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How To Style An Embellished Sweatshirt

An embellished sweatshirt is maybe one of the less common garments you purchase or wear, they can be quite unique, bold, and can bring a lot of character to an outfit when styled properly.

So they can require some advice when styling to hit the right vibe.

How To Style An Embellished Sweatshirt?

In this guide we are going to investigate a few different ways you can style an embellished sweatshirt and the sort of garments and colors that can make this outfit work well together.

Keep reading to learn more about styling an embellished sweatshirt!

What Is An Embellished Sweatshirt?

An embellished sweatshirt is basically a normal sweatshirt for all instinctive purposes.

The main difference is that there is often some form of embellishment that is woven into the material to embellish it.

This could be gems, studded shoulder pads, broaches, or anything else that isn’t a print but a physical embellishment.

These embellishments can add a lot of texture both visually and physically to a sweatshirt, so you want to wear something which tones down the embellishment in a complimentary way where the textures work together.

Here’s how.

Consider Your Shoes

Shoes are always one of the best garments to focus on to share the burden of attention within an outfit.

As they are lower to the ground than the sweatshirt you can use it to draw attention without just blurring with your sweatshirt.

Essentially, consider a pair of shoes on the bloder side.

Whether this is a pair of heels with a box on, a particularly chunky pair of trainers with a funky design, or any other unique pair of shoes, this can help draw attention away from the sweatshirt.

The two bold elements mean that your eyes are not immediately drawn to the embellishments, rather to the outfit as a whole.

Layer It Up

While layering can often feel like a stock styling tip, it actually helps quite a lot to balance out the embellished sweatshirt’s boldness.

A plain white collared shirt can really be the garment to wear underneath your sweatshirt.

This can give you a neutral background and does well to wash out the eye drawing features of the embellished sweatshirt.

To help the embellishments sit better in the outfit, something like collar tips could be a good idea depending on what sort of embellishment you are donning.

Similarly, you can layer on top of the embellished sweatshirt too, this is where material and texture matching comes into play.

While your jacket doesn’t necessarily have to be that flashy, the right material can really help wash out the overly eye-catching elements and help the embellishments be more subtle as we wish them to be.



Accessories are often a go to way to help balance out another eye drawing feature of your outfit, in this case the embellished sweatshirt.

One way to go is to go for jewelry.

The larger and chunkier bits of jewelry can really serve you well in this outfit by helping make the embellishments less eye drawing and more subtle.

Something like a large chain or just a necklace with a large pendant could all be worth exploring as options, especially if your sweatshirt is embellished with jewels and gems.

Another fun accessory to consider is the handbag or clutch bag.

Consider machine your sweatshirt with a bag that also has a bit of a wilder design on it.

The more out there the better as it can help your outfit become more subtle in general.

Pants And Skirts

Skirts can be a go to when your sweatshirt is a bit on the oversized front.

A skirt helps to balance out the shapes of your outfit without making you look like you are wearing baggy Pajamas.

The skirt helps the outfit stay classy and chic but with a balancing shape.

Consider a skirt that is flowy or billowy and this can be a great shape to balance the outfit.

On a similar note, some pants in the right material can create the same sort of balance with texture.

Wearing something like corduroy, velvet, leather or even pants which display a print, could all be worthwhile considerations.

These textures are also great for balancing the outfit with some visual differences so the embellishments can blend in rather than stand out.

What To Avoid

As we mentioned, embellished sweatshirts stand out the most when they are the singular center of attention.

The eye gets drawn to them too much and this is when they seem over the top.

If you were going for something that is bold, the rest of your outfit often needs to match.

This means wearing very neutral and bland colors can often draw too much attention to the embellishments and this is when they seem weird.

With this sort of garment, it can be hard to style it with sports wear or more modern styles, the embellishments can often serve as the ‘modern’ aspect, so going for a classic style of garment such as pants or skirts can often be a better idea than sports wear or shorts or something similar.

Final Thoughts

As you can see an embellished sweatshirt can be a bit of a bold item that can often require a lot of thought in order to get the outfit right.

Yet, there can be many ways you can style an embellished sweatshirt well, with these pro tips.

An embellished sweatshirt when styled right can really show some nuanced understanding of fashion and how garments pair in different situations, so it can be a fun challenge to show off your matching skills.

Your main goal here is to draw attention away from the embellishments in order to make the general effect much more subtle.

These embellishments often just stand out too bluntly on their own and require a balancing act so that their embellishment is subtle and nuanced rather than in your face and overly bold.

We hope you can learn something about fashion from this challenge, try it yourself!

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