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How To Wear Socks With Crocs And Best Socks Picks

Crocs can be worn for almost any casual occasion, they’re easy to slip on, are extremely breathable and you won’t have to worry about getting them wet or trapping sand in them because of their spacious design filled with holes. 

While they have been around for quite a few years now, Crocs can just never seem to escape public fascination, now becoming one of the most popular shoes on the market and celebrities being spotted wearing them all the time. 

How to Wear Socks With Crocs and Best Socks Picks

They’re a great option and many of us would wear them all the time if we could, however because of their unique design they resemble more of a sandal than a shoe, so wearing socks with them when you want to use them as more of a regular shoe can sometimes look or seem a bit silly.

There are definitely ways around this however that allows you to wear socks and still look trendy in Crocs to get more longevity out of them, keep reading as below we have detailed how to wear socks with crocs and what socks are currently the best on the market to ensure they are both comfy and still stylish for when you want to wear them in public.

Wearing a regular pair of socks can look a little silly with Crocs if not done right, however there are some great options to choose from that will ensure you can wear them, look great, and not have the lingering anxiety of wondering what people are thinking about your outfit.

Best Ways To Wear Socks With Crocs

Also always remember to not only wear these socks as an alternative, but make them a part of your fashion statement.

Crocs can look great when paired with the right socks, so once you know which ones to buy, don’t be afraid to try them out whenever you get the chance.

1) No Show Socks 

An easy way you can wear socks with Crocs is by simply wearing no show socks.

These types of socks are made from a small band of fabric and are cut off along the foot so while they are still worn as normal socks, they are barely visible when wearing shoes.

No show socks are mostly worn by athletes and are particularly popular in the Tour de France because of how breathable and loose they are.

Their spacious design also reduces foot odor and absorbs any unwanted sweating. 

They come in a huge variety of colors and designs, so feel free to pick the ones that suit you most. 

You will be able to see the very bottom of the socks through the holes of the Croc, however they won’t reach over the top of it, making them a perfect option if you want a comfy choice that will keep you warm while also being more or less invisible.

2) Half Socks 

If you want your socks to be even less visible to the point where people won’t be able to tell you’re wearing them, half socks are the perfect option. 

Half socks work by utilizing grip and non-slip technology to stick to just the front of the foot, so only the toes and below.

While they may not seem comfortable, a regular sock would be quite hard to walk in if you rolled them up this far, however half socks are designed to still retain a good amount of heat and be very free and comfy to slip on.

When wearing half socks in Crocs they will leave only your heel bare, however because the holes are dotted around the front this means it will look like you are wearing full socks when you actually aren’t.

Half socks are the best go to option if you want the most minimal option that will keep you comfy but still not look odd poking out around the heel of the shoe. 

3) Longer Pants

If it’s a colder day and you want to wear regular height socks along with a bit of extra warmth, a popular and common method is wearing some pants that are an average length or longer.

These not only look suited to a pair of Crocs, it will also allow you to be comfortable and not have to worry about anybody seeing your socks if they are reaching a bit higher up your leg.

Best Sock Options For Crocs

Socks can be worn with Crocs as long as you know the right ones to pick up, however some can be better quality and have more features that others that can help keep you comfortable and free to move.

Below we have compiled a list of the best socks of each type on the market today so you can ensure you can buy the right pair to wear with Crocs that will have incredible durability down the line and keep you feeling comfortable and confident at the same time.

1) IDEGG Women and Men No Show Socks Low Cut

IDEGG No Show Socks Womens and Men Low Cut Anti-slid Athletic Running Novelty Casual Invisible Liner Socks

The IDEGG No Show Socks are a great choice not only for how effective they are at staying on your feet and allowing for breathability, but also for the amazing choice of variety they come with. 

These socks come in a huge range of colors so whether you want to try out pink, yellow or red, feel free to try them out as the product also comes in a multicolored multipack, meaning you will get a selection of socks to try out over time rather than waiting for a single pair to eventually degrade. 

They are made from 80% cotton making them resistant to tears and holes while also ensuring they retain heat and keep you warm when you wear them.

This also makes them extremely easy to clean, being washed and dried in no longer than an hour given how small they are.

Along the arch of the socks are high elastic rubber threads, along with 3 silicone non-slip strips near the heel, which will make sure the socks feel firm and fitted and will not slip off your feet whether you have Crocs on or not. 

