make a statement going into a crucial business meeting or gunning for a promotion.

High-waisted red pants go especially well with a pale shirt, perhaps a white one topped with a black blazer.

During summer, if your office suffers from a poor air-con situation, you can try to wear some lighter clothes.

Embroidered red pants can turn heads on their own merits yet with a white top covered with a red or black kimono, you have a stunning work outfit.

Even a vertically striped top or a button-up one can look smart when it comes with a pair of red pants.

Black Printed Shirt

If you have a range of printed shirts then these can go really well with red pants, especially a black printed shirt.

Try to find a pair of ankle-length red trousers to pair with this particular top, though a graphic t-shirt is ideal too.

You will also need some shades to go with it during summer months though a sling bag, a pair of black pumps, and wearing your hair in a sleek bun works well with this outfit too.   

Red Checkered Trousers

While your red checkered trousers may have the look of evening loungewear, they can look fitting in the office. Just wear a black tank top to go with it.

Black And White Striped Top

If you want a true contrast to go with your red pants then opt for both black and white together. A stripey top with complementing horizontal stripes offers a chic and stylish look for a work outfit.

That top could also be a full-sleeved sweater or a turtleneck that comes without sleeves. To finish off the outfit, and to go with the pants, opt for the cutest pair of red pumps you can find. 

Red Palazzos

Granted, a pair of red palazzos are a flamboyant choice yet paired with a straightforward and chic black top works really well.

Add a silk scarf for your entry into the office and you have a Bohemian vibe right there. Top it off with some devastatingly pointy shoes and you can look the part.

Final Thoughts

Fashion should be about making a statement but it is also about being comfortable wearing the clothes that you want to wear.

Red is a particularly bold color which can be easily offset with black so make sure that you combine the two appropriately.

A pair of red palazzos goes well with a chic black top while a red and black cashmere sweater can keep you looking good in the office.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are Red Jeans Currently In Fashion?

Thankfully, if you have a pair of red jeans in your wardrobe then there is no better time to get them on. Feel free to wear them as they go loud and proud with many outfits, including those for work.

A pair of red jeans are considered trendy and there are evolving methods to help them become ever so stylish.

How Do You Wear Red Sweatpants And Red Pants?

Red sweatpants can be paired quite easily with hoodies, shirts, tees, and jackets in relatively cool and neutral tones. Sneakers also work well as long as they come in complementary colors.

A pair of red pants can allow you to stand out during most of the year but they look especially fitting and festive during the holidays. Pair those red pants with a tank top or a button-down shirt.

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