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Here Are All The Shirt Colors That Go Great With Navy Pants

Navy pants should be a staple in your closet, and for good reason: it’s a versatile item of clothing that will go with almost anything, and can be worn on a wide range of occasions.

You can dress them up, and you can wear them to a buddy’s house for the game.

Here Are All The Shirt Colors That Go Great With Navy Pants

Although it’s super easy to get stuck in your ways and wear the same shirt with the same pants for years on end.

Here are all the best options you have for pairing a pair of navy pants and shirt colors so you can mix things up and get out of a style rut.

1. White

Ok, so admittedly everyone has paired a white shirt with a pair of navy pants before, and there’s nothing wrong with this as it’s a timeless look that will never go out of fashion.

This is why it’s so commonly worn as a work outfit or on first dates.

The truth is that it probably won’t separate you from the guy sitting next to you, but that’s likely what you are going for if you don’t want to draw eyelids.

The good news is that you can enhance this look simply by adding some accessories, like a tie or jumper.

2. Gray

We’ve written about all of the colors that go with gray, and navy blue is definitely one of those colors.

Although in that article we did allude to the point that not all grays are created equal, and you’ll need to pair the correct shade of gray with navy.

You should go with a light gray as a dark gray can make your outfit look too dark, and pair them with a pair of black shoes.

3. Light Blue

Yes, you can pair navy blue with other shades of blue, and our favorite is light blue.

Light blue shirts are a great look and go well on almost any skin tone and body shape, we would consider them the sibling of the white shirt.

You can even add a splash more color if you add a tie, but this should be reserved for the office. You can also experiment with different patterned shirts, like a striped blue shirt or checks.

4. Beige

Now we move on to some not-so-common colors of shirts: beige is one of the least likely colored shirts to be seen, and so if you are looking for something that isn’t going to be worn by lots of guys, choose a light beige or pastel yellow shirt.

We wouldn’t choose a brighter shade of this color palette as the brighter the shirt, the louder the statement you are going to make. Unless of course, this is the look you are going for, in which case don’t let us stop you!

Here Are All The Shirt Colors That Go Great With Navy Pants (1)

5. Red

Sticking with our not-so-neutral colors, red is another one of those options that can vary in loudness.

Going with a lighter shade of red can have the subtle effect of being colorful but not overstated. You can even wear this style to the office or out for some drinks with buddies.

Similar to our beige, you can make this louder by adding a brighter red, although we would advise against it.

If red isn’t your thing, but you want to add some color to your outfit, then find a shirt with red features within it, i.e. a stripe or checkered shirt.

6. Black

Black is one of those colors that will go with most colors, however with a navy you want to be wary of not making the outfit too dark.

If you’re a super pale guy we would avoid this choice, but if you have a darker tone then by all means try a black shirt.

To add some more color to his darker style, you can rock a pair of all-white sneakers or some suede boots with a sandy finish.

7. Maroon

We decided to go with maroon, as it’s our favorite color on that spectrum of browns and purples. You could also mix in a burgundy shirt that indicates royalty and can enhance the look by adding a touch of class.

Like the black shirt, you should look to add some brown shoes or brown boots to this outfit. For a more casual vibe, go with a sneaker or boat shoe.

In terms of color, you have a wide range of choices here, but we like a navy boat shoe that matches the pants, or a brown sneaker to pair off the shirt with the footwear.

8. Green

Our final pick is to go with a darker green or pastel green color. 

This gives off a wonderful autumnal vibe and would be perfect for walking the streets with a light jacket in the cooler months just before it gets too chilly.

Final Thoughts

Eight outfits that all fit with a navy pair of pants. Now you won’t have to wear the same colors all the time!

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