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How To Style: Neon And Neutral

When it comes to fashion, neutrals are a must-have for any wardrobe.

How To Style: Neon And Neutral

Neutral colors can make you look more professional and polished and you should choose colors that go well together.

Neutral colors are easy to match up, and they work well on any type of clothing. What other advantages do they have?


Neutral colors are versatile.

They can be used to make different styles and can be mixed up to create new looks that are stylish and trendy.

Neutrals give us a sense of calmness and peace. We can wear neutral colors without feeling overwhelmed by bright colors.

Neutrals also help us blend in with our surroundings, however sometimes we should try to stand out as well.

We should be bold enough to wear colors that express who we are and what we believe in.

How can we use neutral colors to our advantage?

If you have an important interview coming up a white, navy blue or grey suit works well and looks sophisticated and professional.

This will help your potential employer take you seriously, increasing your chances of being offered the role.

A lighter-coloured shirt can make you seem less three dimensional and darker colors like black, navy, gray, brown, and purple can also make you appear more three dimensional.

Take this into account when you are considering what to wear for certain activities.

Autumn Wear

Neutral clothing is considered the most appropriate attire for the Autumn season.

They are often worn to help the wearer feel comfortable and warm. Choose clothes that are easy to match together.

Autumn clothes come in many different shades, including light browns, grays, beiges, and whites.

These neutrals go well with oversized clothing and masculine styles. Neutral tones are always a safe investment.

You should buy a simple piece in a neutral tone, such as a coat or sweater.

Fast fashion companies use neutral tones because they are timeless and easy to match.

Combining Neutrals

When you combine different neutral colors together you can easily create a perfect look.

Try adding some reds and oranges to create a pop of color. This looks great when combined with black.

Neutrals And Skin Tone

Neutrals And Skin Tone

When choosing what color clothing to invest in you should remember that your hairstyle and face shape can affect how something looks and can complement each other.

You should try different colors on yourself to see how they look together.

Make sure you use the right shade of clothes for your skin tone by experimenting with different shades.

Try wearing bright colors if you want to appear more assertive and wear dark colors if you want to seem more submissive.

Color plays an important role in our lives and if we use it properly it can make us feel confident and happy as well as affect how other people view us.

Pale people should use light colors sparingly to avoid looking washed out. Avoid light pastels and lighter neutrals.

Dark neutral colours such as gray, beige, and navy may work well for some people, but others prefer brighter hues.

Some bright colors can be layered underneath dark tones to show off the brighter hues.

A good rule of thumb is to avoid wearing clothes that closely resemble your skin colour

For example, pastel colours should be avoided unless you’re already tanned and bright colors such as yellow shouldn’t be worn when you’ve got a red complexion as it will appear overpowering.

Earthy tones such as greens, browns and khaki can work well for you when offset by pops of white and denim.

Autumnal shades of burnt orange and muted yellow can have a similar effect when used in the same ways.

Play around with layers, using a monochromatic base layer to keep things grounded.

Black, white and greys will compliment your complexion no matter what you wear.

So it’s smart to keep a rotation of these shades in your wardrobes for tying clothes together or even building entire outfits out of them.

Statement jackets are always a great choice for your wardrobe. You can wear them over any type of clothing.

Neutral color jackets are the perfect addition to your wardrobe and you can wear them with any other colors as they won’t clash.

Neon Colors

Neon colors are eye-catching, bright and impressive.

Choose acid green, muted neon pink or electric blue clothes to feel energised and alive.

These colors make a statement and they highlight your bright personality and the fact that you’re ready for the latest fashion trends.

But when choosing one of these colors make sure not to mix them too much as they may appear overpowering.

It’s best not to wear neon bright colors on the parts of your body you don’t want people to notice
Bright neon colors can be used as a trend for summer and can be combined with matching summery accessories.

You can wear them at the beach or at the house and when you feel confident in wearing this style, you could wear them every day.

Neon shades go well with pale-coloured faces and light brown hair.

You shouldn’t pick bright neon colors because they won’t suit darker complexions.

Choose one or two neon pieces, and mix them with other colors such as black, white, gray and brown.

Combining these colors will give your outfit a more sophisticated appearance.

Avoid neon clothing if you want to blend into the crowd.

Be Comfortable In Your Color Choice

When it comes to your personal style and color choices, listen to your feelings.

Creating a successful style and feeling fabulous in your outfit is about constant soul searching and checking in with what makes you feel happy.

Personally, neutrals make me very happy, but if I wear them every day they get boring and I find them limiting.

Neutral rich means having a variety of neutral clothes.

Throw in non-neutral accessories instead of clothing, large doses of muted colors, or make a bolder statement in a bright light once in a while.

In Summary

The way we dress should represent who we are and by making the right style choices we are being true to ourselves each and every day.

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