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How To Wear Navy Blue Pants: Color Combinations And Tips

Pants can be a great fashion choice for a multitude of situations whether you are going for a meal, attending a formal meeting or even if you’re just out and about or maybe visiting someone, they create an incredibly laid back yet smart look that other pieces of clothing often fail to achieve so effortlessly.

Navy blue pants especially are not too striking, but still formal and professional, making them perfect for meetings and interviews as well as casual wear.

How To Wear Navy Blue Pants

While the pants themselves can be easy to pick up and wear, knowing exactly what goes well with navy pants and maintaining their stylish formal look can be a bit troublesome.

You don’t want something that is a bit too striking and can mesh poorly with the pants, however at the same time you want the pants to stand out and don’t want to mix them with something drab. 

Luckily there is a wide array of potential combinations to choose from that can fit well with a navy blue pant look, so keep reading to learn all about the colors, prints and textures that are guaranteed to look great alongside them. 

Colors That Go Great With Navy Pants

Firstly it’s important to find what colors are often seen to mix well with navy pants.

Once you learn the do’s and don’ts regarding particular color combinations, you will be able to know exactly what to pick out and wear to pull off an extremely cute navy pant outfit.

1) Cobalt Blue

For a professional look that still radiates color and looks extremely stylish, cobalt blue can be a great option to combine with navy pants.

This slightly lighter blue shade looks incredibly sleek and smooth and often comes with shirts, jackets and shoes.

This can keep your outfit color coordinated while also bringing out a great amount of color, and adding some variety without going too far in the brightness department. 

2) Nude Pink

Navy goes extremely well with any palette of nude colors, however nude pink is perhaps the best choice giving off a sophisticated but also bright and friendly look. 

There are luckily a huge amount of nude products on the market with many people having at least one or two nude clothes stashed in their closet. 

Mixing navy pants with a nude pink top or sweatshirt along with nude shoes can create a great look when you need to look professional but also not too uptight and serious. 

3) Olive Green

One of the most popular options to mix with navy, olive green is a perfect darker choice which does not stray into being too dark. 

It’s a great option to go along with navy pants and often comes on tops and jackets. An olive green overjacket with dark shoes and navy pants are a common option for the workspace and is great when you need to attend something formal. 

You can also try out some slightly lighter shades of green such as emerald green if you wish.

While not as popular as olive green, it is still a great option if you want to add some color to your outfit and contrast with the deep and dark navy color. 

4)  Mustard Yellow

The regular shades of yellow can sometimes be a bit too bright to mix with darker clothes such as navy pants and can be tricky to get right when you really want to wear a particular yellow top or jumper throughout the day.

A useful workaround is finding clothes in mustard yellow, this slightly darker and less striking shade mixes much better with navy pants, creating a more formal but still colorful appearance.

This look can be perfect when going to visit a family relative, friend or going to an event like a barbecue or family gathering. 

Mustard yellow can be seen on a variety of clothes ranging from sweatshirts, to hats and even shoes, so don’t be afraid to experiment to find what look suits you best.

5) Burgundy 

Burgundy is often associated with the winter and fall months and gives off a really cozy appearance.

Burgundy tops and sweatshirts can be a great option to go along with some navy pants to create a comfortable fit that still looks smart and trendy.

You can also try mixing some burgundy accessories to complete the look such as a burgundy purse, earrings or belt which will all mix perfectly with the darker shade of navy. 

Burgundy shoes and heels can also be a great option to give a more formal and sophisticated look to your outfit, mixing elegantly with the smooth dark color of the navy. 

6) Denim 

Everyone loves to wear denim when the opportunity for it arises, and luckily the lighter blue of denim mixes great with navy blue pants, whether it be a lighter or darker wash and design.

Denim can be a great casual choice to mix with navy and is the perfect option for sunny days when you plan to go shopping or for a walk.

Many denim products can easily be adjusted with buttons so you can always ensure you’re the right temperature while on the go, and comes in such a variety of designs that it is definitely worth considering.

Outfit ideas

Colors are certainly important when mixing styles and with the best choices, in mind it can be a lot of fun finding your own outfit and style for each occasion.

If you are struggling a little or just want some good outfit ideas to mix with navy pants to get you started, here are a few ideas to consider trying out:

How to Wear Navy Blue Pants Color Combinations and Tips (1)

1) Olive Green Blazer 

For a smart and responsible look that will be perfect for any formal interviews or meetings, try mixing navy pants with a white tank top or vest covered over by an olive green blazer.

This can create a look that is not too colorful or striking and is instead formal, responsible but still comfortable and very stylish.

You can try blazers with slightly darker or lighter colors of green, just try not to go too far in one way or the other to avoid creating an uneasy blend between the navy and green color.

2) Striped Shirts

The striped design is a lifesaver being able to mix with virtually any outfit, and this includes navy pants.

A loose fitting striped shirt, jumper or sweatshirt can be extremely comfy and casual to wear when out and about and going about your regular day. It’s quite casual but is still formal enough to look the part. 

If it is a particular sunny day, try mixing some dark sunglasses or shades to create an outfit perfect for the warmer weather which you will be wearing for years to come.

3) White Top

Can a simple white top go well with a pair of navy pants?

The answer is a resounding yes, whether it’s a t-shirt or a buttoned down shirt, a white shirt can be a very casual choice that mixes with the smartness of navy pants to create an incredibly stylish look that everyone will want to mimic.

The beauty of this outfit is it is easy to prepare, feels very loose and spacious, and can be customized just the way you want it thanks to the amount of white tops on the market all in different designs and styles. 

Try mixing the outfit with dark sandals if it’s a very warm day, or shoes and heels with brighter colors such as red when going to an event or gathering.  

4) Polka Dots

A classic option that still oozes style while looking casual and fun, a polka dot buttoned shirt can be an excellent option that won’t clash with navy pants.

A polka dot shirt can either be tucked in or left out, both will look casual and trendy so it is entirely up to you. 

If you opt for a lighter coloured polka dot shirt, maybe one in white, consider also trying some lighter shaded shoes to give a colorful outfit that really shines on the sunnier days. 

5) All Navy 

If you just can’t choose between other colors or simply want an outfit that’s sophisticated and chic, a navy sweatshirt or jacket can be a really comfortable fit. 

This loook can be great as a casual choice for the workplace, or even just wearing in the house or out about town. 

One of the great parts about this outfit is the choice of shoes you can mix considering the rest of the outfit is a similar color.

Navy shoes and heels can add to the sophisticated look, however you could also try out red or burgundy shoes or boots to create a cool looking mix that can be worn anywhere. 


If you are thinking of picking up some navy pants, you definitely should, they are an all time classic and it’s very hard to go wrong with them considering how they nail both the formal and casual look effortlessly.

You can ensure they will be great for the long term since you can wear navy pants for any occasion, and once you buy them, the real fun can start with testing out what outfits and styles can be combined with them to create a look that you’ll love. 

These colors and outfits listed above are great options for how to style your navy pants, however never be discouraged from trying out your own methods that may not be on the list as everyone’s tastes are different with us all having our own unique look. 

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