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Can I Wear Ankle Boots With Cocktail Dresses?

Cocktail dresses are a massive part of women’s fashion because they’re just so dang versatile! Because they are semi-formal, you can get away with wearing a cocktail dress to your office job or to a wedding.

It’s all about what accessories you add to your cocktail dress outfit – and this is where the shoes come in. 

Can I Wear Ankle Boots With Cocktail Dresses

Most women rock a pair of high heels with a cute cocktail dress, whether it’s to work or to a party.

The thing is that not everyone is comfortable wearing heels all the time and many prefer to wear a pair of ankle boots instead – but can you get away with a cocktail dress and ankle boot combo? 

Check out the guide below to find out! 

Do Ankle Boots Go With Cocktail Dresses? 

First, let’s get the big question out of the way – can you even wear ankle boots with a cocktail dress? Do they even go together in the first place? 

The answer is – yes! Of course! Cocktail dresses are so versatile that they go well with a ton of different shoes, accessories, extra clothing, and more.

The trick is pairing the right boots with the right dress in terms of style and color. Wearing a beautiful, sleek cocktail dress in a soft pastel color is not going to work with a pair of black, beat-up flat ankle boots. 

So, there are some tips and tricks to consider when pairing up your cocktail dresses with ankle boots! 

Tip #1: Consider The Balance

There are a lot of types of ankle boots out there and they can vary when it comes to size and style. This means that some are pretty chunky with block heels, thick sides, lug soles, and more.

Others can be very slim and fitted with thin heels, pointed toes, and slip up over the ankle for a taller, slimmer look. 

Different types of ankle boots work better with certain styles of dresses. Cocktail dresses can be fitted or have a full skirt, be super short or long enough to come past your knees.

They can be flowy, poofy, or skin-tight – and pairing the wrong type of ankle boot with the wrong kind of dress can create an imbalance in the weight of your outfit. 

Avoid pairing chunky ankle boots with slim-fitted cocktail dresses that hug your body. This difference creates an imbalance between the majority of your body and your feet. Stick with slim ankle boots for this kind of dress for a more unified style. 

On the other hand, if you have an unfitted cocktail dress with a flared skirt, then a thicker pair of ankle boots work great.

Pairing a flared cocktail dress with some Doc Martin boots can create a formal but rebellious look that is a great way to convey your personality and style while keeping things appropriate for formal(ish) events. 

Tip #2: Matching Colors 

Color theory is important when it comes to outfits. Matching the wrong colors together can completely ruin a look and make it look messy or unplanned. So, you need to carefully consider the colors in your cocktail dress and in your ankle boots. 

While it’s true that black goes with everything, a pair of black ankle boots aren’t always the best choice for a colorful cocktail dress outfit.

For example, if you are wearing a beautiful pastel-colored cocktail dress, a pair of black ankle boots will create a really harsh contrast.

A pair of white ankle boots, on the other hand, keep that light motif throughout your outfit from head to foot.

A pair of black ankle boots could work if you paired it with a black leather jacket and clutch (more on accessories later) but it all depends on whether or not you like the punk aesthetic this combo will create. 

Most ankle boots come in either black, gray, white, or brown. Brown ankle boots are much better for more casual ventures because they resemble real leather, and work great with bold, block colors like red or some crazy prints.

If you want a boho look, then brown ankle boots are the way to go.

Can I Wear Ankle Boots With Cocktail Dresses

Tip #3: Leggings Or No Leggings? (That Is The Question!) 

The ankle boot and legging combo is a classic one but it’s usually kept for very casual outfits – and by casual I mean oversized sweaters, puffy jackets, long scarves, and wooly coats.

Leggings are usually not worn with a cocktail dress and a pair of ankle boots. 

However, if you are not comfortable going bare-legged with your cocktail dress, then try a pair of tights. 

Black tights and black ankle boots can work together to help give your cocktail dress a very formal look that is great for evening parties and clubs.

This combo works especially well if you have a very vibrant, colorful cocktail dress in shades of burgundy, emerald green, or gold.

However, if black tights won’t work for your outfit, then a pair of sheer skin-tone tights can help give you that extra layer while maintaining the illusion of bare legs. 

Tip #4: Accessorize

Shoes often work with your accessories to help complete and sell your outfit. If you try to style each part of your outfit individually, the end result will be incoherent and not work – so consider them all together! 

As we mentioned earlier, black ankle boots work great with all-black accessories (the same goes for white ankle boots and accessories too).

Chunky accessories like beaded necklaces and thick belts work great with a boho-style outfit and laced-up, brown ankle boots.

Do your ankle boots have a golden zip or buckle? Then try and incorporate that gold elsewhere in your outfit through your jewelry! 

Final Thoughts

Ankle boots are a great type of shoe that is as versatile as a cocktail dress.

Combined, these two pieces of clothing can work together to create some amazing outfits – but there are some things you should always consider before throwing any cocktail dress with a random pair of ankle boots. 

Check out the information above and have fun wearing your cocktail dress-ankle boot combo!

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