Many customers have reviewed the non slip features very positively when compared to other no show socks and have also been reported to not be too high to the point where they poke out of the shoe, making them comfy and concealable. 

With a huge variety, great gripping and non-slip features and an affordable multipack price, the IDEGG No Show Socks are some of the best on the market right now that are easy to throw on with some crocs and that are a great casual fit for wearing Crocs out. 


  • Great no slip features on arch and heel
  • Variety of colors 
  • Multipack 
  • Breathable material 


  • Not many size options 
IDEGG No Show Socks Womens and Men Low Cut Anti-slid Athletic Running Novelty Casual Invisible Liner Socks
  • No Show Invisible: Easy to match different kinds of shoes, such as sneakers, oxford, running shoes, casual shoes, training shoes, athletic sports shoes, and business shoes., not for very low cut shoes.
  • Three Size. S: US Women Size 5-9, Men Size 3-5 / M: US Women Size 9-13, Men Size 6-8 / L: US Women Size 13-15.5, Men Size 9-10
  • Best Gift choice: No show socks for women and men. It's a great gift for mother, teacher, wife, daughter, sister and friends.
  • Easy to wash: machine wash or hand wash, do not bleach
  • Breathble: Made of breathable material , keeps your feet dry. Moisture management, Cushioned foot, Comfort toe seam.

2) Saucony No Show Cushioned Socks

Saucony Women's Show Cushioned Invisible Liner Socks, Berry (8 Pairs), Shoe Size: 6-10

If you want some no show socks that are barely visible, but still have a good amount of color making them great to wear both with and without shoes, the Saucony No Show Socks are an excellent option. 

When wearing no show socks they will still be partially visible from the front holes on the Croc, however this simply means you can add a bit of color and variation to your crocs that won’t be too bright or striking.

Luckily these socks give you that option, coming in a massive array of patterns, designs and colors, it can be fun experimenting with what socks you like to wear most alongside your Crocs.

They are not just for show though, the toe seam and no slip support running along the arch ensures they remain firm and will never slip off inside the shoe. 

The selective cushioning of the socks also makes them extra comfortable and are easy to wash with no threat of ripping or tearing.

If you do decide to buy these options, there have also been a few reports of sizes being a little too big for the size chosen.

If you don’t mind having this potential extra space then no need to worry, however if your shoe size is almost the next number up, it might be worth purchasing this size to make sure they have a tight fit. 

Overall these are a great no show sock option if you want something that can hide easily but still have great looking designs and colors. 


  • Wide range of patterns, designs and colors 
  • Flexible and breathable material 
  • Non slip technology on arch and toe 
  • Selective cushioning add extra comfort 


  • Sizes reported to be too big in some cases
Saucony Women's Show Cushioned Invisible Liner Socks, Berry (8 Pairs), Shoe Size: 6-10
  • Selective Cushioning for all Day Comfort​
  • Innovative No Slip Design Keeps Liner in Place​
  • Comfort Toe Seam to Prevent Irritation
  • Arch Support for a Better Fit
  • Low Cut Design for Virtually Invisible Wear in Shoes​

3) ZeroSock Bamboo Toe Capper

ZeroSock Womens Bamboo Toe Capper Socks With Grip (4 Pairs Per Box) (Women's Size 5.5-8.5, Pink)

If you are looking for socks even smaller and more concealable which will still fit firmly around your feet then a pair of half socks is the ideal choice, and the ZeroShock are among some of the best on the market currently. 

The socks may only cover around the toes and no more than half the foot, however their cotton and mesh material makes them both very breathable to rid any odors and sweat but also comfortable to wear. 

The product is displayed in a bright and friendly pink option, however it can also be bought in white or black, offering a bit of variety for each person to choose from.

In each box are 4 pairs, meaning you will also gain a lot of long term usage after just one purchase.

The socks use a welt to prevent them from ever slipping or sliding down, and is designed so that the sock can cling firmly to your foot and have no need to move after it has, making them very reliable and removing the constant worry that they may slide off when wearing a pair of crocs which can be irritating if you’re out in public. 

The ZeroShock Half Socks also come attached with an ultra strong double yarn thread around the toe section to prevent any ripping or tearing.

