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Heart Face Shape

Your face shape has a huge influence on what fashion works best for you.

Just like with our body shapes, our face shapes can make finding the right accessories and jewelry difficult because certain types are just not flattering. 

Heart Face Shape

If you have a heart-shaped face, then this is the guide for you. Check out the information below to find what jewelry, sunglasses, hairstyles (and more) suit your face shape! 

Defining The Heart Face Shape

First, let’s take a look at what characteristics define a heart-shaped face. This way, you can easily identify whether you have one or not if you are still unsure. So – what does the heart face shape look like? 

Heart-shaped faces are refined by having a broad top section of the face compared to the bottom.

This means that your forehead is likely the widest part of your face while your jaw and chin are much more narrow, defined, and pointed.

Another defining characteristic is the presence of a widow’s peak. Not all heart-shaped faces have one but many do. 

It’s also important to note that the heart face shape is often mixed up with the diamond face shape.

Both are very similar but diamond-shaped faces are much more angular and sharper than heart-shaped faces, and sometimes have a not-so-wide forehead. 

Some notable celebrities with heart-shaped faces include Scarlett Johannson, Taylor Swift, Kendall Jenner, Tyra Banks, and Madonna. 

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How To Style A Heart-Shaped Face

Here, we are going to look closely at how you can style your heart-shaped face. This includes looking at what earrings, necklaces, hats, sunglasses, and even hairstyles best suit this face shape. Check out the information below for more guidance! 


First, let’s start with the hair. Your hairstyle has a huge impact on how your face looks so it’s important to nail the hairstyle before you move on to accessories like hats or jewelry. 

The main issue with heart-shaped faces is the imbalance caused by how pointed and defined your chin is. It immediately draws the eye so you will want a hairstyle that draws attention further up your face, usually around the eyes, to help balance the whole face out. 

Hairstyles that work great with this include curls and waves that begin around the eye level or cheekbones.

If you have long hair, adding volume through curls and waves is a simple way to balance out your chin and jawline. So, long hairstyles and medium-length hairstyles work best with a heart-shaped face. 

Bangs are also a great way to draw attention to your eyes. Whether they are flicky curtain bangs or wispy full bangs that hide your broad forehead, they immediately help create a balance to contrast against your defined jaw.

Unfortunately, many women with the heart face shape struggle to make curtain bangs work because of their widow’s peak. This feature will make your middle parting look awkward so try a side parting instead. 


Like your hair, your eyebrows have a huge impact on your appearance. With a heart-shaped face, it’s important that you keep your eyebrows well-groomed and not too thick.

If they were super thick, then the contrast between your eyebrows and your chin would be so drastic that it would look comical. 

Heart Face Shape


Hats look great on people with heart-shaped faces. This is because the wide brims and material help draw attention to the top of your face and away from the jaw, balancing out your appearance. 

This does also mean that tight-fitting hats, like beanies, don’t really work too well but you can still get away with them – if you wear them wisely. Try folding over the material to create a wider ‘brim’ around the forehead. 


With sunglasses, try and aim for a set that kind of mimics your own face shape. This includes oval sunglasses, aviators, and cat-eye sunglasses – basically, anything with a wider top of the frame. 

As for color, try and avoid any dark-framed sunglasses and opt for ones with bright, bold colors. These don’t necessarily need to be ‘loud’ but white, clear, or light gray sunglasses work great to balance out your jawline. 


For the heart face shape, the smaller the earring, the better. Anything that drops lower than the chin or is super wide at the bottom only helps draw attention to your jaw – which is already eye-catching enough on its own! 

Because of this, small cluster earrings, studs, or very small dangle earrings work best with the heart face shape.

If you like the look of large, statement earrings then try chandelier earrings – these are not wide at the bottom and better flatter the jaw than some other drop earrings. 


Shorter necklaces work best with the heart face shape as they help balance out the jawline and chin.

If you tried to wear a super long, plunging necklace, then you would only draw the eye away from your face entirely and create a different kind of imbalance. 

So, try to stick with necklaces like the classic choker, the collar necklace, and stacked necklaces that sit around the collarbone. Bulky necklaces work fine so long as they are kept short! 

Final Thoughts

We hope you have found this guide to styling a heart-shaped face informative and useful. There’s a lot of information covered above including what necklaces, earrings, and hairstyles work best for your heart-shaped face. Check it out and keep this guidance in mind!

Heart Face Shape Video

Watch this video for hair and styling ideas for a heart shaped face. Begin at 22:28,

Heart face shape style video
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