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How To Style Neon Denim

Neon Denim is one of the more modern and new fashion trends out there.

Some find it hideous, while others think it can potentially be an avenue for fashion brands to go.

How To Style Neon Denim?

With the modern events out there such as electronic dance festivals as well as things like Coachella, Burning Man, and more, Neon has started to become more and more popular.

In this article, we have provided some tips we feel will help you style this potentially bawdy outfit.

Of course there are some color matching textural choices to be had here, but it’s often about thinking about the garments themselves as well as how hard you go on the neon denim.

What Is Neon Denim?

You may be asking yourself what neon denim is, well it’s simply a way to describe denim that either has some all over denim dye, or it is simply a denim garment which has some form of neon on it whether that is stitching, a print, or a patch.

Neon became quite popular in the Eighties and it carried through to the Nighties.

Neon makes us think of 80s dance classes but when style is right it can really be a statement piece.

Color Clash

First things first, to consider when wearing any garment that is neon colored, is that a color clashing with neon could be a fashion fatality.

That is to say that bright neon pants and different colored neon jackets just look a bit crazy.

This takes it to another level where the neon is less of a statement and more of a scream in your face situation.

Neutral colors are of course your friend here, although you likely have more luck pairing light neutral colors with a neon color than a dark neutral color which simply brings out too much of the neon.

A white top with a neon skirt can look great and this can apply to almost any color of neon as well as any garment that has neon.

Use Texture To Soften

Texture can be your friend with neon. The right textured garment can help you seem less like a radiating light and more like a fashion killa.

For instance, with bright neon denim pants, we mentioned a white top would look good, if this top had some type of texture to it, such as a ribbed vest or any form of texture, it can help soften the brightness of the neon.

Use Accessories To Soften

Use Accessories To Soften

With a bright and bawdy outfit, regardless of color, accessories are always your friend, and this is never more true than if you are wearing neon.

The right bag could really help soften everything up so it isn’t so bright.

Go for a bag that is more of a statement piece than something subtle, you are already going for it with neon here so you need something even more statement-y in order to take attention away from the neon.

Something like animal print wouldn’t be amiss here, it could bring a lot of visual texture, as well as physical, to the outfit and help the neon blend in more than you would expect.

In other words, when people have something else to look at that isn’t bright white or neon, they can appreciate the neon more when it becomes secondary to the rest of the outfit.

Go Acid Wash Or Pastel

With this being said, that neon is just a bit bright, you should consider different shades of neon itself.

For instance, it’s very common to see pastel neon colors in denim jackets and on denim trousers these days.

Of course, if you want something a little less showy and more nuanced, then pastel is a great way to go as it can walk the line between the brightness of neon and softness of pastel without adhering to either too much.

Again something like an acid wash on denim can also help to soften the neon denim more.

This means the neon will be washed out a little bit which can suit denim as a material and make the neon into something that is a statement just without the exclamation mark.

Consider Scaling It Down

Neon can certainly lead the way to fashion success, you just need to figure it out for your own style.

One way this may work is for less of a ‘all over’ approach for the neon itself.

Consider something smaller like neon stitching on denim pants. This can look really cool and is super on trend right now.

These small neon accents to an outfit look great and you can find similar stuff on denim jackets.

That said, we have seen some really really cool and unique denim jackets which have neon embroidery on them.

The designs become really cool and different with the addition of neon.

Similarly you can often get small neon patches or details on both denim jackets and denim jeans which can provide the same stuff.

Many of the fashion forward brands have started incorporating hi visibility material into their jeans or denim jackets, fashion forward without being a walking lightbulb.

Final Thoughts

As you can see neon is not only in vogue at the minute but is pretty modern material and idea itself.

While it reminds many of the 80s and 90s, many modern fashion trends use neon in some way, but there is no reason why it can’t make its way into the more mundane and domestic outfits of civilians, rather than supermodels.

A neon outfit when styled right can be the center of attention, and this could be ideal at certain events such as festivals or concerts.

As neon and these types of events become more popular we expect to see them both rise within our culture.

Our main points to style neon are to try to tone it down in certain ways.

A full neon outfit could light up a whole room so using textures, materials, and other colors to tone down the neon is worth considering, as well as how much neon is in your denim itself.

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