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How To Style: Floral Circle Skirt

As we get closer to the summer months, it’s coming round to that time where we start rejuvenating our wardrobes. One of the staples that you need in your life is a few good circle skirts. 

Circle skirts are great as they can be dressed up for events such as weddings, or dressed down for a more casual, everyday occasion, and they always look oh so good.

How To Style: Floral Circle Skirt

When it comes to eye-catching detail, you’ll want to opt for a floral circle skirt that you can twirl around to your heart’s content. 

So, how do you style a floral circle skirt to wear it best? You’re in the perfect place to find out. 

What Is A Circle Skirt?

A circle skirt is when there is an opening in the center of the skirt for the waist, and it sits loosely outwards from the hips.

This type of skirt is typically made up of one entire piece of fabric, or multiple pieces that are sewn together to make seams or pleats as part of the circle skirt. 

The circle skirt is also referred to as a skater skirt as it has a waistband that sits on the waist, much like ice skating skirts, from which it flares out in a flattering A-line design.

When laid flat, this type of skirt forms a circle- hence the name! 

Are Circle Skirts Flattering?

Circle skirts sit out a little at the hips and really accentuate your figure. The best thing about circle skirts is that they are oh so flattering on pretty much every single body type.

And if you like them – wear them no matter what your body shape is! We promise that you’ll look amazing. But how do you style them? 

How To Style Floral Circle Skirts

Circle skirts can be very complimentary as they have a nice A-line that doesn’t hug your body shape, but instead flares out.

As it tends to go outwards by the legs, circle skirts look best when styled with tighter fitting tops, shirts and blouses that can be tucked into the shirt. 

This way, you’ve got your top half nice and figure-hugging, which balances out the loose style of the skirt. We recommend wearing either a tee or long sleeve plain shirt as your skirt’s floral design can do all of the talking.

Therefore, black shirts or white tees can look wonderful with a floral circle skirt. We also love a scoop neck top with this kind of skirt, particularly if it’s a long one that covers up a lot of your legs. 

If you have a more formal event, then tucking a plain blouse into the floral circle skirt will look best. It’s always better to go for a solid colored top in this case.

However, if you prefer a high fashion kind of look, then you can choose to mix and match patterns with a nice patterned blouse and the floral skirt- depending on the patterns of course, and as long as the colors complement each other.

For day to day looks, you can choose a chambray shirt with a tie at the bottom to give you some shape with your circle skirt. Just make sure it’s either knotted or tucked in.

We also love the idea of wearing colored tights with your circle skirt to give the look a pop of interest. 

You can also add a colored belt to go over your skirt. This will further bring in your waist and give you a lovely hourglass figure. 

In addition, if you don’t want to wear a snug top or you want to cover insecurities such as your arms, you can pair the tucked in top with a nice cardigan.

To bring the whole outfit together, you can add a leather jacket to go for an edgy yet feminine look. 

What Accessories To Wear With A Circle Skirt?

What shoes you wear with a circle skirt really depends on the occasion and the colors included in the floral pattern. We love picking out a single, bold color from the skirt to really draw the eye into your outfit.

For instance, if you’ve got a hint of pink as the main color of the skirt, then a pair of cute pink heels will look great. Alternatively, pick out a color that isn’t the focal color of the skirt.

For instance, if you have a green floral skirt but there’s a tiny hint of red on the flowers, then some red wedges or heels can look great. 

How To Style: Floral Circle Skirt

On the other hand, you can always depend on a nice tan pair of heels, or black boots with your circle skirt. If you’re going for a summery vibe, then style it with some flats or chunky sandals. You could also top the look with a denim jacket. 

The great thing about a circle skirt is the versatility it offers. If you’re going out for the evening, then a clutch or hand-held purse will look great. For daytime looks, we recommend a chic backpack or a crossbody bag! 

As always, never forget your jewelry. As your skirt is floral, and you’re wearing plain or block colored tops with it, we recommend an eye-catching necklace, or some large earrings paired with an understated necklace. 

Final Thoughts

To conclude, the circle skirt is something everyone should have in their wardrobe. It’s so versatile and easy to style, meaning you can wear it for any occasion.

Simply dress it up with some accessories and a pair of heels, or just wear it with a tucked in tee for a daytime glamorous look.

Just remember, to really show off your waist and your figure, you’re going to want to find a plain-ish snug tee or top to balance out the floral design of the circle skirt and ensure a nice flattering silhouette. 

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