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16 Amazing Outfits You Can Wear With Grey Jeans

While you may love to wear blue jeans, there is something unique about the grey jean. Not only does it stand out from its blue sibling, but it is also just as versatile. 

16 Amazing Outfits You Can Wear With Grey Jeans

This is because grey goes with a lot of different colors, so is very wearable when it comes to many style options.

For example, you can wear ripped grey jeans with an oversized sweater, or team skinny grey jeans with a white shirt for something smart casual. 

Grey also goes amazingly well with bright colors such as pink and blue. If you are in need of inspiration, then take a look at these outfits you can wear with grey jeans. 

1. White Shirt And Heels With Grey Jeans

A crisp white shirt goes with practically anything, but it works to smarten the look of grey slim fit jeans. Team both of these outfit choices with heels and you are ready to go on a formal date or work in the office.

Because the look isn’t colorful, opt for a muted toned bag as well to make sure it doesn’t stand out too much. 

2. Heeled Boots And Grey Jeans

Grey jeans also work well with a bright white T shirt too and heeled boots. Grey skinny jeans can elongate the legs when worn with heeled boots, and make both an informal and formal overall look.

Add a light pleather or leather jacket to complete the look. Make sure it is fitted and does not look too ‘biker’ for a sophisticated style.

3. Cropped Hoodie And Grey Jeans

For something less formal, adding a grey cropped hoodie turns these grey ripped skinny jeans into something a little more sexier.

When choosing both the jeans and hoodie, you will want to avoid showing off too much skin. The ripped ends of the jeans show off some ankle, while the high waist and lower crop of the hoodie gives a flash of tummy. Less is often more!

4. Biker Jacket With Grey Jeans

A leather biker jacket will always look great with block colors, especially a white top. This look takes the inspiration of the greaser and turns it into something feminine by adding grey skinny jeans, sporty white sneakers and a black handbag.

Wear the jacket on your shoulders for a chic look, and add shades to finish off the style. You will be walking with lots of confidence dressed like this.

5. Slouchy Sweater With Grey Jeans

Who does not love a slouchy sweater? Whether you go with slim fit or skinny, grey jeans will always look phenomenal with a slouchy sweater. It is the go-to look for when it is too warm for a jacket, but still too cold to expose the arms.

Rolling the sleeves up quarter of the way on your arms adds some extra style. As does accessorizing with jewelry, simple sneakers and a handbag. 

6. Boots, A Belt And Grey Jeans

For something a little edgy, adding boots to grey jeans keeps the style feminine while adding a masculine touch. If you want to keep the feminine silhouette, team the grey skinny jeans with a fitted white top and wear a black belt to match the boots.

It helps to taper in your waist and mix both the masculine and feminine together. 

7. Smart Footwear With Grey Jeans

Cropped grey jeans team up great with a slouchy sweater and smart shoes. This is a great look if you are currently studying but want to show some style to your overall look. 

Accessorize with some jewelry too for some femininity. 

8. Mom Fit Grey Jeans With A Fitted T Shirt

Mom fit grey jeans always look best with a fitted top. Adding some sporty white sneakers adds a 90s twist too. You can also accessorize with some 90s style shades to complete the look. 

9. Casual Blazer With Grey Jeans

As we have stated before, grey jeans can add a smartness to your outfit that other jeans cannot. However, by adding a casual blazer and a shirt, you can also wear them to the office or on a formal date. 

The purple also works brilliantly alongside the two shades of grey in the jacket and jeans. 

10. Unique Tied T Shirt With Baggy Jeans

Baggy grey jeans worn with a fitted white tee that is cropped takes elements from the Y2K vibe and the early 2000s. However, adding a belt gives you shape where the jeans hide it.

Make sure the rest of your clothes are light colored and let the jeans do most of the talking.

11. Grey Scarf And Jeans Combo

When it comes to fall, grey jeans are always a winner. However, you may want to use your accessories to compliment them. You can do this by wearing a grey scarf and a light colored jacket. It works a treat!

12. Grey Acid Wash Jeans With A Dark Sweater

Acid wash grey jeans add some texture and depth to a style. They can also appear a little darker than regular grey jeans. This look includes wearing grey mom fit jeans with a basic black sweater tucked in.

Make sure the sweater has a print for a bigger impact on the overall look.

13. Simple French Tuck With Grey Jeans

Grey jeans can look very cute with a simple belt and french tuck. If you are wanting to wear grey jeans casually, then you may want to try out this simple style.

Just add some white sneakers and a slouchy plain white sweater and you will be ready to hang out with friends for the day.

14. Smart Coat With Grey Jeans

If you need a smart casual look but still want to wear jeans, then the color grey should be your go-to. They don’t look like regular denim jeans, and aren’t super dark in color either. 

Add a lighter top and jacket, and accessorize with black and grey items. 

15. Grey Outfit With Grey Jeans

If you are brave enough, then why not wear grey everything? This style works because all of the grey shades nearly match, but then there is a pop of brown color due to the leopard print heeled boots.

It is casual and works well in the fall. 

16. Bright Pink With Grey Jeans

Bright colors like pink look amazing with grey, so this is why this outfit choice works really well. The brighter colors of the heels and sweater will pop against the grey, making them seem even brighter.

Keep patterns at bay and go with block colors instead.

Final Thoughts

As you can see, there are many outfit options when it comes to wearing grey jeans. From teaming them with a basic cropped T Shirt, to adding pink heels and a smart blazer. Grey jeans can definitely take you from day to night in an instant.

There are also many different styles of grey jeans, as well as a plethora of grey hues to choose from. Sometimes the grey is dark, while other times it is very light. You might also find that the grey jeans look close to black.

Hopefully you have found some style inspiration in the list above when it comes to finding an outfit that goes with grey jeans.

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