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How Women Should Wear Timberland Boots

Timberland boots are some of the most comfortable and also the most durable boots that you can find on the market. These boots usually come in a tan color and can be accessorized with a lot of different styles.

Whether it is a pair of skinny jeans with a sweater and a white top or a nice, flowery and summery dress, you can be sure that a good pair of Timberlands will be able to match anything.

How Women Should Wear Timberland Boots

But you might be left scratching your head with some questions.

What outfits are the best to pair with your Timberlands? How much will you have to pay for a pair of these boots? What alternative is there to a pair of Timberlands?

Well, if you want the answers to these questions and a whole lot more, then we would suggest that you keep reading.

What Are Timberlands?

Timberland is a company that manufactures hiking wear, whether it is boots, puffer jackets, work boots or fashionable streetwear. However, Timberland boots are probably the most famous product that this company makes.

When it comes to Timberland boots, these shoes are very comfortable and will not let in any water. These are boots that are built to last, giving you everything that you need for a long-distance hike.

However, most of the clothes that are manufactured by this company come with plenty of accessories. You can be sure that these tan boots with be able to be paired with leggings, skinny denim jeans and even tights with socks.

What Are Timberland Boots Made From?

This type of boot is made with a mixture of materials, the main one being nubuck leather. The uppers in the boot are made from leather, which is what accounts for their durability and their weatherproof element.

This also features suede and full-grain leather, both of which are very hard-wearing and very comfortable. You can be sure that you’ll have everything that you need for a comfortable boot that you can walk in for months on end.

What Should Be Worn With Timberlands?

There are plenty of outfits that are often worn with Timberlands. You can pop on a trench coat and some skinny jeans with some Timberlands to finally complete the look.

You can throw this on before you go grocery shopping or meet up with friends.

These boots are one of the most practical that you can get, so you can get away with wearing them on the mountain path as well as the soccer match.

You can cultivate a no-nonsense attitude and edgy style with a pair of Timberlands. These hardcore boots will show you that you are ready for anything. You can also wear some long sweaters to achieve that alpine look.

The list goes on: leather jackets and ripped jeans also work really well with Timberlands. You can also wear them with a bomber jacket and some military-inspired camouflage.

The list really is endless when it comes to dressing yourself with Timberlands.

You can look both original and on-point with these boots. You can use any combination of the outfits that we have listed above. You can have outdoor adventures or you can keep your boots clean by using them only indoors.

Okay, now that we’ve given you a brief rundown of some of the things that you can wear with your Timberland boots, let’s get granular with it. First up, the best jeans that you can wear with your Timberlands…

Best Jeans To Wear With Timberlands

One of the most popular combinations for Timberland boots is a leather jacket with some blue denim jeans. However, we would go one further than this and try sporting some ripped jeans with your Timberlands.

You can really explore your masculine side with this kind of outfit. The ripped jeans and boots will suggest that you’ve been out hard at work all day. You can look mean and aggressive, giving off a harsh yet confident attitude.

However, you can add a touch of class with this ensemble, in case you don’t want to look that rough and ready.

You should try adding a beige sweater underneath the leather jacket, as this will soften up the whole look. You could easily wear this to a parent’s evening and look like the classiest mom in the whole room.

However, if you want to keep as much flesh out of everyone’s view, then we would recommend that you have ordinary skinny jeans. You can have blue as well as black denim, both of which will really help you look good.

Best Shorts To Wear With Timberlands

When the summer season rolls around, then you might be wondering if you have to put your favorite Timberlands in the cupboard for the next few months. The answer is: no, not at all.

One of the great things about these shoes is that they go just as well with shorts as they do with longer jeans and trousers.

One great summer look for your Timberland shoes is having an oversized white blouse that you can tuck into your denim shorts.

This creates the perfect summery look as if you’ve just rolled out of the back of a jeep on a safari somewhere in Africa.

Another option if you want to go more with a rockstar look is by having a short white crop top with a long baggy check shirt over the top.

This is another adventurer look that is great for both the summer and the fall seasons.

You can choose to wear your shorts and your Timberlands with socks if you want – we would recommend that you get some chunky socks that you can roll down.

We would always recommend that you have denim shorts with your Timberlands, although you can pick whatever color you want.

A black pair of these shorts go very well with the beige color of the Timberland boots.

Best Dress To Wear With Timberlands

That’s right, you can even wear a dress with your Timberlands (this is what makes them one of the most versatile boots that you can find on the market).

You can wear a long zippered dress in black, which will contrast nicely with the lightness and detailing of your Timberlands.

If you are looking to rock that alternative yet dressy look at your local bar, then we would suggest that you pick up a pair of these.

You could even try wearing a pair of black Timberlands with a lighter or blue denim dress. This is a great outfit to wear to a barbeque or your office summer party.

You can certainly turn some heads with a few combinations of this outfit.

The length of the dress that you’re wearing is also irrelevant. You can have a dress that is knee-high or ankle length, it will not matter, Timberland boots simply go with anything!

Best Leggings To Wear With Timberlands

Next up, we’ll get into leggings. There are plenty of different styles of leggings that you can wear with your Timberlands, whether it is leather or cotton, either one will really complement the heftiness and detailing of your boots.

