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Fashionable Ways To Style Dark Blue Jeans

Dark blue jeans are a classic wardrobe staple that’s a part of many women’s wardrobes.

This denim can be dressed up and dressed down for a variety of occasions, which is why lots of us naturally gravitate towards our favorite pair when there’s nothing to wear in our closets.

Fashionable Ways To Style Dark Blue Jeans

This one denim piece can make lots of different looks.

They can be down with a button-down and ankle boots for a smart-casual look seeing friends, or with a sweatshirt and sneakers when you’re lounging around the house.

If you’re struggling to think of some stylish ways to wear dark blue jeans, our post can help!

You’ll find some different clothing items that will work well with your pair, whether you’re out on a date or running errands around town.

Stylish Ways To Wear Dark Blue Jeans

How to style dark blue jeans; striped top
Striped tops work great with dark blue jeans!

Striped Tops

Stripes work well at giving an outfit more dimension. Horizontal stripes are a popular choice, but you can opt for vertical and diagonal stripes too.

They can be bolder or thinner, in a single shade or several different ones.

However, if you’re looking for a classic appeal, stripes in neutral shades, like black or blue ones on a white background, will work the best, especially with dark blue jeans.

The darker color of the denim will emphasize the stripes and tie the whole look together, especially when you pair them with black ankle boots or loafers.

How to style dark blue jeans
White tops with dark jeans – timeless!

White Tops And Blouses

Neutral colors work very well with darker denim, particularly if you need a smart casual look for work or running errands.

White is one of the best examples of these colors. You can opt for a classic button-down or polo shirt to dress the jeans up, or wear a simple plain white T-shirt for casual affairs.

If you need a more formal, put-together outfit, make sure that your white shirt has a collar. Classic collars or johnny ones with a V-neck are flattering and will elevate your jeans to new heights.

White tops don’t have to be boring either! You can stay on trend and feel feminine by wearing different cuts. A white cropped blouse with puff sleeves will look great with straight-leg jeans or flares.

Tan Tops And Coats

Tan brown and dark blue is a gorgeous color combination. Tan is a neutral hue that works well on every skin tone, so it is a natural choice to wear alongside dark blue denim.

Tan brown, along with camel colors, are great to wear once the weather gets colder, as they give your outfit a little warmth that’s much appreciated in fall.

Pair your dark blue jeans with a fitted, elegant brown top for a daytime look, or throw on a camel coat over a white tee or blouse for a classic feel.

If you prefer edgier looks, brown leather jackets will give your look some depth while remaining fashionable.

Animal Print

Many people choose to avoid animal prints as they always seem like a bolder choice. If you’re unsure of how to wear it, darker blue jeans can help you dip your toe into animal print territory.

You can choose from a wealth of animal prints, like a snake, leopard, or crocodile print. Whether you go for a fake-fur coat or choose leather boots, animal prints can dress up your jeans to give your outfit some more texture.

Gray Tops And Outerwear

Many people see gray as a boring shade, but when worn right, it’s a fantastic neutral shade that always works with dark blue denim. Gray can be worn all year round, but it’s best for casual outfits.

Gray T-shirts always look good with dark blue denim, as well as gray cardigans and sweaters. If you find that gray washes you out, you may need to try a different shade.

Try some darker shades, like charcoal, and lighter ones, like dove or oyster, and see which one suits your undertones best.

How to style dark blue jeans
Blue on Blue never fails…

Light Blue Tops

Blue on blue looks amazing, as long as it’s done right! The trick here is using different shades of blue to give the outfit some dimension.

Light blue shirts, sweaters, and tops all pair amazingly with dark blue jeans. A light blue shirt with white stripes looks particularly good in the office or casual professional events.

Make sure that you give some contrast to the outfit by wearing white or nude-colored shoes. Black ones can make the look appear too monotone, making you look dull in the process.

You can always wear brighter-colored shoes, like green or pink sandals, if you’re feeling daring.

Black Shirts And Tops

Black is a natural color choice to wear alongside darker blue denim.

Other than being a classic color pairing, black is one of the most flattering shades to wear. The right black shirt can make you feel more confident, especially if you wear black heels alongside it.

A typical chic outfit is a black turtleneck with some dark-wash jeans.

Make sure that the jeans are in a looser cut, like a straight leg, as skinnier ones can look a little dated. Stay on trend by wearing some black leather ankle boots to match.

If you want a casual look, dark blue jeans, a black leather jacket, and a graphic tee of your choice will look amazing without seeming that you’ve tried too hard.

Add some patent boots, trainers, or even a white Chelsea boot, and you’re ready for the day!

Floral Shirts

Floral tops are fabulous when you want a bit more color for your look. Floral shirts are always fashionable, but they easily look dated if worn with particular items.

