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Fashion Tips For Mature Women: How To Look Amazing At 60 And Above

A huge misconception about older women is that they don’t care about fashion as much as their younger generation.

Society sometimes demonizes older women, giving us the picture that they don’t care about beauty or sensuality, doomed to wear frumpy clothes for the rest of their life. This is completely false!

Fashion Tips For Mature Women How To Look Amazing At 60 and Above

Women 60+ Are Often Quite Stylish

Some of the most stylish women are ages 60 and above. A lot of older people dress better than their younger selves would have done.

This is because we gain more confidence as we age and know how to accentuate our best features.

That being said, it can be hard to find fashion advice for older women, especially as fashion articles and videos are catered to younger girls.

If you are over sixty and struggling to navigate the fashion landscape for mature women, we have some tips that can help you feel and look your best!

From choosing clean lines to switching up your hairstyle, you’ll find the best style tips for mature women below.

Try A Different Hairstyle

Your hair cut and texture can have a huge effect on the way you look.

Hairstyles that don’t work with your face can make you look older and make your clothes look less stylish, preventing you from feeling good.

Avoid haircuts that age you and choose ones that flatter your face shape and features. However, this doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t choose hairstyles that are seen more on younger women!

This doesn’t mean that you should go ahead and dye your hair green, but modern hair colors, like a balayage, can elevate your look and make you look fashion-forward.

Many women who are over 60 choose to cut their hair shorter as they get older, but longer hair can look wonderful too.

The most important thing to remember is to select hairstyles that make you feel good.

This may be long or short, depending on your preferences, but make sure that you select a deliberate hairstyle.

It’s best to go to a hair professional that is experienced with cutting and dyeing hair.

Avoid Trends Made For Younger Women

Trendy hairstyles can help you look fashionable, but pairing the latest hairstyles with the latest clothes can make you seem like you’re trying too hard.

Fashion trends don’t have an age limit, but if you are over the age of 60, be particular about which trends you go for.

For instance, some modern clothes with cut-out panels look better on the younger generation. However, other trends, like oversized blazers look good on everyone regardless of age.

Go For Luxe Fabrics Instead Of Distracting Patterns

When it comes to adding more clothes to your closet, go for luxe fabrics instead of distracting patterns.

You don’t need to avoid bold prints completely, but wearing a lot of bold prints won’t flatter you as much as classic clothes will.

Luxe materials, like silk, jacquard, and brocade look amazing on mature women. These textures are the epitome of class and elegance, ideal for when you want to elevate your appearance.

If you prefer casual looks, you can wear luxe materials with tailored garments for a dressed-down appearance.

For instance, you can wear silk blouses with dress pants in neutral shades for a daytime look.

You can also find daytime appropriate quality materials, like linen and cashmere.

A lot of mature women want to feel classy and elegant as they get older. High-quality materials and luxury textures can help you achieve this.

Highlight Your Best Features

Fashion Tips For Mature Women

Our body changes as we get older, and that’s a fact of life. There’s no point wasting time wishing that you were 25 again.

Instead, embrace these changes and show off your best features.

By the same token, you shouldn’t feel bad about concealing the areas you are insecure about.

Younger people do this all the time! Invest in some good quality shapewear and see what a difference it makes to your confidence.

If you love your legs, highlight them in an LBD. If you’d rather conceal your arms, opt for long sleeves blouses in beautiful fabrics.

Think about what features you love about yourself and think of the clothes that best show them off.

Go For Simple Handbags

Many older women forget to put thought into their handbag choices, but your purse can make or break the way that you look.

Older women should select purses with simple and clean lines. This doesn’t mean that your purse should be old-fashioned or frumpy!

Investing in a high-quality minimalist purse means that it can be used regularly.

Simple purses in classic colors can be worn both casually and formally. They’ll add to the clothes you are wearing instead of detracting from the whole look.

It’s also worth spending a little more on your handbag to ensure it lasts a long time.

Make sure that it is made from high-quality materials and is equipped with important details, like handbag feet studs, straps, and well-made interior pockets.

Opt For Simple Attire

Following on from choosing simple handbags, mature women should also prioritize purchasing simple clothing items.

You don’t need to shy away from bold prints and colors, but choosing clean cuts and classic colors is an easy way to look stylish.

The advantage of choosing timeless clothing is that a lot of items will naturally pair well together.

It takes a lot of the stress out of choosing an outfit every day. Everyone, no matter what their age, shines in minimalist clothes in neutral shades.

Try to choose luxe or natural fabrics whenever possible, like silk, cotton, or velvet. These fabrics in solid colors will help you look expensive, timeless, and fashion-forward.

Don’t Buy Orthopedic Shoes

If you do have difficulty walking and your doctor has advised you to wear orthopedic shoes, please ignore this point.

Orthopedic shoes may be useful, but they are some of the ugliest shoes you’ll ever see.

It’s very difficult to pair orthopedic shoes with chic clothing. They can make even the most beautiful dress look tragic and dull.

