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How To Style Sweat Shorts

Has any trend been bigger than athleisure in recent years? Taking clothes out of the gym and putting them in streets, stores, cafes, and bars has ensured everyone has a stylish look for those days when you want to be comfortable.

How To Style Sweat Shorts

Not jumped on the athleisure trend just yet? There’s no better place to start than sweat shorts. These are subtly sexy, easy to style, and versatile. 

What Are Sweat Shorts?

Sweat shorts are the ultimate in summer casual. They’re the perfect item to capture the ongoing athleisure trend, and as well as looking cute, they’re so comfortable to wear.

Sweat shorts are exactly what you expect them to be. They’re sweatpants, but short — sweat shorts. They were originally considered strictly workout wear only, but they’ve recently transformed into a staple of the high street. 

Sweat shorts are best worn for casual days out. During summer, sweat shorts are adaptable from day to night, but they’re also good for seasonal dressing. A matching sweatshirt or a contrasting jacket can keep this look cozy.

And just so you know, sweat shorts are also ideal work-from-home wear. If you’re on camera, pair your sweat shorts with a button-up, and no one will know that you’re actually super comfy. If you aren’t on camera, switch the shirt for a tee. 

How To Style Sweat Shorts

Sweat shorts are all about casual style, so don’t overthink your outfit. You want to capture that “I woke up like this” kind of perfection.

Go For A Co-Ord Look With A Matching Sweatshirt

The easiest way to style your sweat shorts is to pair them with a matching sweatshirt. This coordinating look is really easy to pull off and requires minimal effort. Finish with a pair of sneakers, either in a matching color, or classic white. 

Get Playful With A Crop Top

Crop tops add a sexy twist to the workout look, elevating the sweat short from gym wear to street style. You want to balance your layers when wearing the sweat short and crop top look — short shorts and a tight top can seem a little too much.

If you want to try a bralette, go for a longer or baggier pair of shorts. Alternatively, keep everything short, but throw a matching jacket over your shoulders. Quick and simple for sexy chic.

Make A Contrast With A Button-Up

Sweat shorts are the ultimate in casual wear. So, if you want to do something a little different, try wearing it alongside a button-up.

This is never exactly going to be a work-appropriate outfit (unless your video calling), so don’t try it as a new take on business casual. Instead, go for a slouchy cool that brings to mind the 80s and 90s. The shirt should be loose, rather than form-fitted.

Try partly tucking it into your shorts, or leaving the bottom buttons undone for some casual swing. Finish with sneakers, and wear when you want to look good running errands.

Keep It Casual With A T-Shirt

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Need an outfit in a hurry? It’s hard to go wrong with sweat shorts and a tee, especially if you’re looking to beat hot weather. 

This look is incredibly versatile, so you can play around with different styles until you’re happy. Bold graphic tees look good paired with contrasting shorts. Wear them loose, and channel 90s skater culture.

Tucking the tee into the front of your shorts can add some shape to the formless look. Or go for a fitted t-shirt in a muted color, for a look that is French chic meets a trip to the gym. 

Finish With A Bold Jacket

Big jackets can hide a multitude of sins, especially if you weren’t sure what to wear with your sweat shorts. Stick to a plain white t-shirt or vest, and then add your favorite jacket on top.

Go for a bright color or a busy pattern, to really enhance the contrast between the jacket and the outfit. A bralette can also add style to this look.

Our Favorite Sweat Shorts

With the athleisure trend being basically impossible to escape, there’s no end of sweat shorts to try. You can keep it loose and relaxed, or go for a form-fitting finish.

Muted colors are easier to pair, but don’t avoid fun colors because you aren’t sure how to style them. 

Final Thoughts

Sweat shorts are everywhere right now, and the trend doesn’t look to be going away. Partly because they’re so easy to style, but also because sweat shorts are possibly the most comfortable thing you can wear on a warm day.

Add a pair to your wardrobe, and get ready to nail casual street style.

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