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How To Style Sweaters With Skirts For The Best Winter Outfits

When winter comes around and you start wearing all your favorite sweaters, it’s very easy to just reach for your jeans.

How To Style Sweaters With Skirts For The Best Winter Outfits

But you can pair your sweaters with skirts instead to create some interesting, feminine outfits that can be just as warm and cozy as your best sweater-jean combo. 

If you want some inspiration for how to style sweaters with skirts this winter then you have come to the right place. Keep reading for some tips and tricks and amazing outfit ideas. 

Putting Together Your Outfit

There are a few things you need to think about when putting together a sweater-and-skirt outfit. 

  • Skirt Length – When choosing your skirt, you need to pick a length that is flattering for your body type and suits the occasion. 
  • Silhouette – What type of silhouette do you want to create? Do you want lots of flowy shapes with a belt around the middle? Or a more figure-hugging outfit? Or perhaps something in between? 
  • To Tuck Or Not To Tuck – You can tuck your sweater into your skirt to accentuate your waist and give our outfit more shape. You may prefer to leave the sweater untucked for a loose, layered look. 
  • Fabrics – Pairing sweaters with skirts gives you an exciting opportunity to experiment with textures and combine different fabrics to create a style that you like. Don’t be afraid to play around with a few options before you pick your final garments. 
  • Shoes – You need to choose shoes that are going to be warm for the winter weather, but will also complement the outfit as a whole. 
  • Accessories – You can use accessories to complete your outfit like bags, hats and scarves. 
  • Jacket – If the weather is cold you may need a jacket as well as a sweater. Make sure you think about the length of the jacket and whether it works with the skirt. If you are wearing chunky jumpers then you might need to size up with the jacket. 

How To Style Sweaters With Skirts

How To Style Sweaters With Skirts For The Best Winter Outfits

Here are some ideas for amazing outfits that you can create with sweaters and skirts. 

Oversized Sweater With A Plaid Mini Skirt

Pairing an oversized jumper with a tight mini skirt is a great way to create a cute and feminine outfit that is well balanced. A plain black jumper like this one would look great with any kind of plaid.

This mini skirt is high waisted so would look fantastic with a large jumper tucked in. You can wear this outfit with thick black tights to keep your legs warm and cozy. 

The shoes will make a difference to the overall look of this outfit. Military boots or Dr Martens will give it a cute and alternative edge. Add some socks in a color to contrast the black tights, perhaps white or a color that is featured on the skirt.

You could wear some chunky heeled boots for a more girly look. The other option is some knee high or over the knee black boots for a more seductive, dressy outfit. 

Ruffled Sweater With A High Waisted Skirt

If you want to create a smart outfit that is suitable for an evening occasion then this look is ideal. Find a sweater that has some ruffle details, like this one.

The ruffles create a feminine feel. Pair it with a tight, high-waisted skirt to balance the detail and shape of the sweater. A bodycon skirt will draw attention to your curves and create a wonderful silhouette. 

To continue the elegant and dressy theme, wear some heeled shoes – stilettos perhaps. If you want something more warm, a pair of high heeled ankle boots would also work.

Use a simple clutch bag and choose some sparkly jewelry to finish off the outfit. 

Black Sweater And Leather Skirt

If you have ever wanted to wear a leather skirt but you haven’t felt brave enough, now is your time. Pairing it with a sweater adds a softer element to the outfit, toning down the harshness of the leather.

This faux leather pencil skirt is sexy but still modest. You have a few options when it comes to the sweater. You can go for a turtle neck jumper like this one and wear your hair up with some statement earrings. Or you could choose a classic V-neck sweater and wear your hair down with a nice necklace. 

You can wear this outfit with or without tights depending on the weather. Make sure that you choose a pair of elegant shoes. Black shoes will look best as it continues the sleek, monochrome style of this outfit.

Your clutch bag or handbag should also be black, but chrome detailing to match your jewelry will add a bit of shine. 

Oversized Turtle Neck With Long Pleated Skirt

This is a bit more of a fashion forward choice, and is a popular celebrity street style. Wearing an oversized turtleneck sweater with a high waisted, A-line pleated skirt creates a loose silhouette with a bit of shape around the waist and lots of feminine softness.

