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19 Fashionable Teacher Outfits

Knowing what to wear when you are a teacher can feel like a huge task, especially when there are a lot of other things on your mind as well.

19 Fashionable Teacher Outfits

Every morning, you may look inside your wardrobe and think about what you could wear. Or you may have gotten bored by wearing the same outfits every week. 

As a result, if you are looking to improve your outfit choices, you have come to the right place. Not only are these outfits practical and suitable for an educational environment, but they look great.

Thus, you can still express your personality through these suitable outfit ideas in an educational setting. 

We have collected together 19 fashionable outfit choices that every teacher should consider. 

Teachers Dress Code

The majority of schools have business casual clothing requirements, however, others might have more relaxed rules.

Throughout the years, several schools have loosened their dress regulations and given teachers a bit more flexibility.

Business casual combines professional clothes with looser clothing, but often excludes jeans, t-shirts, and shorts. In a business casual dress code, men are not required to wear ties.

Men should wear collared shirts and pants. While women should wear pants or a skirt with blouses or shirts as appropriate business casual clothes.

Depending on the grade and subject you teach, this may affect what you can and cannot wear. It is vital that what you wear is a mixture between professional and comfort.

You want to look put together so that you can command and take control of a classroom.

Fashionable Teacher Outfit Ideas

The following are 19 fashionable teacher outfit ideas, that keep to a teacher’s dress code.

1. White Blouse And Camel Pants

You can’t go wrong with a simple white blouse, and a pair of camel colored pants. This is a classic teacher outfit choice. It is the perfect mixture between style and comfort.

You can easily elevate this outfit with a pair of chunky or bold earrings, if you are allowed to wear earrings in your department. 

2. White Pants And Jumper

Your outfit can still be simple yet stylish. A pair of white pants with a pretty long sleeved pale jumper can create quite an impact.

Yet, each item is still quite stretchy, so it is comfortable for you to wear all day long. 

This outfit would be ideal for spring, but you could change the color of the pants or jumper to suit your style. However, the bold, plain colors work well together as the outfit isn’t busy with lots of patterns. 

3. Shirt And Pants With A Long Cardigan

 A teacher’s outfit doesn’t have to be dull, you could pair a colorful cardigan with a plain or neutral shirt and pants. A colorful cardigan can lift any outfit that you choose.

Although, a long cardigan has more impact on this outfit than a shorter cardigan that would stop near your waist. 

Below, the orange cardigan makes the polka dot shirt and navy pants pop a lot more. While also bringing the whole look together.

4. Paper Bag Waist Pants And Short Sleeved Top

Paper bag waist pants are very popular at the moment. As a result, if you are looking to create a really modern and fashionable look, then you should consider these types of pants. 

With paper bag waist pants, they are available in a broad range of colors. Although, choosing a dark plain top and colorful pants is a great combination.

Pair with simple flats is a fantastic teaching outfit for any day.

5. Plain Jump With A Midi Skirt And Ankle Boots

A midi skirt is just the right length for you to bend down and remain covered up. You can pair a midi skirt with either a simple blouse or a plain jumper when it is colder.

Then you may select ankle boots, which have a simple low heel, and you can match the color of your boots to either your skirt or jumper. 

This is a really cute and easy outfit to put together. By tucking your jumper into your skirt and adding a belt can help create a nicer silhouette, which is still comfortable to wear.

6. Patterned Cardigan And Jeans

When working with younger children or depending on your school’s dress code, you may be able to wear more relaxed clothing. 

A simple pair of jeans can be worn with a buttoned up cardigan that is tucked in at the front. This whole outfit is completed with a pair of plain sneakers, which are ideal for comfort.

You could mix and match this outfit with different cardigans.

7. Leopard Print Top With A Blazer

You don’t have to stick with plain colors, you can choose a bold print, such as this leopard print top. This can then be paired with black or navy blue pants and flat shoes.

Yet what makes this outfit, is the addition of a nude colored blazer. The blazer helps to make this outfit look more professional, and ties the leopard top with the pants and shoes. 

8. Jumpsuit And Cardigan

A plain or striped jumpsuit can be a great outfit choice for a long day of teaching. The material of the jumpsuit alongside the wide leg makes this clothing choice really easy to wear all day. 

It  can be paired with either a pair of simple flats or sneakers. Although, the addition of the cardigan makes the jumpsuit look more appropriate for the school environment.

