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How To Style: Fuchsia Skirt

A fuchsia skirt is one of the most flattering additions to any outfit.

While they have been a fashion staple for quite a few years now, you’d be mistaken if you thought that this colorful design is outdated, in fact it is gradually becoming more and more popular with the fuchsia colors being splashed on everything from blazers, to jumpers and even skirts.

How To Style: Fuchsia Skirt

A fuchsia skirt is noticeable for how bright it is, having a striking pink floral color that is sure to turn heads of any fashion enthusiast.

While it can be easier to simply mix a darker shaded skirt with an outfit, don’t let this stop you from incorporating a fuchsia skirt into your outfit as not only can it be done, but when styled correctly it can be a great colorful fashion statement that radiates liveliness and fun.

To get an idea for some of the best ways to wear a fuchsia skirt and not look too over the top, here are some of the best styles to experiment and try out.

White Sleeveless Crop Top

To start off, a great option for the warmer months is a simple white crop top.

These are easy to get on and go, however while this outfit can be made effortlessly, it still looks and feels free and vibrant.

Try mixing this outfit with some white shoes or heels to create a colorful and exciting look perfect for the summer.

Long Sleeved Black Top

For another free flowing option that adds a bit more warmth and looks a little more formal but is still a great casual option, a sleeved black top either cropped or tucked in is a great look for a hot pink fuchsia skirt.

This can be a perfect option when going for walks in the summer or attending a family barbecue, however if it is a bit of a chillier day you can also opt for a dark coloured overshirt or jacket that will blend perfectly with the rest of your outfit.

Striped Shirt

A classic choice, a striped top can create a vibrant and fun fit that looks lively and ready for the day ahead.

The beauty of this option is the amount of variety you have, you can either choose a striped buttoned shirt, t-shirt, sweater or even vest, the choice is up to you and what you feel fits your style best.

Try adding some pink shoes to complete this outfit and make an outfit that is both intriguing and exciting.

Denim Shirt

We all want to wear denim when the opportunity calls for it, and luckily it goes great with a fuchsia skirt being very comfortable and trendy.

The best way to style this is to get a buttoned denim shirt and tuck it into the skirt.

Roll the sleeves up about half way and finish off with some nude shaded shoes and some shades and there you have it, a cute look that is perfect for the summer and spring time.

Gray Patterned Jacket

Gray Patterned Jacket

If you want something that can cut down the brightness a little but still incorporates a fuchsia skirt as a major part of the outfit, a gray tweed jacket with different prints and patterns can create a more formal look for when you need it.

Mixing this outfit with a black crew neck t shirt and light gray scarf can create a look that has a hint of professionalism while still looking vibrant and trendy.

Short Sleeve Pink Blouse

A free flowing blouse not only feels free and comfy to move around in, but they go especially well when matched with fuchsia skirts.

A short sleeve blouse is a perfect fit and with a brighter color such as pink and even some floral designs, it creates an outfit which is colorful but not to the point of being over the top.

You can also try matching some black shoes with this fit to add some darker variation to the outfit overall.

Black Long Sleeve Blouse

For another blouse option which is a bit less colorful but still artistic and well fitted, a long sleeved black blouse is the perfect option.

If you can find a sleeved black blouse with a floral pint, even better, this can create a feminine and soft aura around the outfit that can make it both great for casual and formal use.

Mint Blazer

Blazers go incredibly well with fuchsia skirts when you need to attend a professional meeting or event, and can even be great for interviews.

Mint blazers are especially great for this looking sophisticated and natural, the color easily mixes with the bright pink of the skirt to create a colorful and fun but still sensible outfit.

Peplum Tailored White Top

Another great formal choice, a peplum white top freely wraps around a fuchsia skirt for an outfit that is easy to move around in and at the same time, can be worn for several formal occasions.

Leather Jacket

If you have a leather jacket tucked away for those chillier days, don’t be afraid to try it with a fuchsia skirt as it’s a perfect fit as casual wear for when you’re traveling, going for a meal or meeting some friends.

A leather jacket mixed with a striped top and some colorful shoes can really make a fashion statement, while also keeping you nice and warm.


At first glance it may seem like styling a fuchsia skirt can be quite troublesome, however it can actually be a great addition to an outfit when mixed with some other fits and colors.

It’s also a perfect choice to wear because whether you want to be colorful, casual or formal, a fuchsia skirt gives you that choice so you can style it in a way that makes you look and feel comfortable and trendy.

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