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Formal Dress With Boots: My Favorite 15 Outfit Ideas

Just because you are wearing a formal dress does not mean you have to team it up with sky high heels. A really great way of mixing up the usual formal dress look is by wearing boots instead.

This can be anything from chunky masculine style boots, to knee high boots with a slight heel to elongate those legs.

Formal Dress With Boots: My Favorite 15 Outfit Ideas

If you are wanting inspiration when it comes to wearing a formal dress with boots, then you have come to the right place.

Here we shall take a look at 15 of my favorite outfit ideas. So whether you have a pair of Dr Martens or cowboy boots, or something else entirely, there is an outfit idea for you!

1. All-Black Dress With Boots

This dress sports a rock chick vibe while still being formal. However, it has been accessorized further with a cool leather jacket and black boots.

It still looks formal due to the overall style of dress and the finishing touches to the hair and makeup. You will definitely make a statement with this outfit.

(Source: Pinterest)

2. Casual Floral Dress And Boots

This feminine dress does not need a pair of sandals to complete its look. A good pair of boots will do the trick to elevate this outfit. 

Team the short dress and boots with a cute bag and hairdo, and you are good to go. It makes the dress suitable for a date or brunch meeting.

(Source: Pinterest)

3. Midi Dress With Heeled Boots

Boots come in all different designs. Each type of boot can completely change the overall look of your outfit. For example, you can add a feminine touch to a floral midi dress by wearing heeled boots. 

These boots are mid-calf length which will help to keep you warm when the weather is cooler. 

(Source: Pinterest)

4. Prom Dress With Boots

If you are wanting to forgo the heels this prom, then wearing boots is a great option. Adding boots with a prom dress creates a unique juxtaposition to the overall feminine style. 

Add some cute jewelry too to make sure that the outfit does not come off too masculine. 

(Source: Pinterest)

5. Beautiful Floral Dress With Heeled Boots

Boots do not need to be black. Adding a lighter colored boot to your dress can make it feel like spring when it is fall. It also adds some extra femininity to a beautiful dress. 

If you are planning on going with lighter boots, then add a light colored leather bag too. However, the colors do not need to match. 

(Source: Pinterest)

6. Formal Summer Dress With Boots

How cute does a summer dress look with boots? Wearing chunky soled black boots with a ‘girly’ dress takes it to a whole new level.

Not only does it make the dress less ‘girly’, but it creates a laidback look to your outfit. It also means you can wear a long coat and not feel like you are overdressed. 

(Source: Pinterest)

7. Pretty Polkadot Dress With Boots

A small heeled black boot with a long, flowy formal dress is always a good option. Not only does it help to elongate the legs (which is great if the dress has some splits in the skirt), but it takes the outfit up a notch when it comes to style. 

It means you can wear your dress all day long as you venture out to a new city. 

(Source: Pinterest)

8. Edgy Dress With Chunky Boots

If you want to seek inspiration from your boots, then this is the kind of look you should go for. These mid-calf boots are chunky and playful, meaning your outfit should be just as fun.

This dress is also very unique, yet it can all work in a formal setting. Have some fun by finding an edgy dress to go with chunky black boots. 

(Source: Pinterest)

9. Long Leopard Print Dress With Boots

Who doesn’t love a leopard print dress? This maxi dress is complemented by the black boots. It dresses down the formality of this dress meaning it becomes an everyday staple.

Add a patterned bag for extra oomph.

(Source: Pinterest)

10. Cute White Dress With Riding Boots

Another great option is the riding boot. It has a slight heel and reaches underneath the knee which suits a shorter dress. This is because they feel chunkier than a standard boot.

This kind of boot works better with block colors. If you want to play it safe, then go for neutral tones. 

(Source: Pinterest)

11. Simple White Dress With Knee High Boots

If you are wanting to wear a cute white dress, then heeled tan boots are a wonderful option. They bring a neutral warm tone to your outfit which is a contrast with the cool white. 

Keep everything in the look simple, including your hair, makeup and the handbag you choose. The slight flash of leg keeps this look sizzling. 

(Source: Pinterest)

12. Formal Dress Over Shirt With Boots

You might have never thought about this, but wearing a formal dress over a white shirt is a unique and exciting outfit. It is one that needs boots to complete the look.

Pick a heeled boot, rather than a flat and chunky boot. It adds extra femininity and elongates those legs with the longer skirt of the dress. 

(Source: Pinterest)

13. Cute Black Dress With Cowboy Boots

Cowboy boots are a classic and team up well with a formal dress. They work with both long and short dresses, but this cute mini dress looks chic with cowboy boots.

Choosing dark brown cowboy boots softens the overall look. Black boots would make it harsh. 

(Source: Pinterest)

14. Maxi Dress With Dr Martens 

If you want your black boots to pop, then wear light and pastel colors. It adds a slight edgy look to the outfit too.

This white dress with a slit shows off the black boots without them being the main focus. However, the Docs are a statement item!

(Source: Pinterest)

15. Formal Outfit With Patterned Dr Martens

Patterned boots also work well with a patterned dress. However, you will want to make sure that the dress has a simple pattern, rather than something complex.

This gives you a great chance to wear your cool new patterned Dr Martens with a cute and feminine dress. 

(Source: Pinterest)

Final Thoughts

From wearing Dr Martens with a cute floral dress to dinner, to dancing the night away in chunky black boots, you don’t always have to suffer at the end of the day due to wearing heels. 

In fact, as you have probably seen by now, there are some great ways to wear boots with a formal dress. They do not have to be put with a pair of ripped jeans – boots can also become a part of a formal look.

They can also make a formal dress appear more casual, which is great if you do not want to be too dressed up.

This makes boots a great option if you want to wear something formal on a date, but want the overall look to also appear casual. 

Hopefully you are now bubbling with outfit inspiration. Check out the rest of the website for more ideas.

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