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How To Style: Mesh Midi Skirt

Today we look at a super underrated item in the closet.

An item that can be worn as part of a casual errand-running outfit or a cocktail party look. That item is the mesh skirt.

How To Style: Mesh Midi Skirt

You will likely find a mesh skirt as an overlay that can be worn on top of another skirt, or you can make things easy by using a mesh skirt that comes in two layers, with an inner skirt and outer skirt.

Here are some of our favorite mesh midi skirt ideas for you to try.

Black Mesh Skater Skirt

Here’s a unique look that is not for the faint-hearted. It’s one part crazy, and one part cozy, with a pinch of excitement.

A great choice for those that want to step out of their fashion comfort zone.

You can pair this skirt with a number of different tops, but we would go for a darker shade of green, gray, or burgundy. Pair this with a pair of black ankle boots to really finish it off.

The good thing about this outfit is that it can be worn for a number of occasions, and even in the office.

But we love this best for a summer walk through the town.

Beige Lace Long Sleeve Blouse With Black Mesh Skirt

Looking for that sweet spot between fashionable and functional can be a challenging task.

But try this awesome combination for your next wardrobe experimentation and you’ll be glad you read this today.

We absolutely love a beige lace long sleeve blouse, and if you pair this with a flowing black mesh midi, you’ll be ticking off a lot of boxes.

This is a great outfit for a number of occasions, and we think a night out or a casual coffee with friends will suit this look.

Print Tee And Leather

Print tees often get some flack for being a gimmick outfit choice. But we think the right print will look super hot with the right context.

Sure, if your print is of something nerdy or controversial then you might be warranted in this opinion.

But there are so many amazing print tees we don’t want you to miss out on.

In our example, we have a one word printed tee played with a denim jacket and black mesh midi skirt, finished off with a pair of white sneakers.

Talk about the perfect outfit for the movies, or casual wear for those hot summer days.

Black Long Sleeve T-Shirt With Cream Mesh Skirt

Black Long Sleeve T-Shirt With Cream Mesh Skirt

So far we’ve given plenty of love to the black mesh skirt, but we’re going to mix things up and go the opposite direction with a cream mesh skirt.

These go super well with love sleeve t-shirts in black, but they also work with brown, and dark navy.

The great thing about this outfit is that because it’s so neutral, you can add a wide range of different accessories in all sorts of colors, and it won’t wreck the look.

For example, you can add some white pearls or a silver necklace, and pair it with a white bag.

Or you could go a bit more inventive and pick a crazy color like a bright pink!

White Cropped T-Shirt With Black Mesh Midi Skirt

If you’ve spotted a pattern with these outfits, it’s that they are super low-key and great for many casual occasions.

This outfit is no different, but you could also use this option as inspiration for a semi-formal event as well.

A white cropped top is a viable option as it can also be made to look smart with the right attire.

Sure, if you pair it with a pair of sweatpants you’re going to give off a super-casual vibe.

But pair it with an elegant black mesh midi skirt and what was once a throw on top, can be made into a super hot top for going out in.

We would recommend pairing this with a leather handbag, shades, and some black heels, either ankle boots or pumps if you really want to dress this one up.

Crew Neck Sweater And Pink Mesh Midi Skirt

We absolutely love springtime style colors, and a light pink and white does the job so amazingly well.

And there’s something about a light pink skirt that feels so retro.

For that laid-back look this spring, why not try a crew neck sweater and pair it with a pink mesh midi skirt.

The crew neck is smart enough to be pulled off at formal events, and it will keep you warm in case the weather turns chilly.

This combination can be worn with either sneakers or heels.

We would keep things simple and go with either an all-white sneaker or a pink heel depending on the situation and your personal preference.

Gray From Fitting Tee And Black Midi Mesh Skirt

We have always believed that less is more, and if you want an outfit that doesn’t take a lot of time or cost a lot of money, then you should consider this as a viable staple in your closet.

And the good news is that this is really easy to pull off. Go with a light gray low cut t-shirt and pair it with a black midi mesh skirt.

You can also reverse the colors should you wish to try a different color combination, or swap out the gray top for a white one.

For your feet, go with black ankle strap open toed heel. This adds another layer of elegance to the outfit without going overboard.

Black And White Striped Sweater With Black Mesh Midi Skirt

We finish off our list with something a bit edgier. This striped sweater will appeal to those that love a relaxed vibe.

If you want to add a more polished and aesthetic look to this option, then you can buy a pair of leather pumps.

Final Thoughts

These eight outfits are all super easy to source, aren’t too out there, and won’t cost a lot of money to put together.

Happy shopping!

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