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How To Wear A Black Denim Jacket: Outfits For All

We’re pretty sure you’ve experienced a double-denim clash when you reached for your denim jacket and found that it’s pretty much the same color as your jeans. 

While this was the desired look once upon a time, it may not be the one you’re going for. This is when a black denim jacket will come in handy. 

These jackets are functional and versatile, and you can guarantee it’ll go with whatever you decide to wear that day. It can also serve as a slightly dressier jacket than your regular denim version. 

How To Wear A Black Denim Jacket: Outfits For All

There are countless ways to style and wear a black denim jacket, and this article is going to give you a few outfit ideas when it comes to this item of clothing for both men and women.

You also won’t need to worry about going out and buying a whole new wardrobe, as this jacket will go with pretty much anything you’ve already got lying around in your closet. 

Starting with our gentlemen, let’s begin by discussing what you can wear with your black denim jacket.

Blue Jeans

Probably the easiest thing to pair your jacket with is a pair of regular blue jeans. You won’t need to worry about the colors matching here, as there is a stark difference in color. 

For a casual look, simply pair these pieces with a plain t-shirt and some white sneakers. 

Black Jeans

While many will steer clear from blue denim jeans, and a blue denim jacket, a black denim jacket with black denim jeans is far more pleasing to the eye. 

This look works equally well with either brand new black denim or denim that is slightly faded and has some gray tones. 

You can complete the outfit by adding a black t-shirt or sweater, or adding some brightness with a white shirt along with some white sneakers. 


Chinos are a dressier style of pants compared to jeans but aren’t as fancy as dress pants. They’re a happy medium if you want to look a little more put together. 

They are also versatile, so pairing them with a black denim jacket means you can add whatever kind of shirt underneath, as long as it matches the color of the chinos.

If you opt for darker chinos, such as navy, you could wear a light-colored shirt to break up the dark colors. 

You can add some chunky boots or sneakers, and these work well, along with the black denim jacket, as a casual contrast against the slightly fancier chinos. 

Checkered Shirt 

A checkered shirt and a denim jacket are a great combination, and this is the case whether the jacket is blue or black denim. 

When it comes to pairing it with a black denim jacket, you have free rein when it comes to colors, but if you’re going with some blue jeans, then muted colors work best to give the outfit some balance. 

However, if you’ve opted for a black jacket and black jeans, then including some more vibrant colors in your shirt will bring some life to the outfit. 

Turtleneck Sweaters 

For the colder months, a black denim jacket may not be enough to keep you warm, and you may not want to throw a chunky coat over your outfit. 

Layering up with a turtleneck sweater beneath your denim jacket will not only keep you warm but will add a lot of style to your outfit

You can experiment with a variety of textures and patterns with this combination. You can try a black and white patterned wooly turtleneck, under a black denim jacket with some black denim jeans and chunky boots, such as Doc Martens. 

This combination makes for the perfect winter look, while also keeping you in style.

Smart Pants 

Pairing smart pants with denim can be tricky, but it’s not impossible, and if you get the combinations right, you’ll have a perfectly sophisticated look that is brought down to earth due to the denim jacket. 

This look works best with a newer, fully black denim jacket, rather than a worn one that has started to lose its color, as this can make the contrast between the pants and jacket unappealing. 

Including some black leather shoes, and a white button-down shirt will really balance this outfit out, and making it completely monochrome will keep it sophisticated and stylish. 

Time For The Ladies

Time For The Ladies

We couldn’t complete this article without including a section for our wonderful ladies, as black denim is equally popular in women’s clothing. 

Keep scrolling for some great outfit ideas revolving around a black denim jacket. 

Flowy Dress And Sneakers

Just as you would pair a flowy dress and sneakers with a regular denim jacket, swapping it out for a black denim jacket will make the outfit go from casual, to more sophisticated and put together. 

This works for both fitted, and oversized jackets, and converse is the ideal footwear for this kind of outfit.

Hoodie And Sweatpants 

It seems as though since the pandemic, we can’t let go of our loungewear. This style has slowly become more and more accepted into daytime wear, with several gorgeous ladies making sweats and hoodies look more stylish than ever. 

Throwing on a black denim jacket is one way that can help you pull off this kind of style, as the jacket adds some texture and sophistication. Black will forever be chic, and this jacket will definitely make your loungewear look chic! 

As A Dress 

Did you know that you can easily transform your black denim jacket into a dress? All you need to do is grab the largest, longest one you can find (or steal your boyfriend’s), grab your favorite belt, and tie it around your waist. 

Slip into some sandal heels to give you extra lift, as you don’t want your figure to be drowned out by all the denim, and you’ve got yourself a feminine, edgy outfit! 

With Skinny Jeans 

You can never go wrong with pairing an oversize black denim jacket with some skinny jeans. You can opt for all-black attire, or change it up by choosing some white denim jeans. 

Either way, this will bring more attention to your legs and figure, while giving off a slight grunge vibe that you wouldn’t get from regular denim. 

Leather Skirt 

Speaking of a ‘grunge’ vibe, throwing on a leather skirt underneath a black denim jacket makes for a great combination, especially if you’re after an edgier look. 

You can pair a tight-fitted mini leather skirt with an oversized jacket, or go for a more skater, flowy skirt that works equally well with a fitted or oversized jacket. 

You can throw on some converse for a casual look, or some heeled boots if you want some extra lift to your figure. 

Mom Jeans 

Mom jeans are very in fashion right now, and their relaxed fit makes them perfect for creating a casual outfit along with a black denim jacket. 

Simply pair some blue mom jeans with a white t-shirt tucked into the waist, and throw an oversize black denim jacket over your shoulders. 

This is one of those looks that takes two minutes to put together but still looks effortlessly in style. 

To instantly make this outfit night-out appropriate, swap the white tee for a black crop top or bralette, and throw on some sandal heels.

This is another effortless outfit, that is super comfortable and flattering, no matter what body shape you have. 

Final Thoughts

A black denim jacket is a staple piece that every man and woman should have in their closets.

When it comes to men’s outfits, you can pair them with all kinds of jeans chinos, and dress pants to create a variety of different looks for all kinds of occasions. The same goes for shirts, you can be as creative as you want. 

For ladies, these jackets work by leveling up your outfits, giving them more of a completed and sophisticated look. 

Whether you’re after a casual outfit, or something a little more dressy, these jackets can help you achieve whatever style you’re going for.

The best part is, that you probably already have most of the pieces mentioned in this article hanging in your closets, so there’s no need to buy a whole new wardrobe. 

It’s also important to have fun when piecing outfits together and experiment with all kinds of styles. We hope this article has given you some good ideas on how you can wear your black denim jacket.

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