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Pear Face Shape: What Suits You?

Got a pear face shape, or aren’t sure? We will go through what you need to know about it, including the characteristics, and the fashion tips and tricks.

Pear Face Shape: What Suits You?

By the end of this, you will have a good idea of what to aim for the next time you go shopping. 

Characteristics Of This Face Shape

The pear face shape is also known as the triangle face shape, and has a distinct set of characteristics that define it. A pear face shape will have the following features:

  • A strong jawline – this will be the most prominent part of your face, and your face will taper out from your forehead to have a wider jaw
  • Pronounced jawline – your jaw will be fuller or wider than your cheekbones
  • Narrower at the temples and cheekbones

Fashion And This Face Shape

Of course, no one should ever tell you what to wear or how to look. However, there are some recommendations and suggestions that you could consider if you would like to find something that is likely to work for your face. 

We will go through some suggestions below, so you can have an idea of where to look and what you can look for if you aren’t sure how to accessorize.

This could help you to feel more confident than ever, so why not try out a few ideas?

Necklaces To Wear

Mix up different pendants on long necklaces, and layer up some chains! 

We wouldn’t recommend going for short, chunky options or chokers, as this will make things appear more unbalanced.

Earrings To Wear

Wearing longer earrings will help to elongate your face a little more, which will in turn create more balance.

Aim for earrings that are wider at the top compared to the bottom, so it pulls attention to other parts of the face.

Smaller studs will also work really well with this face shape, and will draw the eye in. 

Be wary of short drop earrings, and earrings that are wider at the bottom – these will draw more attention to your jaw and make things appear unbalanced. 

Necklines To Wear

Clothing with lower necklines like v-necks, sweethearts, scoop necks, and collared shirts work well for the pear face shape. These will slim the chin and jawline area. 

Things like boat necks, neckties, mock necks, or any other higher neckline will accentuate your jaw.

Sunglasses To Wear

Since sunglasses do a great job of framing your face, you will want to consider these, too!

Oversized sunglasses work great, as do ones with heavy tops, patterns, details, and dramatic oval or cat-eye will look fantastic.

The frames of sunglasses should be a little wider than your temples, as this will give the illusion of a wide hairline. 

Anyone with a square jaw will look great with a pair of aviators or wayfarers, as these will perfectly complement your face shape. 

Hats To Wear

Year-round, many people love their hats. So, if you would like to take your face shape into account when looking for hats, we can help! 

The best option for anyone with a pear-shaped face is to go with a hat that will give you some width on the temples and forehead.

This will help to even out the overall look of the face. Hats with a non-tapered, full crown are great, and make sure they have a wide brim!

Sun hats with wide or asymmetrical brims will compliment the face wonderfully, too. 

We would suggest avoiding hats that have tapered crowns, such as fedoras and cloche hats.


Appearance And Cosmetics

It goes beyond clothing! There are two big factors to take into account with any face shape: eyebrows and hairstyles. Let’s briefly go over them both here.

Hairstyles For A Pear Face Shape

Avoid middle parts and flat hair. Add volume to your hair where you can (without damaging it, of course), and opt for off-center parts – or even zigzag parts!

Shaggy hairstyles work well with the pear-shaped face, and layers are a miracle. 

Short and asymmetrical haircuts work. Just be careful to avoid hairstyles that accentuate the jawline too much – like long and full hairstyles.

Sleep hairstyles will naturally accentuate the jawline, too, so this is something to watch out for if you do not want to do that.

Eyebrows For A Pear Face Shape

Eyebrows work hard to shape the face, and she shouldn’t take them for granted. Ideally, your eyebrows should have an arch that goes to the outer ends of the eye to make it look like there is extra width on the forehead.

They should not be too thin, as stronger brows will be more defining (sorry to any over-pluckers of the 2000s). 

Brows can have a little more distance between them rather than starting at the corner of the eye, and extend beyond the outer corner. It adds length and depth to even out the face.

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Celebrities With This Face Shape

Trying to get a better idea of what the pear face shape looks like? Just think of these celebrities! This should help you to visualize everything a little better:

  • Geena Davis
  • Meghan Markle
  • Jenna Ushkowiz
  • Billie Piper
  • Jodie Foster
  • Renée Zellweger
  • Kelly Osbourne
  • Ellie Kemper
  • Sophie Ellis-Bextor
  • Michelle Rodriguez
  • Ali Larter
  • Jennifer Aniston

Final Thoughts

A pear-shaped face is powerful and stunning. If you don’t want to accentuate your face shape too much, then take into account the factors we’ve mentioned in this piece.

There are always things you can do to minimize or maximize shapes, so decide what look you’re going for, and execute it!

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