You can match your leather leggings with a leopard print top that will give you that amazing rocker look. You can also match your leather jacket with some leather leggings to accentuate that biker-girl look.

Another good combination for the winter is leggings with a long winter woolen coat.

This will give you freedom in the legs while allowing you to warm your upper half. You can even wear a brighter color woolen jumper underneath.

Best Skirts To Wear With Timberlands

In the same way as Timberlands will go well with your shorts, they will go equally as well with a number of skirts of different materials, lengths and sizes.

If you are thinking of looking stylish in the snow, then why not pair your boots with a corduroy skirt and bomber jacket with your Timberland boots.

We would recommend a camel-colored mid-length skirt that will stop just under the knees.

You can also wear a looser and flowing black skirt with your Timberlands. This will mix a touch of sophistication with a sense of adventure. A suave girl who can still hang with the guys!

How Women Should Wear Timberland Boots

Best Joggers To Wear With Timberlands

Having joggers with your Timberlands is a great way to look stylish and warm. Wearing lighter-colored joggers will help you accentuate the darker beige of your Timberland boots.

We would recommend mixing in a patterned color with any combination of jogging bottom and Timberland. A lot of women wear these colors with a camouflage strappy top that will give that military-casual look.

You can also wear a puffer jacket with this ensemble, which will really tie the whole outfit together. This is also a great way to keep warm in the snow.

You can try wearing a pair of white Timberlands with cream joggers and a darker strappy top. This is both indoor and outdoor wear, so don’t be afraid to mix it up a little.

Best Sweatpants To Wear With Timberlands

Hoodies and sweatpants are perfect ensembles to wear with your Timberland boots. Why not pop on a hoodie for when you are going to the store or the airport.

This look is not only comfortable, but it will keep you warm when you are out in the open.

If you are looking for an outfit to wear to the gym, then sweatpants are a great option. All you have to do is change your Timberlands for a pair of sneakers and you’ll be ready to work out.

You could try wearing a slouch grey hoodie with your Timberlands, which would make a great combination if you are just going for a coffee with a friend. This will keep you both warm and look very stylish at the same time.

Best Furs To Wear With Timberlands

Furs are a great combination with your Timberlands, as they will perfectly complement the utilitarian tan color of these boots.

You can pop on a beanie with your Timberlands, which is great if you are thinking of wearing something for the autumn months. You can offset them with some ripped jeans and maybe a thick and chunky scarf.

You can also wear a thick fur hat with a turtle neck, which will really give you that sophisticated winter look. We would also recommend that you wear this ensemble with some high-heeled Timberland boots (more on these below).

All in all, furs are great for keeping you warm as well as topping off a great outfit. We would recommend that you get furry socks also, as these will not only keep you warm but act as a perfect trim for your Timberland boots.

High-Heeled Timberlands

That’s right, you can even get high-heeled Timberlands. These are great if you want that touch of style, but you don’t really want to commit to the rough aesthetic of a traditional Timberland boot.

These heels can be worn with any of the outfits that we have mentioned above. We would recommend that you wear these with a red cropped jacket and some blue ripped denim jeans.

These high heels have all the hallmarks of a classic Timberland boot but with the extra function of a heel underneath.

Buyer’s Guide

If we have managed to convince you to pick up a pair of Timberland boots, then there are a few features that you’ll want to be looking for.

How Durable Are They?

You’ll want a pair of Timberlands that will be able to last you many years. The last thing you’ll want is a pair that will only last you a few months before fraying and coming apart.

However, one of the great things about these kinds of shoes is the fact that they are designed to last.

With some very resilient laces and thick soles, you’ll be able to tramp them over tarmac, grass and gravel without seeing much wear and tear.

How Much Do They Cost?

This will all depend on what type of Timberland boot you’re going for. If you are just going with the standard shoe, then you might be looking to spend at least a hundred dollars.

However, when you are spending this money, you’ll know that you are getting a boot for life.

If you are going for the high-heeled Timberlands, then they will probably cost you that little bit extra. We would certainly suggest that you get some shoes that will fit you most comfortable and give you plenty of wriggle room.

Are They Waterproof?

The last thing you’ll want when you are out on the town is for you to get caught in a shower and your boots to get filled with water. This can be uncomfortable and really hamper the look you’ve spent so much time crafting.

Luckily for you, these boots are pretty resilient to the water. You’ll need to make sure that you have the right-sized shoes, otherwise, you’ll run the risk of the water getting inside the boot and causing you much discomfort.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is The Best Clothing To Wear With Timberlands?

A: As we have seen above, the sky really is the limit when it comes to pairing clothes with your boots. You can choose anything from leather jackets to ripped denim jeans to cotton leggings. The versatility of these shoes is simply amazing.

How Comfortable Are Timberlands?

A: Despite the slight heaviness, the inside of the shoe will be very thick and comfortable for your foot. It will give you plenty of support, as they were originally designed as a hiking boots.

Does Leather Go Well With A Timberland Boot?

A: Yes, you can pair plenty of leather items with your Timberland boot. You can choose either a leather jacket or leather leggings.


We hope that this article has helped you to create the perfect outfit for your Timberland shoes.

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