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Black Tights Ultimate Style Guide For Women

Are you looking for new ways to wear your black tights but don’t know where to start? Perhaps you want some Fall looks but aren’t sure what works well with black tights?

Or are you curious and want to know more? No matter your question, we are here with the answers for you! 

Black Tights Ultimate Style Guide

Black tights are a staple in most closets. They are perfect for layering, wearing with skirts or dresses, and can make any outfit feel ready for Fall. But black tights can be tricky.

One wrong move and you can look like a schoolgirl, blending your uniform with your after-school clothes, a look no grown woman wants! 

You head online for some inspiration to see how you can style your black tights but are met with confusing and conflicting information that leaves you unsure where to turn or who to trust.

Disappointed, you start to wonder if you will ever find a new way to style your black tights. 

Well, no more! Today, we are here with the answers you need. Keep reading for our ultimate style guide for black tights for women!

Whether you want a casual look or something more formal, we are here with plenty of inspiration for you! Get ready to wear nothing but black tights this Fall and Winter! 

Black Tights Outfit – Simple Ideas To Try 

Let’s dive straight into today’s article! Tights are super versatile! Not only do they provide you with some added warmth to your legs, but they prevent chafing, and look super cute with virtually any outfit!

Black tights can have a slimming effect too, and depending on the shoes you wear, make you look taller! 

But they are also super comfortable (providing you buy the right pair) and the added warmth allows you to wear a range of outfits that are usually ‘too cold’ for the Fall and Winter.

Styling them can be a little tricky though, especially when it seems everyone is in baggy joggers and cargo pants these days! 

The humble black tight can seem outdated, and as though it will become a joke Gen-Z makes about Millenials! We don’t think this is any reason to stop wearing black tights though!

Instead, we can update how we wear tights slightly to make them work for us and current fashion trends! 

A pair of black tights will work with a range of colors, from light blues to dark grays! This makes them ideal for any season, but especially Fall and Winter when you want a layer of warmth between your legs and the air.

You can also add some tights under your pants or jeans to give you another layer of warmth in the colder weather!

Whether you work in a cold office or are spending a few hours outdoors, the added layer won’t make your outfit bulky, but it will take the chill off your legs! It’s just another example of how versatile tights are! 

So now let’s get into what you came here for the list of fantastic ways you can style your black tights!

Keep reading for some wonderful style ideas today and plenty of inspiration to dig out your tights and wear them all through fall! 

Let’s dive into our list!

Black Tights With Black Leather Shorts 

First, we have this classic combo! Black leather shorts are a staple in any wardrobe and can be worn all year round!

You can mix them up for Fall and pair them with a knitted sweater tucked into the shorts, black tights, and some chunky ankle boots! 

If the shorts are fitted, opt for a looser-fitting sweater to add some contrast. Alternatively, if the shorts are wide-leg or flared, a fitted sweater will bring some structure back to the outfit!

For a modern twist, you can add some oversized cat-eye sunglasses and a tote bag. 

Black Tights With A Black Dress

We all have a little black dress lurking in our closets, don’t we? So why not wear the dress with your black tights and some little ankle boots? It’s a good way to give any black dress a more casual vibe! 

You can add other layers if you wish, such as a chunky cardigan or cropped sweater to give it more cozy vibes! You could also swap the ankle boots for some black-heeled boots or high heels and wear the dress to dinner and drinks! 

Plus, when you wear all black, you can add any color bag or jewelry you choose and you can simply swap the color of the bag each time you wear it to make it feel like a whole new outfit! 

Black Tights With Black Shorts And A Sweater

A while cable-knit sweater is a staple for Fall and Winter, and it works wonderfully with black tights! We love wearing our cable knit sweater semi-tucked into black shorts, with tights, and some Oxfords.  

Denim or leather shorts work well with this outfit, giving you plenty of flexibility. You can also swap out the Oxfords for boots if you wanted, or other lace-up flats you have!

Adding a backpack can give this a preppy vibe, or some oversized sunnies will make you look like the cool girl about town! 

Black Tights With A Leather Skirt And Red Boots

This outfit comes packed with a pop of color you are sure to love! Try this with some dotted black tights, patterned tights always add another dimension to an outfit!

Add your red ankle boots, a black leather skirt, and a black shirt! You can layer the shirt over a black lace cami top, or add a sweater if it’s a little colder out!

Opt for a mini skirt for an evening event, and swap it for a midi or knee-length skirt during the day! Thai outfits are sleek, and sexy, and can be dressed down or up super easily! Don’t forget to finish the look with some matching red lipstick! 

Black Tights With White Socks 

This one might toe the line of school girl vibes, but if done correctly, it can look rock and grunge-inspired! You can add some white ankle socks over your black tights and pair them with black leather combat boots! 

To keep the grunge look going, add a long sleeve skater dress and a black leather backpack and beanie! You can play around with the colors if you like, but we like the black-and-white look! It’s simple, classy, and has a touch of the 90s about it! 

If you wanted to soften the look, you could add a neutral-colored or blush backpack and lose the beanie. 