You can choose any color combination you like. You could go for a brown pleated skirt  with a pale apricot turtleneck sweater to go for a nude palette. 

Tucking the sweater into the skirt will create some shape, but you may want to add a belt as well. For a casual style, wear this outfit with some comfortable sneakers and an oversized shoulder bag. 

Monochrome Texture Contrast

This is a look that you can really have some fun with. The idea is to choose two different fabrics in the same color. For example, a navy satin skirt with a navy cable knit sweater, or a silky gray skirt with an oversized soft gray turtleneck.

You can choose whether to tuck the sweater into the skirt or leave it loose for a layered look. You can also play around with the lengths of the skirts and jumpers to create a style that you like. 

This is a very versatile outfit idea with plenty of freedom to customize. You might want to dress it up with a pair of heels in the same color, or make it more casual with some sneakers.

The contrasting fabrics need to be the main focus of the outfit, so try not to upstage them with statement jewelry or a fancy hairdo – keep it simple and chic. 

Pleated Mini Skirt With A Cropped Argyle Sweater Vest

This preppy outfit is cute and sexy. The tennis style pleated mini skirt is paired with a cropped sweater vest with an argyle pattern to create a college campus aesthetic with a 90s feel.

You will need some thick cozy tights to wear this outfit in the winter. You could also wear a long sleeved black top underneath the sweater vest to create a layered look and keep you warm. 

You can either continue the preppy theme with the shoes and wear sneakers, or make it edgy and go for some platform boots.

If you want to give this outfit a bit of 90s grunge, wear layered ripped tights or fishnet tights and some Dr Marten boots – don’t forget a pair of oval sunglasses. 

Classic Denim Mini Skirt With A Black Sweater

Denim and black is a combination that is timeless. This outfit pairs a washed blue denim mini skirt with a lightweight crew neck sweater in black. Wear it with a black belt to accentuate your waist.

A silver buckle will work best with this look to create a cool color palette. Continue this theme with silver jewelry – some small hoop earrings are a great choice. 

You can wear this outfit with solid black tights or without if it is warm enough. You could go for some sheer black tights for something in between.

Over the knee black boots will take this outfit in a more sleek and elegant direction, or Dr Martens will give it an alternative 90s feel. 

Tulle Skirt With Pastel Sweater

This outfit is inspired by Carrie from ‘Sex And The City’. Imagine her iconic opening credits outfit, but with a winter twist.

Pick a Tulle skirt in a color you love, like this pink knee length tulle skirt with a bow around the waist (it also comes in lemon yellow if that’s more your thing).

Pair it with a slightly oversized, soft sweater like this pink ribbed turtleneck sweater. Add a pair of sneakers and you will have the perfect outfit. 

You can choose a sweater in the same color as the skirt, like two different shades of pink. Alternatively, you can go for a contrasting color like lemon yellow and white, or lilac and coral.

As long as you stick to pastel shades it will create cute and pretty outfits. White sneakers are the best choice as you don’t want to overwhelm the outfit with color. 

Black Skirt With A Camel Sweater   

Black and camel is a color combination that never fails to look classy and sophisticated. Choose a black skirt in whatever fabric you prefer – leather, satin, cotton, or this faux suede black mini skirt.

You can go for a mini skirt, a midi skirt, or something longer – it’s entirely up to you. Next you need a camel sweater. You could choose a batwing style, a turtleneck, or a classic v-neck. 

Stick with black boots, a black handbag, and a black or camel coat for a simple and understated look that is elegant and stylish.

A few simple pieces of jewelry will be enough to set off the outfit. You don’t need a belt, but you can tuck the sweater into the skirt if you want to. 

How To Style Sweaters With Skirts Video

Please enjoy this thoughtful, fun, and detailed video showing great ideas for styling sweaters with skirts. Everything you see in this video will be easy to adapt to your own style and wardrobe!

This is a super useful video to help you visualize how to match sweaters with skirts


These outfit ideas will give you some inspiration for the perfect way to style sweaters with skirts this winter. You don’t need to wear jeans or trousers in order to create the perfect winter outfit and feel cozy in your sweaters. 

Get experimental with colors, textures and different types of fabrics. You don’t know what looks good on you until you give it a try. Remember to dress for your body type and to accessorize each outfit to make it look perfect.

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