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How To Style: Printed Denim

While denim can be a favorite choice among fashion enthusiasts, printed denim has been rising immensely in popularity over recent years and for good reason.

Designers are reimagining denim by applying unique and unexpected prints to a pair of regular denim jeans and denim jackets to turn them into an entirely different fit.

How To Style: Printed Denim

The popular interest in printed denim is only going up and it’s never been a better time to try a pair out as they are extremely comfortable, stylish and breathe life into any outfit they’re paired with due to their huge variation in color and design.

With a new emerging fashion trend comes a variety of different ways to style it, and this certainly applies to printed denim with its retro inspired look being a great way to add some eye-catching style when matched with particular outfits.

So you can get some quick ideas of how to style some printed denim to match your own unique fits, below we have listed some of the most popular ways printed denim is being styled right now.

How Many Different Styles Of Printed Denim Are There?

The reason for printed denim growing in popularity and growing into one of the latest fashion trends in recent years comes down to variety.

From animal print pants to a newspaper crafted jacket all the way to an entire landscape being splashed across the entire outfit, there are an endless amount of styles designs to choose from.

With such a large variety of designs by major brands all the way down to individual artists, if you can think of a design, it has probably been printed on denim.

Whichever design you choose there will always be a unique way to style it so here are just a few ideas to get you started.

Full Denim

This may seem like an obvious choice, but it matches so well that it’s hard to not call this a stylish fit.

Many printed denim products will come in sets such as a pair of printed jeans mixed with a jacket with the same design.

Whether it’s a simple artistic design or an entire portrait sprawled across the clothing, the matching denim combo sharing the same design can embrace the full printed style and be incredibly eye-catching for its creativity.

A great way to style a full denim look is the same printed denim on the pants and an open jacket, fitted with a black crew top to create a casual outfit full of color.

White Cropped Shirt

Whichever color and design you pick for your printed denim, a fit that is guaranteed to mix positively and a relaxed casual choice is a cropped white shirt or vest.

This more sporty looking outfit is essential for the warmer seasons that will still make full use of some printed pants and their colorful designs without the worry of color clashing.

A great addition to this fit is a pair of white sneakers to finish off a standout outfit that is easy to put together but still makes a fashion statement.

White Denim Vest

White Denim Vest

Another casual outfit that’s perfect for the warmer months is your own choice of printed denim pants along with a bright white denim sleeveless vest.

The beauty of this outfit is it is extremely customisable since the white denim vest will meld perfectly into essentially all other colors and designs, and because the vest is cropped there is no chance of it clashing too harshly.

This outfit is also a great opportunity to pair some bright prints such as polka dots or chevron so you can really have fun experimenting with the different styles available.

Green Sweater Or Shirt

A sweater, jumper or just a t- shirt are easy choices to add to a relaxed or casual outfit, being free and spacious to move in and comfortable to wear.

While you have a choice of essentially any color, olive green is seen as the best choice that will smoothly and easily blend into any printed design pants.

This is also an incredibly versatile fit, whether you’re going to a formal gathering or if you are simply just lounging around the house on a sunny day, this fit offers as much customisation as you like, so feel free to always at least try out different printed pants along with your green top or sweater.

Green Or Nude Tank Top

For those warmer days where you want a lot of maneuverability and want to ensure you can always keep a good temperature, a green or nude coloured tank top will work great in being a loose fit but still a great and stylish mix along with some printed pants.

The smooth colors of the vest will blend nicely into essentially any style, so don’t be afraid to try pairing it with any designs that catch your eye and that you’d love to incorporate into an outfit.

Black Leggings Or Leather Pants

A pair of striking black pants are perfect when mixed with a printed denim jacket to really make a stylish fashion statement.

Perfect for get togethers, if you pick up a printed denim jacket and want to match its retro style, some black leggings or leather pants are a great choice that are eye-catching but still not overly bright.

White Buttoned Shirt

Many denim pants come in white to make them easier to design and so the designs can really stand out.

While this can seem tricky to style, an easy combination that will work every time for most occasions is a free flowing buttoned sleeved shirt along with some printed denim for a casual but still sophisticated look.


Printed denim is back in fashion and is seeing popularity like never before, so for a stylish look with endless amounts of variation, definitely consider trying out printed denim with other fits of your choice to create a look that screams old school while still fitting into the modern trends.

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