To stay modern and on-trend, make sure that your dark blue jeans are in a looser cut instead of a skin-tight one.

Choose a floral shirt with a little difference, like a higher roll neck, puff sleeves, or a cropped cut.

Floral shirts look better in summer, but you can find darker-colored florals and finishes that can work in winter and fall.

How to style dark blue jeans
Pink tops to turn your jeans into a more feminine outfit

Dusty Mauve/Pink

Pink is a fabulous feminine color that pairs very well with dark blue denim.

You can avoid looking too girly by wearing a dusty pink shade, like mauve, instead of brighter or paler pink hues.

Dusty pink and mauve are perfect if you want a feminine outfit that reflects your age better.

Balance the outfit out by wearing a nude handbag and barely-there heels. These will dress up the look without going to extremes.

How to style dark blue jeans
Long sleeve sweater for early spring/fall

Pair With A Sweater or Cardigan Long Sleeve Combo

You can create a variety of different looks when you pair dark blue jeans with a sweater or cardigan-long sleeve combo. This can be a great way to make your wardrobe stand out and to stay warm when it’s cold.

The key is to find a combination that works with your body type. If you have a tall or short build, you should try to keep the proportion of your outfit as close to the same as possible. That’s why it’s important to choose the right style of cardigan.

A longline cardigan is the most versatile piece in your wardrobe. It comes in a wide range of fabrics, weaves, and colors. These pieces are perfect for casual wear. They can also transition from winter to spring.

Choose a v-neck cardigan if you’re looking for a lightweight layer. This looks great over a polo shirt during cool spring nights. Another option is to choose a thicker chunky shawl neck cardigan. However, these pieces are best paired with a t-shirt, and are less dressy than a lighter v-neck.

Pair With A Polo Shirt

If you want to look smart and sophisticated in your casual outfit, pair your dark blue jeans with a polo shirt. It is a classic combination that is never out of style. You can wear it for a formal occasion or a casual day at the park.

There are many different styles of polo shirt that you can choose from. A slim fit or a long sleeve can be perfect for you. You can also try a light green polo shirt for a refreshing look.

To give you a smart and sophisticated look, you can pair your polo shirt with a sports coat. The best colors for a sportcoat are browns, greys, or blues. Also, you can add a blazer to make the look more formal.

When choosing a polo shirt, it is important that you choose a comfortable one. You can either tuck the shirt in your trousers or leave it out.

Try to make your denim jacket light to complement the dark jeans

Pair With A Denim Jacket

The jean jacket and jeans are a classic combination, but a bit tricky to pull off. But don’t fret, there are plenty of ways to incorporate the two into your wardrobe. You can also experiment with different colors and textures.

Whether you’re dressing for the office, going out to dinner, or just hanging out, you can find ways to incorporate the denim jacket into your routine.

A jean jacket can be an easy way to make an otherwise drab outfit pop. A light-washed blue denim jacket with dark jeans is a more refined way to get a look that’s still on the edge.

Pair With A Sage Green Top

One of the hottest trends for women in the 2022 season was sage green; and we expect the trend to continue through 2023. Sage is an earthy color that pairs well with almost anything. It is an ideal alternative to beige, making it a great neutral. Whether you’re wearing a sage green dress or a sage green sweater, you’ll look fresh and stylish.

You can easily pair sage green with almost any shade of blue jeans. The light hue will pair nicely with many different textured materials, and if you want to add an extra element of chic, you can wear it with white.

You can also pair sage green with black. Pairing sage green with black gives off a mysterious vibe. If you’re trying to achieve a more professional look, wear a black top with sage green pants.

Add A Little Color

We’ve covered how dark wash jeans are a neutral wardrobe staple, and how they can work with a variety of different clothing items.

If you want to stand out and be bold, try pairing your dark blue jeans with a bold-colored top or blouse.

Luxe fabrics, like silk, satin, or even velvet in winter, are great for smarter occasions, as well as interesting necklines, like a shawl, sweetheart, or draped neckline.

You can opt for any color you wish, as long as you make sure that it suits your skin tone beforehand. Deep green, bright pink, or even vivid orange – the choice is up to you!

Dominique Sachse Video: Style Dark Blue Jeans

Influencer and TV Anchor Dominique Sachse provides insights on how to maximize your dark blue jeans fashion! Skip to the 3:30 mark for the start of the tips.

Dominique Sachse shares her dark blue jeans secrets

The Bottom Line

Dark blue denim jeans are a classic essential staple that every woman should have in their home!

Whether you need a cute look for date night or a smart-casual outfit for a work-do, these jeans are timeless and will always have a place in your wardrobe.

The ideas above are great to turn to if you need some inspiration, but this is by no means an exhaustive list!

You can pair your dark blue jeans with whatever you wish, but remember that this guide is always here if you need a little help later on.

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