While also, it is another opportunity to add a pop of color to your overall outfit.

9. Blouse And Patterned Skirt

Any color blouse will work well with a patterned skirt. The pattern on the skirt makes the overall look a lot more interesting.

This is a great spring or summer outfit idea to consider. You could stick with a cotton blouse or even try a denim blouse as well. 

With this outfit, it is best to stick with flats or sandals, to keep the simple yet classy look.

10. Turtle Neck Jumper And Plaid Pants

When the weather starts to get colder, you may wish to think about wearing thicker clothing. This amazing turtleneck and plaid pants combination is ideal during the fall and winter.

The jumper and pants combo should work well as long as the colors of the jumper and pants match one another. Then the whole outfit can be finished with a pair of simple sneakers.

11. Black Pull On Jumpsuit And White Shirt

A simple pull on jumpsuit can create a relaxed yet put together look. Thus, all you really need is a simple plan white shirt or t-shirt to place under the jumpsuit.

This is definitely a more relaxed look, which is more suited when teaching younger years or in a subject where you may get messy quite a lot, such as art. 

12. Shirt And Sweater Vest

For a really trendy outfit, why not consider pairing a pair of dark-colored pants with a white shirt or blouse and a camel sweater vest.

The blouse should be unbuttoned and the bottom of the shirt should be sticking out, to create a smart casual look. 

You can finish this look with either some flats or low heeled ankle boots. Anyone can pull this look off perfectly. 

13. Animal Print Dress

The subtle animal print on this dress makes it ideal when you wish to wear something a little lighter and less structured for work.

This dress is quite long, thus it is appropriate for school as your knees will be covered. In addition to this, the gathered puff sleeves add more coverage, which is ideal when you don’t want to wear lots of layers.

Although, if it is a little cold, you could always pair this dress with a simple white or black blazer.

14. Short Sleeved Dress And Tied Jumper

Any short-sleeved dress can be matched with a long sleeved jumper that is a similar color to the one found on your dress.

The jumper should be tied at the front, to create a nice shape to the overall look and prevent the outfit looking too baggy. 

This outfit can be worn all year long, and ensures that you stay warm and covered up during those colder days. 

15. Matching Blazer And Pants

If you happen to have a matching blazer and pants set, then you definitely should wear them together with a simple white or black t-shirt underneath.

This is a timeless look which suits everyone. You could pair the matching blazer and pants combo with small heels to great a really polished and professional look. 

16. Plain Blouse And Pants With Bright Shoes

If your school has a strict dress code, then you ought to stick to the classics, such as a white blouse and black pants.

However, your shoes could be an opportunity for you to showcase your personality and add a splash of color. 

Either flat shoes or shoes with a small heel in any color or pattern can add an exciting yet subtle element to your overall look. 

17. Ruffle Skirt And Plan T-Shirt

A ruffled skirt is a really bold choice, which looks great when matched with a plain blouse or t-shirt.

Depending on your school’s dress code, you may be able to get away with a graphic t-shirt, to tuck into your ruffle skirt. 

This outfit is the right balance between comfort and practicality. When the weather turns cold, you could add a long cardigan or a blazer to complete the look. 

18. Plaid Shirt And Camel Pants

A plaid shirt already looks really smart, and with black pants this can create a really smart look.

However, if you wish to add a pop of color to your outfit, then you should consider switching out the  black pants for camel pants instead. This small pop of color can make the whole outfit feel a lot more lively.

A really smart and sophisticated look, which is also stylish and trendy at the same time. 

19. Wrap Around Shirt And Pants

A wrap around shirt can create a more unique look and are available in a range of prints and patterns.

In addition to this, this type of shirt is never cut very low, so you can remain modest while supporting this look.

A pair of plain pants works well with a wrap around shirt with either flats or ankle boots. 

Final Thoughts

When you are a teacher, there are a lot of tasks and responsibilities that you must always be considering.

It is important that what you are wearing to work is appropriate yet comfortable, as you will be spending a lot of time in these outfits. 

For a lot of people, they get bored wearing the same outfits every week. Although, we hope this article has shown you that you have a lot of fashionable outfit choices out there. 

We have provided you with 19 fashionable teacher outfits that we think you ought to be trying for yourself. Hopefully, you have been inspired by one of the outfit choices we have mentioned above.

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