Black Tights With Black Pencil Skirt And Heels 

This outfit screams office chic, although you could wear it virtually anywhere! Dig out a black high-waisted pencil skirt and your favorite black heels. You can add a blouse in any color you wish, although a pastel pink works brilliantly! 

Opt for a long sleeve blouse to add some warmth to your arms, and something with a high collar or neckline too. This will help keep you as warm as possible as you walk to work or grab your morning coffee! 

We think pointed heels work well, although rounded heels would soften the look a little if you wanted. 

Black Tights Ultimate Style Guide For Women

Black Tights With Red Dress 

Red is a striking color in any season, but you can make it work in Fall and Winter with black tights! You can opt for a longer or sleeved red dress, or use one of your red mini dresses!

You don’t just need to keep these for summer nights out, now you can add a pair of black tights to them and wear them all year round! 

You can add a sweater or cardigan with some pumps to give the red dress a more casual look. Or you can add some black heels, and a little clutch bag and wear your dress out!

The black tights will keep your legs warm on a cold night, and a black leather jacket will take the chill off your arms too. 

Black Tights With Brown Boots 

Not everyone agrees that black and brown work together, but here, we think it can! You just need to make sure you pair it with the right items for a seamless and classically Fall look!

You can wear some brown, knee-high cowboy boots with black tights to give your legs some extra warmth! You can pair this with a flared mini skirt, white sweater, and blazer to create a preppy look you are sure to love!

Throw in a large scarf and it’s like the 2010s all over again! Keep the bag simple with this outfit, so that all the focus is on your lovely boots instead! 

Black Tights With White Trainers

You don’t need us telling you that white trainers are in style right now! They have been for a while, and it’s unlikely they will leave any time soon, so let’s style them!

You can add your white trainers to any outfit with black tights to give it a casual, and comfortable vibe! 

We love it with paper bag leather shots, a large sweater, and a duster coat. It gives the outfit a relaxed vibe that is perfect for a day shopping, lunch out, or even popping to the office for a few hours! 

Black Tights With Tan Boots 

If you don’t like brown boots, you can try a pair of tan boots with your black tights! Tan is lighter and can be softer when paired with black than dark brown boots.

We love heeled tan boots with black tights! Pair them with a short black skirt and an oversized sweater for a cozy and put-together vibe! 

A high or roll neck will keep you warm in colder weather and gives this outfit a cozy vibe you won’t want to be without! 

Black Tights With A Striped Skirt 

A black and white striped skirt will look beautiful with your black tights. We love an A-line style skirt too, as it suits most body types and can be worn with a range of tops or sweaters! The stripes on the skirt are a wonderful focal point too, so keep your top basic! 

Opt for a black sweater with no pattern and a large black handbag to complete the look! Black suede ankle boots work well with this outfit, although you can also add leather boots if you wish!

Leather boots are the better option if it’s raining, as water will ruin suede boots! Make sure you check the weather forecast before heading out for the day. 

Black Tights With Pleated Leather Skirt

A pleated leather mini skirt is beautiful, and can be worn with a range of items! We love wearing ours with black tights, black high heels, and a long sleeve white top tucked into the skirt.

To contrast fabrics, you could swap the top for a sweater, but as the skirt is flared, opt for a fitted sweater. 

You can also swap the black tights for patterned black tights or fishnets. These aren’t often as thick as black tights, but they will add a unique texture to the outfit and add a grunge vibe too! 

Black Tights With A White Dress

If you’ve got white dresses that you struggle to wear after Labor day, try pairing them with black tights! This is also a great style option during Spring when there is still a chill in the air!

Simply take your white dress and pair it with black ankle boots and a black leather jacket! 

The black boots and jacket allow the brightness of the dress to shine, but add a more Fall vibe! You can also swap the black jacket for a nude or brown one if you wish!

Keep the accessories simple with this outfit and it will have a timeless look you are sure to love! 

Black Tights With Red Dress And Leopard Print Boots 

This outfit is super bright and fun! A long sleeve red dress will always brighten any outfit, but by adding some leopard print boots, you get a fun vibe too!

Heeled boots will give the outfit a chic vibe, and make it perfect for taking from day to night! 

You can add a black bag and some gold jewelry to keep the outfit feeling classy and chic! Plus the tights and long sleeves of the dress should keep you warm as you bar hop!

Black Tights With Navy Dress

Finally, you can style your black tights with a navy dress. Opt for a simple long sleeve navy dress to keep the outfit effortlessly cool. We love a tea dress or jumper dress for this outfit!

Add a large black tote bag and oversized sunnies to this look and you are stylish and ready to head out the door! 

Any outfit that can have us dressed and heading out in minutes is a winner for us! 

Kerina Wang Tights Video

Kerina Wang models 15 stunning combos all built around tights. My favorite is outfit number 10, which you can see her start to change into at the 6:30 mark in the video.

Kerina Wang models 15 fabulous outfits built around tights!

Final Thoughts

And there you have it, your ultimate guide to styling black tights! As you can see, black tights can be worn with virtually any outfit!

So get in your closet and see what wonderful creations you can come up with. Remember, fashion is subjective! Anything that you wear with confidence is sure to look amazing.

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