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How To Dress For 50-Degree Temperatures: Ultimate Guide

No matter what our unique taste in fashion is, we are all at the mercy of the weather. When it hits low temperatures down in the 30s and 40s, no matter your fashion sense you’re bundled up like a yeti. 

How To Dress For 50-Degree Temperatures: Ultimate Guide

However, when it gets a bit warmer and enters the 50s, knowing what to wear is a bit trickier. It’s a middle ground between warm and cold, and then the activity of the weather tends to fluctuate at this temperature too. 

So, what should you wear in 50-degree weather? 

Let’s take a look!

How Should You Dress For 50-Degree Temperatures?

50-degree temperatures tend to hit around the time of spring, and this is when the weather is at its most diverse. The weather seems almost bipolar as you’re taking jackets off, putting scarves on, adding a hat, and then switching to shorts. 

There are sunny days, warm days, cold days, windy days, and rainy days, and sometimes one day can encompass all of these! 

It can be very tricky to pick anything out of your wardrobe and feel confident in it. However, we will show you just how you should dress in this bizarre weather. 

Think About How Tolerant You Are To The Cold

Firstly, you need to consider your tolerance to temperature. If you get cold easily, and it ends up rainy or windy, you will want to layer up with a thicker jacket, cardigan, or hoodie. 

A breezy 50 degrees can easily feel like 40, which can be a bit too cold for you. Think about your tolerance to cold temperatures and add clothing accordingly. There is no shame in adding a hat and scarf on a windy 50-degree day if you don’t do well in the cold!

Think About How Tolerant You Are To Warmer Weather

However, you should also think about how tolerant you are to warm temperatures. If you get warm very easily then a sunny and bright 50 degrees will require a thin sweater. Some people can even get by with a t-shirt and jacket. 

It’s all down to your temperature tolerance. Some people even wear shorts in this weather, just because their bodies get warm easily.

High 50s Or Low 50s?

Now, you also need to think about what kind of 50 degrees it is. If it is 58 or 59 degrees, this is nearly 60, which can be quite nice.

If it is sunny outside too, the weather will be much nicer, so you won’t need to wrap up so much. You could even consider wearing a shirt with jeans. 

However, if it is 50 or 51 degrees, this feels a great deal colder than 59 degrees, and you would want to layer up a bit more, as a shirt with no jacket could be chilly! 

Layers Add Flexibility To Outfits!

Outfits that are made up of layers are the best idea for temperatures around 50 degrees. If you can simply add or remove a layer or two when it starts to get a bit warmer or colder, it makes it much simpler for you. 

Whether it is a nice sunny warm 50-degree day, or a chilly, windy, cloudy colder 50-degree day, you are prepared for whatever the weather is going to throw at you. 

40-50 Degree Weather-Wear

How To Dress For 50-Degree Temperatures: Ultimate Guide

40-degree weather is colder and chillier than 50-degree weather. When the temperatures hit 40 degrees, you will need to layer up a lot more. Add a jacket, a sweater, or a cardigan, or sport a jacket and some jeans to keep you warmer. 

Add a scarf or a stylish hat to help you stay nice and cozy.

50-60 Degree Clothing Considerations

When the weather is 50–60 degrees it is a bit warmer, so you can put the thick jacket aside, and go with something a bit cooler, a thin jacket is ideal. 

You can even wear pantyhose for a formal look, or choose jeans for a much more casual vibe,

50 Degree Clothing For School

If it’s 50 degrees and you’re heading to school or college, you want to be warm, but not too warm as you will be inside for the most part of the day. Jeans, a shirt, and a jacket is the perfect mix, but it is a casual look. 

A sweater will also work well, be it a cotton one or a knit sweater, having that extra layer can keep you warmer when you do have to head outside.

Going For A Jog In 50 Degree Temperatures

If you like to go for a jog to get a bit of extra exercise, then you can choose a t-shirt, a pair of Nike’s, and some leggings. Yoga pants are also ideal as they tend to be nice and warm. 

Windproof jackets are also a good idea for those winter days out for a jog. Try to choose sweat-absorbing attire as well, it will keep you from getting a bit too cold when the air hits you as you go back home.

There is nothing worse than jogging on a cold day and feeling clammy.

50 Degrees & Raining Outfits

When it is raining, you want to wear a waterproof jacket, even if you have an umbrella, if a gust of wind hits and your umbrella is rendered useless, you want to ensure that your jacket will keep you dry.

50 Degrees & Windy Clothing

When it is windy, prepare for a further temperature drop. Choose a thick winter jacket, and maybe even a scarf tucked in. Hats are a good idea, but only if they fit you well, otherwise they might fly off! 

To Conclude

Planning on going out during a day when temperatures are around 50 degrees? Think layers, layers are the best way to beat whatever the day could throw at you.

Note for wind or rain and pack your waterproofs or take a scarf and stay warm… But not too warm!

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