This is especially important because half socks can be very prone to breaking after just a few uses due to the thin material and way they are designed, luckily this is not the case with the ZeroSock’s however.

These half socks will ensure you stay warm and comfy while also not giving away that you are wearing socks at all, and are a perfect choice for those who want some comfort from socks but are still not a huge fan of the ‘Crocs and socks’ look.


  • Barely noticeable when worn 
  • Comfortable and flexible cotton and mesh material 
  • Option of a few colors 
  • Welt and anti slipping features 
  • Double yarn thread prevents ripping and tearing 


  • Designed for normal width feet, can be a little loose on more petite feet 
ZeroSock Womens Bamboo Toe Capper Socks With Grip (4 Pairs Per Box) (Women's Size 5.5-8.5, Pink)
  • 4 Pairs Per Box -- Carefully Crafted Comfort. Ultra soft, Ultra Thin, Ultra strong Bamboo + Cotton Fabric blend with gel heel grip to prevent any slipping.
  • ZERO COMPROMISE CRAFTSMANSHIP. We designed these socks to provide all the benefits of no show socks with none of the sacrifices.
  • Added forefoot mesh ventilation area for ZERO HUMIDITY & Increased breath-ability.
  • SEAMLESS TOE. Ultra strong double yarn double thread count sock bottoms to prevent any ripping or tearing
  • ZERO POINT SOCK WELT. Only ZeroSock uses a Zero Point Sock welt to keep your socks from falling down or sliding. The sock welt is designed to comfortably cling to your foot.

4) DRYMILE Waterproof Socks 

DRYMILE Slim Waterproof Socks, Thin Moisture Wicking Winter Waterproof Socks for Men & Women, Golf, Cycling - Crew (L, Charcoal and Khaki)

Many people can confuse Crocs with sandals and while they are different in many ways, they both are not very resistant to water.

Crocs can be an easy sip on and off shoe if you’re going near a beach, fishing and poolside activities, however it can be slightly irritating if you are constantly getting your feet and shoes wet due to the amount of holes and space they have when you don’t intend on going for a dip yourself.

This can also be annoying if you work as a barista or cleaner and want to wear your crocs to work without water seeping through them.

Waterproof socks fix this issue, and the DRYMILE socks are the best in this department. They are quite small so can be hard to spot when wearing crocs, however for full invisibility simply wear some pants over them to hide them entirely. 

These socks have a 100% waterproof design thanks to their lightweight membrane that prevents water from passing through into the material.

They are also thermal and windproof, being perfect options for keeping your feet comfortable and warm in harsher conditions.

The moisture wick built into the socks is also heavily resistant to odors and sweat and will keep your body fresh even if you plan on traveling for a decent period of time. 

With a range of colors to choose from, the DRYMILE Waterproof Socks are an excellent option if you don’t mind a sock being a bit more noticeable, but can still protect your shoes and feet from water seeping through while not looking too silly or out of place. 


  • 100% waterproof material from lightweight membrane 
  • Range of colors 
  • Moisture wick prevents odor 
  • Easily concealable 


DRYMILE Slim Waterproof Socks, Thin Moisture Wicking Winter Waterproof Socks for Men & Women, Golf, Cycling - Crew (L, Charcoal and Khaki)
  • 100% Waterproof & Breathable - keep your feet warm, dry and comfortable in cold wet weather, rain, mud or snow
  • 3 bonded layer for water proofing plus Dry Guard Strip at opening to minimize water running down your calf
  • Thin, lightweight with arch suppor, soft moisture control charcoal lining for seamless comfort, best wicking and odor control
  • Fit for daily wear as dress socks for work; or wear with sandals & slides or boots to protect your feet from cold wet environments
  • Great Christmas holiday gift for men & women who enjoy golf, fishing, mountain biking, backpacking or works outdoor or in the military service


Never feel as if wearing a pair of socks with Crocs is not an option, it can be done very easily if you know the right socks to look for and can even be a great statement if you choose to pick some unique colors and designs.

How much of the sock you want to appear is entirely up to you, you could conceal it entirely with a half sock, show only the smallest amount with a pair of no show socks, or you could even wear regular height socks if you feel like it.

There is no rule on when and how to wear socks with Crocs so hopefully this has given you a few ideas on ways you can wear them to fit your style. 

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