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How to Wear Black and Brown Together

One huge fashion faux pas that has been perpetuated for centuries is that brown should never be worn with black. 

This seems to have along with the phenomena of brown leather. Back when people started to wear brown leather balck suits were still very much the vogue.

How to Wear Black and Brown Together

What occurred was that many businessmen would attempt to wear brown leather belts and shoes but with their black suit,

While we agree that a brown belt with black pants can look a bit weird within the context of a suit and for women a brown belt can even look a little strange with a black dress, there is certainly a few good reasons why this might unfashionable but there are plenty of other areas of fashion where black and brown works.

In this guide we will show a few ways you can style back and brown!

Coats, Jackets, and Blazers

A tan jacket can be a thing of beauty, this has never become more true than with brands like Carhartt making the lumberjack/manual laborer look a commercial success in fashion.

Which brings us to the main point that the garment is often the issue rather than the color matches themselves.

A tan jacket can look good with anything, except maybe more tan garments, so it makes sense in this situation that a tan jacket can look great with some black pants.

If you have some black denim then you are onto a winner with this outfit. Rock something simple underneath like a classic fit white tee and you have a really classic but unique outfit.

How to Wear Black and Brown Together

Suede is often a brown or tan color also, and a suede jacket or a suede waistcoat can be really awesome. With black clothes underneath you can get all that western style simply without the cowboy hat and boots.

Brown colored blazers are also great. Both velvet and corduroy are your friends here. A blazer that is linen could look strange in brown, but wool, suede, velvet, or corduroy are awesome materials for brown but especially blazers.

This look may feel a bit out of date but if you want that geography teacher rugged vibe, wearing a brown blazer with dark colors underneath can totally work. Combining textures like curry and velvet can also be a great way to bring topography to your outfit.

Pants and Trousers

With a similar approach you can also find success with pants and trousers.

Brown pants that are in the material of wool, corduroy, or even velvet can look really great with dark colors. Again, these materials provide lots of texture to an outfit that the color would perhaps look strange without.

Some baggy brown corduroy trousers can look great with a dark colored t shirt on top and a nice pair of trainers, there’s nothing to say that this wouldn’t work.


We all forget about accessories, but many of the non metallic accessories we vie for are often brown.

Any brown leather hat and you’re onto a winner with any outfit, if hats are your thing. Those Western style hats that aren’t exactly a cowboy hat can look great in brown with feathers in the band, John Mayer style.

But brown leather bangles, any sort of wooden bangle, they can all look great with darker colored garments on too.

Focus On The Color Matching

If your outfit is fairly neutral then brown can look great, it’s when you bring in bolder colors that brown can look a bit wacky, but sometimes they can benefit from a lighter and more neutral color.

 For men, the main thing about brown leather is to make sure shoes and belt match. If you are wearing a brown leather belt with a dark blue suit, make sure your shoes are the same color of brown. 

Whereas women could easily wear dark shoes with a brown belt; Women can perhaps branch out a little more than men or the smart dress front.

Women can also consider the dressiness of the things they are wearing. If you have a dressy brown blazer, consider a more casual black bag, and vice versa.

Remember these colors are natural, brown and black are natural combinations within human biology, so there’s no reason they won’t work with clothes. Brown eyes and dark hair can be a very attractive feature, so why wouldn’t it work with fashion.

Moreover, those who are African American wil face the issue of pairing black and brown everyday, if they chose to wear a shade of one of these colors.

So it’s a bit crazy, when you think about it, to suggest these colors don’t match. Have you ever seen a black and tan dog? It’s truly one of the most beautiful coats on a dog.

Final Thoughts

It’s clear that there are many ways to pair brown and black. 

When going for brown leather with darker colors, consider if your other leather items match the color of your other leather items.

For men, it’s generally recommended that your shoes and belt color should match when wearing a suit. For women, the lines blur a little bit more and can experiment more when it comes to smart fashion.

In daily life though, brown and black can work well. Whether you have a suede jacket, a tan workman’s jacket, or a brown trenchcoat, they can all look great with darker colors.

Try to differentiate the garments with style so the colors don’t clash.

Of course a lighter shade of brown can look great with black, but darker browns can require texture to differentiate the colors further.

With darker brown colors things like wool, suede velvet, and corduroy can really help bring the outfit together.

At the end of the day there’s no reason why browns nd black cant work, it’s often the garment rather than the color.

Of course, brown shoes and black leather belt can look like an obvious mismatch but brown and black works well in many other situations

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