If you wear orthopedic shoes for their comfortability, there are many examples of footwear that are comfortable and good-looking!

Take sneakers, for example. You don’t need to wear heels to be considered fashionable anymore!

Many brands, like Veja, Lacoste, and Adidas, have made comfy shoes that take casual looks to new heights.

If you prefer more feminine footwear, ballet flats are a classic option that you can wear throughout the year.

Look for options that have a light cushioning underneath, as this will protect your feet more as you walk.

Those that prefer dressier looks should look for slingback or kitten-heeled shoes. These look good on older women and younger women, and they are a lot easier to walk in compared to stilettos!

Invest In Your Accessories

How To Look Amazing At 60 And Above

We’ve mentioned the importance of quality throughout this article, and the same advice rings true for your accessories.

Accessories can upgrade even the most basic of looks, so it’s best to choose high-quality pieces that you can wear over and over again.

You might buy a gorgeous gold-colored necklace for a few dollars, but there’s a high chance of the finish tarnishing and turning your neck green.

It’s better to spend more on well-made finishes that won’t rust or tarnish over time.

This also applies to your handbags. $20 purses will break down over time, leading to tears, rips, and scratches. Details matter. Shabby handbags will make your whole outfit appear cheap and tacky.

You don’t need to go into debt to find high-quality accessories! Spend on the best quality that you can afford, whatever your income may be.

Remember that even designer pieces can be of low quality.

Take the time to assess each piece carefully, looking at the material, details, and overall finish before you make a purchase.

Use Designer Accessories To Your Advantage

You don’t need to buy designer garments to be fashionable. Style is something that can be achieved with lower and higher budgets alike.

That being said, the right designer accessory can be a worthwhile investment.

If you spend a lot of money on a single designer purse, for instance, you won’t need to purchase lots of less expensive bags for different looks.

One accessory that goes with lots of different clothing items can elevate your entire look and wardrobe.

There are lots of famous designer houses that have many beautiful accessories, so it can be difficult to choose between the brands.

The key here is choosing a designer that is known for the item you require.

For example, Burberry is known for its trademark trench coats, while Hermès is known for its sandals and scarves.

However, do bear in mind that some designer items may cost more, but have a cheap appeal. Think of the Gucci belt that was popular in the last decade or Louis Vuitton monogram luggage.

Try to find items with understated logos instead of bold trademark symbols, as these look a lot classier and stylish.

You’re Never Too Old To Experiment!

The notion that mature women are too old to try different styles is outdated and completely false!

A large part of fashion is experimenting and having fun with different looks. If you want to try wearing a new color that you haven’t done before, give it a go and see if it works!

Understanding your style requires you to try various aesthetics and looks until you know what looks best on you.

While you can have fun trying on different looks and trends, don’t fill your closet with these new items.

Trends go in and out of fashion, so it’s best to have the bulk of your wardrobe be classic items that look timeless throughout the year.

Classic attire in clean, simple cuts will help women over 60 looks elegant and put together, but they shouldn’t restrict you from trying any new silhouettes, colors, and styles.

Choose The Right Shops

If you’ve ever tried browsing online and found that you can’t find any clothes that suit you, you’re most likely looking in the wrong place.

Finding clothes that suit you requires shopping at places that cater to your age group.

A lot of stores are made with the younger generation in mind, but there are still many stores that are designed for women over the age of 60.

Popular examples include J.Crew, Everlane, Nordstrom, and Banana Republic. These places have lots of different pieces in timeless styles that look amazing on mature women.

Find Colors That Suit Your Skin Tone

The colors you select for your clothes matter the same amount as your hair color. If you wear colors that don’t work well with your undertone, they can wash you out, making you look dull.

Your skin undertone will be one of three tones: warm, cool, and neutral.

People with warm undertones have a golden or olive tint to their complexion. These people look good in warmer, earthy tones, like orange, yellow, and tomato red.

People with cool undertones have red tones to their complexion. Colors that suit cool undertones include blue, purple, black, and bright white.

People with neutral undertones have a mix of warm and cool tones. Most colors suit these undertones, but if you’re not sure, neutral colors will flatter you well.

You can also consult a color professional if you can’t figure out what your undertones are.

Spending a few hundred dollars on a service might seem like a lot, but knowing what the best shades for your makeup, hair color, and clothes are is a valuable investment.

The Bottom Line

Everyone deserves to feel good in the clothes they wear, no matter how old they are.

A lot of fashion advice is catered to younger women, but the tips above can help mature women look and feel their best.

Things like investing in quality pieces, wearing luxury fabrics, and choosing the right colors for your skin tone can make women over 60 look amazing.

Remember that the advice above is meant as a guide, not a hard and fast rule.

If you find that the clothes you like go against some of the advice above, wear them! Fashion is all about feeling your best, not following rules.

Nevertheless, if you’re looking to elevate your style and look great as you get older, you’ll see a huge difference after taking in the advice above.

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