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How To Fold Sweaters And When It’s Ok To Hang Them

The question of whether to hang or fold sweaters is a common one. It’s often a controversial subject as some people think that hanging is better as it saves space and thinner fabrics can get irreversibly wrinkled when folded up.

However, the problem with hanging sweaters is that the fabric stretches, especially on knitwear. And over time the sweater can lose its shape making it look cheap and unattractive.

If hanging is still your preferred choice ensure you only hang it for a short period of time which will reduce the likelihood of it getting misshapen.

How To Fold Sweaters And When It’s Ok To Hang Them

A good rule of thumb is if you have limited space store sweaters folded in small stacks because they take up less space. But hang them when there is plenty of hanging room.


When hanging your sweaters You should use a hanger that fits the size of the garment. , you should fold the sweater in half vertically before putting it on the hanger.

This ensures that the sweater doesn’t get wrinkled or damaged while being hung.

To avoid hanger marks do the following:

  1. Layout your sweater. Take your sweater and place it onto a flat surface. Make certain there are no bumps or ripples.
  2. Fold the sweater in half. Bring one of the sweaters’ arms over to the other arm. Make your fold clean and sharp as possible. Fold directly down the middle of the sweater
  3. Grab a hanger. Use wooden or plastic hangers as these are gentler on clothes. Place your hanger on the top of your sweater, with the hook facing downwards from the armpit. Make sure you only use flat hangers.
  4. Make the last folds. Take the bottom hem of the sweaters and fold it down over hanger arm. Take the arms of the sweater and fold them down over the hanger. Hanging your sweater with the fold you made will prevent wrinkles. Starting with the arms or the bodys of the sweater will make it easier.

If you want to store your sweaters, make sure to wrap them in plastic bags, and place them in a dry, cool location.

A closet with an air conditioning unit is ideal since this will prevent humidity from affecting your clothes’ longevity.


If you have the space and you are able to fold your sweaters you should do so. Prioritize heavier and more delicate items first.

Keep stacks of sweaters low, and make sure you place them neatly. This avoids the issue of sweaters falling off the top of the pile. If folding bulky sweaters do the following:

  1. Place your sweater somewhere smooth. The smooth surface will allow you to flatten out any bumpy bits. Put your sweater front ways.
  2. Fold over the arms. Take your arms and fold them outwards.
  3. Fold them over whilst keeping them straight. Try to keep the side of the sweater level with the shoulders.
  4. Turn up the hem and fold it upwards. Avoid rolling it too tight because it could stretch it. Ensure it is as flat as possible.
  5. Turn over the sweater to the other direction, so it’s facing you. If it looks crumpled or uneven, start again. A rubber band can be useful and helps you make a sweater into a roll.
How To Fold Sweaters And When It’s Ok To Hang Them

Hang Fold Method

Gravity can be a problem when hanging your sweater. Use the hang-fold method to avoid this problem:

  1. Fold the sweater in half with the arms together.
  2. Put the hanger in the middle of the fold.
  3. Fold the sweater body over one of the sloping sides of the hanger.
  4. Fold the sleeves over the other side of the hanger. This trick works great if you’re a minimalist and want to make your closet seem bigger.


Most hoodies are made of cotton and not wool so aren’t as prone to getting out of shape.

The great thing about hoodies is that the hood acts like its very own storage solution. Try the following:

  1. With the back of the hoodie facing up, fold it in half.
  2. From the bottom, fold in the sides to one-quarter of the width of your hoodie.
  3. Twist it up until it reaches the hood base.
  4. Wrap the hood around the roll and fix it if necessary. If your hood has string you can use it to fix it together for easy access.

In Summary

As we’ve seen folding and hanging both have their advantages and disadvantages.

Hanging is a perfectly acceptable solution if you follow the above steps and reduce the risk of your sweater losing shape. If you have plenty of space then folding is the answer.

Be gentle when handling your clothing when it’s wet to reduce the risk of damage and be sure to always wash items according to the labels’ instructions.

Only you can decide what’s right for you and your family.

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