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How To Wear White Jeans Before Memorial Day

An ancient fashion rule states that you should avoid wearing white clothes before memorial day. The rule started back in the 30s when there were more distinct class divisions.

The wealthy would wear white during the summer signifying leisure and dark colors were mainly worn by the working class. The elite was required to put away their white clothing when the summer months were over. 

How To Wear White Jeans Before Memorial Day

Thankfully we are not bound by such antiquated rules and white is an acceptable color all year round.

However, wearing white in the summer months makes practical sense as white reflects light making it a good solution for keeping cool in hot weather. 

Color Contrasts

Neon and citrus colors are in fashion right now, and they’re great for the warm season. They look awesome when paired with white jeans creating a stylish contrast. 

Neutral colors are great for transitional outfits. Striped tops are also very versatile. Layering is always a good idea and you can easily mix and match different colored bottoms. 

A long T-Shirt with stripes and a neutral shade or a light brown top with boots totally can work to transition you to wearing white bottoms.

You could also wear a white blouse, just make sure there are some graphics,  texture or stripes on the top to help cool off the white.

White is also a great background for patterned items. It makes them stand out even more. Pairing white with bright colors and prints lets you show off your style without being overpowering. 

Accentuate Your Assets (Or Not) 

White jeans can be used as a highlighter to highlight your best assets. Choose a well-fitted pair that fits in the right places. This will help you avoid a fashion fail.

High-waisted jeans look great on most people, but if you’re a little on the heavy side they may not provide the best look for you.

Low-waist jeans also look cool on some people, but again, consider your particular shape before purchases as they don’t look great on everyone. 

Jeans with unfinished hems can look fashionable but you may not be a fan of them. If you find a pair of white jeans you love but don’t love the hem then you can easily fix this by contacting a tailor who can sew the hem up for you.

It’s worth remembering that white can be see-through so you may need to wear your jeans with opaque tights or leggings if you’re not comfortable. 

Distressed jeans are also very popular right now. However, they are an acquired taste. Some people prefer their jeans to be clean and simple and that’s ok!

Casual Or Semi-Formal 

How To Wear White Jeans Before Memorial Day

White Jeans and a blazer are perfect for creating a smart casual or semi-formal outfit. You can easily create an elegant appearance by wearing a tailored blazer.

Choose between a T-shirt or a button-down for a relaxed but classy look.

Pairing them with a light colored shirt will make them stand out even more. You should choose a solid colored shirt if you want to coordinate your outfit.

For example, you could wear a light blue denim shirt to compliment your white jeans. 


Derby shoes are perfect for formal occasions and look great paired with white jeans.   Sneakers and loafers work well as a casual alternative.

Chukkas are good for formal events, but chunky, lace-ups are more suited for casual wear. Lace-ups are also good for urban looks, but you’ll need some heels for a polished look.

Ankle boots are great for winter and look smart and trendy with white jeans. To show off your boots, you need an outfit that matches the color. This combination provides a stylish urbun look. 

Winter Wear

White jeans in the winter are now a great fashion statement. You don’t have to wear dull colors just because the sun isn’t out.

Bright white pants can make you feel better when it’s cold, foggy, and rainy out. There’s nothing like tricking your brain into forgetting it’s winter by wearing bright clothing. 

Put together outfits that have the right amount of light to brighten your mood. How can you choose the right color combination?

Choosing the right color combination is very important for an outfit in the winter. You should choose a color that goes well with your skin tone.

For example, if you’re fair-skinned, go for a light gray. If you’re darker-skinned, go for some kind of black or dark gray. I

A gray and white scarf adds style to an outfit and will gorgeous with your white jeans. Furthermore white jeans and gray turtlenecks also work well together.

Embrace The White Look 

Another way to rock the white look is to experiment with different textures to pair with your white jeans. Cotton and linen are great in the summer and will to keep you cool and sweat-free. 

Brighten up the look with colorful accessories such as colorful jewellery, lightweight scarves and trendy handbags. Leather is a great addition to white jeans that will bring out the rock chick in you. 

In Summary 

White jeans certainly are a ‘must have’ for every wardrobe providing endless style opportunities throughout the season and not just around memorial day. 

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