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Midi Skirts

Skirts come in all shapes and sizes, and one trendy type of skirt today is the midi skirt.

If you want to try introducing this style of skirt into your wardrobe today but you’re not sure how to style and wear it, then check out the guide below! 

Midi Skirts

What Is The Midi Skirt?

The midi skirt is characterized by any type of skirt that falls and ends below the knee, around the mid-calf mark. 

It first became a mainstream style of skirt back in the 1940s. It still kept the classic skirt silhouette of the time but was slightly shorter and more practical. Over the years, the midi skirt has evolved from a retro style of skirt to one that is more modern and trendy. 

As it’s back in fashion, more and more people are wearing them in all kinds of outfits. Check out the guide below for some fantastic outfit inspiration with midi skirts! 

How To Wear A Midi Skirt

Add Contrast For Balance

Most midi skirts are worn loose so they can flare up. Not only is this a great stylish idea, but super comfortable too!

The issue is not a lot of people know how to properly pair the right top with their flared midi skirt. 

This is because the flare of your midi skirt adds a lot of volume to your silhouette – and adding a loose top can throw your silhouette off balance.

To combat this, wear a fitted top to contrast with your skirt. Not only does this contrast look super stylish but it’s great for your silhouette too! 

Midi Skirt And Sweater Combo

For a comfortable, semi-casual midi skirt outfit, try wearing a fitted midi skirt with an oversized sweater. The contrast between the two garments helps create a neatly balanced look while keeping things stylish. 

This idea works great with midi pencil skirts and midi skirts that are fitted around the hips. Although a bigger flare will knock the look off balance, it’s a good choice if you want a comfortable day outfit.

Pleated Midi Skirts

Midi skirts are pretty long and wearing a plain skirt that long can put your outfit in danger of looking boring and one-note. To mix things up and keep your outfit looking fresh, try wearing a pleated midi skirt.

Pleated midi skirts are stylish and flared so they have a ton of great texture. 

Sheer Midi Skirts 

For a totally unique look, try wearing a sheer midi skirt! 

Of course, you can’t wear this type of midi skirt and nothing else underneath it. This type of skirt looks great with a shorter, similar skirt underneath or a pair of leggings.

You can try matching different colors, rhinestones, and glitter – making it a great partying outfit for festivals! 

Midi Skirt And Jacket Combo

Certain weather and seasons will require you to add some layers, but fitting a long coat over a flowy midi skirt can ruin your silhouette look. A great combination to try instead is a short leather jacket with a midi skirt. 

It’s great for giving you a more rebellious, modern appearance. Plus, it works especially well if you have opted for the balanced silhouette with a fitted top and flared midi skirt! 

Let The Leg Free

Midi skirts are long garments that can look a little one-note if worn straight. A great way to break this up is to get a midi skirt with a long slit so you can let one leg stand out free! 

Of course, this style of midi skirt is not for everyone but it’s a great choice if you are heading out into hot weather and tons of sunshine.

It’s also a trendy style for cocktail parties so try it out with your favorite pair of heels and clutch! 

Printed Midi Skirts

Printed skirts are pretty long and this means you have plenty of fabric to use if you want to experiment with prints and patterns!

There are lots of different options out there ranging from polka dots, flower prints, animal patterns, and more – so you can definitely find a beautiful midi skirt that suits your preferences and style! 

By adding a print or pattern to your midi skirt, you can break up your outfit and add some personality to stop it from becoming one-note. 

Midi Skirt And Boot Combo

This combination is a trendy, alternative look that is a great option for anyone looking for a totally unique style – without it looking too weird. 

Final Thoughts

So, the midi skirt is a very versatile type of skirt that looks great in a lot of different styles. From flared looks to skin-tight, to cool and modern to cute and casual, there are tons of great ways to wear a midi skirt!

Check out the list above and find the right midi skirt outfit for you! Enjoy!

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