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Rain Day Outfits

Rainy days can be super boring, gray, and dull – but that doesn’t mean your outfit has to be too! 

Rain Day Outfits

If you are wondering how you can stay stylish on rainy days without getting drenched, then this is the list for you. We have pulled together some of the trendiest, stylish rain-day outfits for you to check out for inspiration.

So, take a look at the options below! 

1. Colorful Raincoats

Raincoats are a go-to way to stay dry when venturing outside in rainy weather. They are big and typically not fitted but why pick out a drab raincoat that swallows you up in dull colors? 

Pick out a raincoat that is bright and vibrant and colorful. There are plenty to choose from so you are bound to find one that best reflects your personal style.

Choose from rich reds, powder blues, lilacs, and emerald greens – there are so many options out there to try! 

2. Oversized Jackets

This rainy-day outfit idea turns your protective coat into a stylish focal point of your whole appearance. 

A lot of raincoats and jackets are loose-fitting and can easily swallow you up. So, why not lean into this feature by wearing an oversized jacket with bare legs and limited layers?

This will give you the chic and cozy ‘oversized t-shirt’ aesthetic while wearing appropriate rain apparel. 

So, don’t think you have to cover up your legs when it’s raining outside. Wear your favorite dress or skirt, join it with a large jacket, and rock this look. 

3. Block Colored Scarves

Sometimes the rain can bring a chill, especially in winter or fall, so it’s important to stay warm while keeping dry and stylish.

A great way to stay warm without going overboard is to wrap a cozy scarf around your shoulders – and these scarves are a great way to add a pop of color to your outfit. 

Block-colored scarves can really bring a touch of sunshine to your outfit (and your day), especially when paired with dark-toned coats, pants, and boots. Use bold colors like navy, red, mustard yellow, and emerald green to help lift your outfit’s aesthetic. 

4. Big Boots

When it comes to footwear, boots are a great practical type of shoe to wear during rainy days.

They are protective and help shield your feet from any puddles or splashes, especially if they are made from a waterproof material like leather.

Also, it’s a good idea to wear boots with a bit of a wedge or platform to help raise your feet safely out of the way of puddles. 

Any kind of boot works for rainy weather but the higher the boot, the more protected you will be! So, keep that in mind when choosing what shoes you want to pair with your rain-day outfit. 

5. Tied-Waist Trench Coat

This type of coat is a great option if you are looking for something more fitted to help keep you dry while maintaining your usual silhouette. 

While traditional trench coats are long and thick, this type of trench coat is made from a lighter, waterproof material, and comes with a thin belt you can use to secure your coat around your waist.

This gives your coat a better-fitted shape while staying casual, stylish, and practical! 

Because these coats are so long and large, it’s a good idea to let them be the focal point of your outfit and keep the rest of your outfit fitted and in neutral tones to provide a neat contrast. 

6. Sweats 

Rainy days can be pretty depressing and put a real damper on your mood. As a result, sweats are a great type of clothing to wear on days when you just don’t want to go outside (but you have to, bummer). 

The classic combination of a great sweater and sweatpants is not only on trend at the moment, but it’s comfortable and a great way to stay warm on chilly wet days.

Throw on a khaki trench coat for protection from the rain, and you’ve got yourself a casual, low-effort but highly stylish rain-day outfit! 

7. Sleeveless Puffer Jackets

Puffer jackets and coats are a super trendy choice, especially for younger women and girls.  They’re also a great choice for rainy days because they are warm and protective against the rain. Their length also means they can keep most of your outfit dry. 

However, a popular trend is sleeveless puffer jackets. Although these do expose you to the elements a little more, they’re easier to move your arms in so your mobility isn’t affected by your coat.

This makes them a really popular choice of coat for a lot of women – plus they’re cool and trendy! 

8. Beanies

Rainy days also come with some harsh winds and breezes, and this kind of weather can totally ruin your hair! A great way to combat this is to throw on a beanie hat.

These hats are a great way to keep your hair dry and stop it from getting windswept and messy. 

Because beanies are also cute and casual, they work great with looser outfits including oversized jackets, sweaters, jeans, and boots.

They also keep your head nice and toasty so they’re a great choice of hat for colder seasons. 

Final Thoughts

Heading out into the rain doesn’t mean you should sacrifice all of your styles for practicality. There are lots of great ways to make a trendy, stylish rain-day outfit. Check out the options above for inspiration for your very own rain-day outfit!

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