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How To Style Dalmatian Print

Catch those puppies!

When we think of Dalmatians, this is often think of this film, but Dalmatian print clothes can be cute rather than wicked, the ones not made from actual Dalmatians of course, and you don’t need to style them out with a cigarette holder and two tone black and white hair – you can actually use it to create an outfit that is cool, chic, and modern.

How To Style Dalmatian Print?

In this article we are going to investigate how to style Dalmatian print with lots of our pro tips on how it can be affected by color, texture, and garment choice.

Keep reading to learn how to style this unique print!

What Is Dalmatian Print?

A Dalmatian is a type of dog, they are more common in Europe than America, but you still see them around and their coat makes them a particularly unique animal and we have adopted this natural print into our fashion too.

Dalmatian print is very similar to what you might term ‘cow print’.

While cow print can be many colors, Dalmatian print is very commonly black and white unless it has purposefully been colored.

The black splodges are a little smaller and more uniform than you would commonly expect with a print like cow print.

Black And White Colors

This might seem obvious, but sometimes requires being said to realize.

Of course, some of the best stuff to wear with this print is black and white, as the colors will match with the print itself.

This can often be best for a garment that is quite subtle and not too bold, like a simple Dalmatian print t-shirt.

Sometimes it can be best to go with black and the garment with Dalmatian print will often have a large white background with smaller white markings, so it can be most fruitful to wear something black on the bottom, especially in the colder seasons.

White pants with the majoritively white background could be too much white, which is possible.

But other light and neutral colors can be great to balance out this scenery color matching.

A light pink or purple could even be worth considering layering for a lighter outfit perhaps for summer.

If not black, other dark but neutral colors can work too to contrast the whiteness of the dalmatian print garment.

As you can see in the Disney film, Cruella mainly wears this binary of white and black as, frankly, it works pretty well for a darker look which some do seek out.

Add Texture To The Outfit

Black and white print garments often can really benefit from some more textural contrast in the outfit.

This often relies on seeking out some other materials.

A pair of black leather pants, or just simple black jeans can really bring those black and white vibes home, but leather could really be a winner as it brings a nex texture.

With texture in mind black corduroy or velvet pants could make this into a chicer look, or even consider black suit pants that are more wide leg for something nice to wear to the office.

A dalmatian print top can look great with some suede pants for a real cowboy look that could go great at any of the festivals across the US.

Even Cruella herself relied on the fur from the fur coat in order to add some texture to that outfit.

If you have gone with neutral colors, looking to your accessories for some texture can be a good idea, whether that is a nice bangle, a favored chain, or adding some chunky rings, your whole outfit will appreciate some added texture when in neutral color.

Consider Accessories

Consider Accessories

Let’s say you haven’t bought anything yet, but you want to try dalmatian print to channel your inner Cruella DeVille, then it may be worth considering a dalmatian print accessory before you commit to something expensive that could be more of an investment in the long term.

If you buy a Dalmatian fur coat, then you may be forced to wear it to justify the price tag, for instance.

But a dalmatian accessory can be really worthwhile.

You could go as small as a pair of resin dalmatian earrings, some dalmatian print socks, or dalmatian print jewelry like a bangle.

Or go for something bigger such as a Dalmatian bag, a Dalmatian clutch or shoulder bag could really be a great addition to a particularly white outfit.

This is the point we are making, when you have a dalmatian garment you want to add texture to it, but often, a dalmatian print can add a lot of texture, just like any print, to an outfit.

Both black and white outfits can really benefit from this colorful texture, but you could easily use it for any sort of outfit.

What Not To Do

One thing that just can’t happen with an outfit is for there to be two animal prints going on.

This is a real fashion faux pas that is much worse than double denim.

Double animal prints can be a bit too wet and wild for us, animal prints aren’t supposed to match so it can look naturally quite strange as the patterns clash with each other they are often completely different as well as different colors.

But you might get away with cow print and Dalmatian print. This said, more than one garment with the same animal print can be fine.

Final Thoughts

As you can see, there are many ways you can wear a dalmatian print.

While it is a less popular animal print, nowhere near as popular as leopard print, it still pops up.

We suggest that you best bet in styling this will always be darker colors.

Whether it is wearing a pair of black pants with a Dalmatian print top, a black top with Dalmatian print pants, or simply trying a Dalmatian bag or accessory out, you can certainly style this with success with these helpful steps.

We hope we have provided some tips to help you feel comfortable in your print.

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