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How To Style: Denim Shorts For Summer

Summer is just around the corner, and we’re desperate to ditch our sweatpants and jerseys and bring back our summer staples.

One of these staples is a pair of denim shorts. Whether they’re high-waisted, distressed, white, or black, denim shorts will always be here.

How To Style: Denim Shorts For Summer

However, after years of wearing these shorts with simple t-shirts and tanks, it can sometimes be tricky knowing what you can pair them with to make a nice outfit.

The good news is, that they can be paired with pretty much anything!

Like regular jeans, these shorts are highly versatile, and they can be dressed up or down when combined with a few other staple pieces.

Whether you’re headed for brunch with the girls and want to look a little more sophisticated, or you just want a cover-up for the beach without looking too underdressed, this article is going to guide you through all the different ways you can style these shorts, and you’ll be surprised with how many wonderful outfits you’ve already got hanging in your closet – you can thank us later!

Silk Button Down

This option has made it to number 1 on this list purely because it’s not an obvious combination, but it looks absolutely wonderful.

Nothing says stylish and luxurious like a silk blouse, and when you pair it with some casual denim shorts, you’ll have an outfit that is perfect for those warmer days!

The denim provides you with a casual style, but the shirt instantly dresses it up.

This is a perfect brunch outfit, especially if you pair it with some little kitten heels and your favorite matching purse.

Puffy Sleeves

Puffy sleeves have been back in fashion for quite some time now, and these shirts were made to be worn with denim shorts.

Their relaxed style really lets this kind of shirt take the attention, while still keeping it casual and put together.

You can experiment with all kinds of colors and patterns here, from plain blacks to floral prints, and deep-plunge necks, to square-cut necks.

Corset Tops

For those of you who love the figure-hugging fit, corset tops are the one for you.

These have really come back into style lately and are some of the most flattering shirts you can find.

Whether it’s a bodysuit style or more of a crop, these will really give your outfit a ‘retro’ look, especially if they’re paired with distressed shorts and some cat-eye sunglasses.

Sheer Tops As A Bikini Cover-Up

Denim shorts are perfect to use as a bikini cover-up, and there are several sheer shirts out there that can cover up your top half but still have you looking stylish and put together.

You could try a sheer shirt with some bell sleeves for a whimsical look, or even a dark-colored mesh t-shirt if you’re looking for something a little edgier.

Opting for something cropped is also a good idea when you’re lounging by the pool, that still covers you up while showing off your pretty bikini underneath.

Comfy Knits

Comfy Knits

For those summer nights when you’re strolling along the beach or having a barbecue, a stylish knitted sweater will keep you warm.

You can experiment with all kinds of colors, and opting for an off-the-shoulder look gives off a relaxed, yet stylish look.

Pastel pinks, lilacs, and greens just scream summer, but you can also go for some bolder colors like neon green and yellow.

Graphic T-Shirts

Graphic tees are another staple item that hangs in the closet of every cool girl. These t-shirts pair best with ripped, distressed denim shorts.

Try tucking it into your waistline and adding a chunky belt, with equally chunky boots.

A great combination would be a stony gray graphic tee, paired with some pale blue ripped denim shorts, and a black belt with black boots.

Tease your hair into a messy high pony and throw on some statement sunglasses for a rocker vibe.


For those who prefer a more boss babe, out-of-office look, you can throw on your favorite blazer over some denim shorts, and it’ll look as good as it does when paired with longer pants (maybe even better!).

This look will really be perfect when paired with some high-waisted shorts, and a tight-fitted tank tucked into the waistline.

Add a belt for some extra definition, and you’ve got yourself the perfect summer night-out on-the-town outfit!

You could even wear a flattering lacy bralette under the blazer if you’re looking for something a little more nighttime appropriate!

Ruffled Blouse

Just because it’s summer doesn’t mean you need to say goodbye to your favorite blouse.

Whether it’s puffy, peplum, or ruffled, throw it on and tuck it into some high-waisted denim shorts.

Add your favorite sandals for a boho-chic look!

Kitten Heels

It’s not all sandals and chunky boots when it comes to shorts.

For those of you who want to show off those gorgeous legs, a pair of strappy kitten heels will be your best friend.

These heels are dressy and perfect for the summer, and the denim will make them feel a little more casual.

Pair them with some neutral colors and a neutral blazer, and your legs will be the focal point of this wonderful outfit!


All-black outfits are super chic, and the same goes for denim shorts.

Try pairing any shirt from this list in the color black with some black denim, and accessorize with some chunky gold jewelry for a sophisticated and stylish look!

The same goes for white. An all-white outfit will scream summer and really show off your tan!

Pair this outfit with a bold-colored bag, and you’re set!

Final Thoughts

When paired with the right items, denim shorts can be one of the most stylish items you will own.

Their versatility makes them an option for any kind of style or occasion you are dressing for.

If you find yourself a pair in each style, such as high-waisted, distressed, white, and black denim, you’ll never complain that you have nothing to wear this summer.

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