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Bootcut Jeans With Sneakers: Easy Ways To Wear Them Right

A pair of bootcut jeans should be in your wardrobe just for their sheer versatility. They can look stylish with flats, boots, but especially a pair of sneakers.

Make sure that the bootcut jeans fit your body type as they are tighter at the top than they are at the bottom.

Bootcut Jeans With Sneakers: Easy Ways To Wear Them Right

The slight flare offers a smart, comfortable appearance and you can create several outfits with a range of sneakers.

In this guide, we will look at how to wear bootcuts with sneakers and easy ways to wear them right. This will include high tops, Dad sneakers, Oxford sneakers, and slip-on sneakers.

Opt For The Right Sneakers

Fashion should not come at the expense of comfort and you can wear your most comfortable sneakers, especially with a pair of bootcut jeans.

There are several types of sneakers that go superbly well with this type of jeans including high-tops, Dad sneakers, Oxford sneakers, and slip-on sneakers.

High Tops

While boots typically go really well with a pair of bootcut jeans, there is a similar sense of style with a pair of high tops.

For one, there’s that ankle coverage which is complemented by the flare of the jeans. As well as being comfortable, the relaxed fit of the jeans pairs well with the casual aspect of the high tops for an effortless outfit.

If you are looking for a specific pair of high-tops then opt for Converse, specifically a pair of Chuck Taylors as they go with several other types of jeans too.

Try to finish the outfit off with a button-up shirt or a simple tee. If you want to go smart then top it off with a smart blazer for that effortless look. 

Dad Sneakers

That’s right, you can easily pair some retro, chunky sneakers with a pair of bootcut jeans. Dad sneakers have made a comeback though few can explain just how this has happened.

Perhaps it is to do with how comfortable they feel as the thick soles feel great underfoot. There’s also a range of looks due to their colors and textured paneling.

Paired together, the dad sneakers and bootcut jeans create an exceptionally cool vibe. If you are feeling especially daring, top your head with a baseball cap, don a ribbed cami, and an oversized plaid button-up.

If you want to look trendy while remaining comfortable, this is certainly an outfit to try.

Oxford Sneakers

For a classic look, opt for Oxford sneakers that provide a low-cut profile. As well as bootcut jeans, these smart shoes go well with khakis and chinos.

It can seem strange to pair them together yet the leather or suede front provides a chic bottom half of an outfit when worn with bootcuts. 

Slip-On Sneakers

For sneakers you can get on quickly when you are in a rush, slip-ons prove ideal. They also go well with bootcuts so if you have a dinner date after work, keep them on during the day.

These sneakers should be exceptionally comfortable and prove versatile to go with bootcuts as well as skirts and dresses.

Ensuring The Correct Fit

While the correct style is important, try to find a pair that is slim-fitting to fit nicely around your thighs and hips.

They should not be excessively tight across your waistband either. Should you be petite then go for a shorter inseam and cropped bootcut jeans are great for a cute, trendy look that ends about a single inch to three above your ankles.

A low-rise pair of bootcuts should have less fabric across your stomach. However, a mid-rise or even a high-pair pair will offer more coverage.

Make sure that you try the bootcuts on first as you never quite know what it is that will work for your body. Try them on with a pair of high-tops, Dad sneakers, or Oxford boots and take a walk.

Choose The Style

When you are looking for a pair of bootcut jeans, ensure that the style works for you. Dark wash bootcut jeans work well as they tend not to show as much wear as the lighter variations and they work better for dressier options.

However, if your overall style matches well with lighter colors, then go for the light wash bootcut jeans. Just make sure that the jeans are pressed, clean, and without stains or rips.

Above all else, the outfit should be comfortable so ensure that the sneakers are not too small.

Ideally, the sneakers should match the overall color scheme of your outfit so if your top is vividly bright, opt for sneakers that are a little more subdued in their color.

The sneakers will be casual enough to look like sneakers and go with your jeans but still be dressy so they can add an interesting angle to your outfit. 

The sneakers should also be clean as no one wants to spot a scuff that distracts from the rest of your carefully configured outfit.

To elongate your frame, look out for a pair of bootcuts with a design on the ankles. If you want to show off your butt and thighs then some embellishments in those areas will work well. 

Final Thoughts

Bootcut jeans should be comfortable, providing that you go for a fit that works for you. Whether they’re high, medium, or low-rise, find a pair of jeans that feels and looks good.

Once you have the ideal pair, the sneakers can be high-tops, Dad sneakers, or Oxford sneakers though slip-on provides versatility and day–long comfort.

Whichever pair you go for, the rest of your outfit should complement the combination of bootcuts and sneakers. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What Other Types Of Footwear Go Well With Some Bootcut Jeans?

While sneakers like high tops and Dad sneakers go really well with a pair of bootcut jeans, you can mix it up a bit. Try a pair of clogs, platform sandals, or combat boots for that formidable look.

Oxford shoes, high heel mules, and loafers offer a sense of style with purpose while cowboy boots are an ideal Americana combination.

For comfort opt for pumps, strappy sandals, ballet flats, or pointy toe flats while you can be exceptionally fashionable donning a pair of ankle boots.

Which Sneakers Could Be A Daring Outfit With Some Bootcut Jeans? 

If you are looking for an adventurous outfit then there are some sneakers that can work well with bootcuts.

These include sock-style sneakers, crochet lace sneakers, military-style sneakers, even some crazily-designed Vans sneakers.

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