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Blue Outfit Ideas

Blue is a great color to wear whether the weather is scorching hot or bitterly cold. The color blue represents the sea and the sky. This in itself evokes imagery of beautiful days out in the sunshine.

Blue has also been long associated with inspiration, imagination, freedom and beautiful open spaces. It is also a very serene and calming color too. Studies have shown that people who sit in blue rooms have better productivity.

Blue Outfit Ideas

Perhaps if you wear blue to work or while studying you can also be more productive?

If you are longing to wear blue, then take a look at the below outfits for inspiration. You definitely will not be feeling blue in any of these blue outfit ideas!

Blue Suit

This baby blue suit is a statement piece. It can be worn to the office for a ready to work look, or it can be turned into a casual outfit when teamed up with white sneakers. Keep the bag a neutral block of color to let the suit do all of the talking. 

(Source: Pinterest)

Blue Sweatshirt

This blue sporty sweatshirt is a must if you are looking to evoke that 90s vibe through your fashion. Adding a shirt underneath still keeps the overall look casual.

To make this work, you will want to add the finishing touches by wearing flared pants. The fluffy blue bag is optional, though it makes this look complete.

(Source: Pinterest)

Blue Outfit

If you are brave enough, you could just wear blue everything. Teaming a blue top and jacket with blue denim is a great way to bring blue into your style.

The denim jeans are naturally blue, so it somehow breaks up the blue in this look for an overall effortless chic. Just don’t wear blue sneakers, otherwise you will be overdoing it!

(Source: Pinterest)

Blue Skirt Suit

You may have seen the pantsuit above, but what about this cool looking skirt suit? If you would prefer to wear a skirt, then this ensemble is both classy and chic. The longer jacket gives it a casual feel, rather than a power woman vibe. 

(Source: Pinterest)

Blue Coat

A blue coat looks good with most outfits. It will also bring some sunshine into even the gloomiest of days. This coat jacket is really fun because it has clouds on it too. It is sure to make you feel happy all day. 

(Source: Pinterest)

Blue Shirt

A basic blue shirt is a must for everybody’s closet. You can wear a blue shirt as a relaxed style, or dress it up to something more formal if you need to. This style is effortless, and provides the wearer with comfort on a warm spring day. 

(Source: Pinterest)

Double Denim

If you are looking to channel your inner 1990s, then double denim is where it is at. While Justin Timberlake and Britney Spears made the trend famous – but also famously ruined it – there is a better way of wearing it.

Add layers to the denim, and don’t wear everything denim. Keep it cool by opting to wear light blue ripped jeans, a gray hoodie and a denim jacket. Steer clear of the dark blue denim otherwise you will be making a fashion faux pa!

(Source: Pinterest)

Blue Off The Shoulder Top

This cute look is perfect for high summer when you need something to wear that is light and airy. The whole of this outfit screams fun summer vibes. It will also be cute to wear on a date or when out with friends. 

Keep the shorts light and neutral to balance out the deepness of the blue. 

(Source: Pinterest)

Casual Blue Outfit

If you would prefer to wear something that has the generation Z take on the 1990s vibes, then this outfit is it. Not only that, it takes the color blue and runs with it – and then some! It looks effortlessly cool. 

(Source: Pinterest)

Blue Cardigan

This light blue cardigan is a great way to make blue the main color, while adding touches elsewhere. This adds blue into the look without overloading the color to make you look like a Smurf. 

(Source: Pinterest)

Blue Top With White Pants

This peppy style oozes a smart and casual look rolled into one. The dark blue of the top contrasts wonderfully with the white color of the pants.

Team it with neutral colored heels and limited accessories for the ultimate look. 

(Source: Pinterest)

Final Thoughts

As you can see there are many ways to wear blue. From making it your statement color, to adding hints to the outfit. If you like the color blue, then you will have realized by now how easy it is to wear.

It is a color that can also be worn casually or formally, and may even help you to stay productive at work.

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